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“Weve all been misled.

Have you posted your apology video Did you delete your comments”

“I can delete the comments, but Im not obligated to apologize!”

“Shame on you! You dont get to accuse her! Youre just as bad as she is!”

“Shut up! Its not like you havent said anything insulting! I didnt know! Plus, Ive taught her a lesson on behalf of Mr.


For a moment, someone with the ID “Harmony” became the temporary center of attention, and thousands of netizens began to attack him.

The most frustrating thing was that some people supported his argument.


Do you think insulting her can cancel out what you did before Is that all you can do, saying bad things about people You insulted the old man first, then you insulted Stella Shane.

How does that make it even”

“So what Unlike you lot, I still have my dignity.

I wont post a video of me kneeling on the floor.

I only kneel for my parents and God! Who does he think he is”

“So, you respect your parents and God.

I thought you didnt know what shame and virtue are! Did you spend the past 30 years in a bubble!”

“A man should never let his knees touch the ground! You must be a woman.

Thats why you kneel so easily! How many people have you knelt for so far Judging by your comment, I bet a lot! I bet you kneel to someone every single day!”

“Screw you! Shame on you! You can choose not to kneel, but you must apologize to Mr.


“I wont.

What can you do to me”

“I dont think anyone should force other people to make apologies.

Its moral coercion.”

“Moral coercion If I may ask, do you know what morals are”

The temporary truce online soon dissipated, and the netizens were divided into three groups.

One group felt that since they had wronged the old man, it was only natural that they should apologize to him.

Another group felt that it should be a personal choice.

One shouldnt force other people to make the apology because they had all been tricked by Stella Shane.

It wasnt their fault in the first place.

Had it not been for Stella Shane, they would never have said those things.

They were victims as well and shouldnt need to apologize.

Stella Shane, the culprit, should be the one to apologize for the whole thing.

Now that Stella had apologized, they believed that they didnt have to.

The third group remained silent.

They deleted all their old comments.

They didnt post any videos or go after Stella Shane in the comment section.

No matter what other people said, they simply wouldnt respond as if they were dead.

In Carolines villa.

Yosef was already devastated by Himmel Soans death, and the most stubborn group was getting on his nerves all the more.

He wanted to tear those people into pieces.

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If Himmel Soans voice hadnt stopped them earlier, Yosef and James would have taken action and started killing already.

“These people never learn! Find everyone who hasnt apologized! I want them dead!”

Sandy worked as a cashier in a departmental store.

When she checked her Twitter and other social media accounts this morning, she found hundreds of notifications.

When she opened them, she saw that they were all private messages asking her to apologize.

“This is nuts!” She quickly checked the update on the news about the old man molesting his daughter and saw that the truth had been revealed.

A lot had happened overnight.

In the end, even Stella, the cause of the whole thing, posted an apology video.

Nonetheless, Sandy didnt think she had done anything wrong.

She only posted a few comments before she went to bed, and she didnt think she should apologize for anything.

She found it too over the top.

“Ill never apologize! Not as long as Im breathing! Why should I I didnt do anything wrong.

Im the victim, too.

I didnt know Stella Shane could be so evil!”

Sandy read some more and ignored her DMs.

She put away her phone, stretched in bed, and was ready to get up for work.

Just then, her phone beeped.

There was a new message.

“I switched it to silent mode.

What is that sound”

She unlocked her phone.

Suddenly, the screen turned blood red, and some black words appeared.

“You didnt apologize.

Youre dead!

“Offender no.

147564, Sandy Liffen.



Near No.

33, Jade Road, Ninen Island.”

Sandy freaked out.

It was the scariest thing she had ever seen.

She threw her phone away like it was on fire.

“What a bunch of idiots! I just left some comments, and they are telling me to kneel and apologize Screw them all!”

Max was an administrator in an internet cafe.

He had spent the previous night arguing with people online.

The first half of the night was spent criticizing Himmel Soan while the latter half was spent on Stella Shane.

His shift lasted till dawn.

He yawned and was still pondering over the matter, Idiots! What can they possibly do to me if I dont apologize Ive trashed Stella Shane, and that old man should thank me for it.

Its almost eight oclock now.

Im off!

Just then, the internet cafe became pitch dark.


The electricity was back.

All the computers rebooted as some customers shouted in dissatisfaction.

“Administrator, what the hell”

“Shit! Why was the power off I was still editing my comment! I was so articulate!”

“Screw you! I was halfway through my game!”

Max rose to his feet.

“The fuses were probably blown.

Dont worry.

The voltage isnt stable here.”

“WTF!” Just then, someone shrieked.

Max saw that his screen had turned blood red when it was switched on again.

Would rebooting the computer do that

This was the first time something like this had happened.

As he watched, black words with a melting effect began to appear on the screen.

“You didnt apologize.

Youre dead!

“Offender No.

231482, Max Lyewood!



Computer No.

001 in Chimpanzee Internet Cafe, No.

72 Vary Street, Bywater.”

“Boss, should we apologize”

A young man with bloodshot eyes asked the fat man sitting behind the desk.

This company specialized in paid posters, and Jerry Sante, the boss, had successfully helped a hundred celebrities in white-washing their names.

The paid posters were experts in directing public opinion and shifting focus to different directions.

Stella had hired none other than Jerry to slander Himmel Soan earlier.

“Apologize How Show we all kneel and post a video We dont work with Stella Shane anymore.

Plus, she paid us to do it, and it was only our job! Were not in it with her! We shouldnt be blamed! If Himmel Soan hires us now, we can do the same thing to her!”


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