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“How dare you hit my wife Im going to kill you!”

“Fuck you! I wouldnt have hit your wife if you hadnt tried to bite me! Come any closer, and Ill smash your head into a pulp!”

“Bro, stop fighting.

Youve been surrounded! Lower your weapon!”

“In your dreams! Come here.

I dare you! Id rather die than surrender! You fishmen are all controlled by Atlantis.

I dont want to live like that!”

“You only have yourselves to blame! You wouldnt listen to Mr.

Soan, and youre trying to bring down the whole world with you! Youre animals!”

Unlike zombies, fishmen could think, speak, and use weapons.

They knew pain and had emotions.

Apart from their appearance, they werent any different from ordinary people.

The ordinary people wouldnt surrender and would fight to the death.

Many people had been infected.

They fell to the ground, and their bodies were gradually changing.

Some of the infected gave up fighting, left the battlefield, and went into hiding.

They believed that Himmel Soan would cure them eventually.

They would use Himmel Soans potion.

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Some people were more fierce.

When they started growing scales, they simply took their own lives.

The leader of the fishmen stood on the high ground and filmed the whole process.

The battle was magnificent and reminded one of a Hollywood movie.

“Guys, are you seeing this This is only the beginning.

If you refuse to give the space cannon to Atlantis, well sweep across the land from the east coast and make our way westward.

There are 600 million fishmen now, and our goal is 5 billion!”

In Ark-73 in Flamia, the passengers were watching the video in a fury.

They were posting angry comments when the last gate of the ark opened.

Countless fishmen rushed inside and bit everybody in their way.

After that, more doors opened.

The fishmen had been waiting outside for a while and charged in as soon as given the opportunity.

There were fishmen in this ark.

However, there was only a handful of them, and the passengers had locked them away.

The prisoners got out when no one was watching, made contact with the fishmen outside, and opened the doors for them.

“The fishmen are coming!”

“Dont touch me, you monster! Go away! Youre disgusting!”

“No! Dont!”

“Stay away from me! Go to hell!”

“Help! Help!”

All hell broke loose.

Taken by surprise, the passengers didnt have any means to fight the fishmen.

Even if someone could gather people together and resist as a group, they wouldnt be the fishmens match.

The fishmen were faster and stronger.

The ordinary people had no chance, whether they chose to fight or run.

“Damn it! I cant stand it anymore!” An old man grabbed a small knife and charged at the fishman.

However, he was hit in the head by a stone before he could get any closer.

He fell to the ground, blood oozing out of his wound.

Even so, the fishmen didnt spare him.

One of them bit him so hard that he tore off a chunk of his flesh.

Before long, Ark-73 was overrun.

“Theyve lost their minds!”

“Im so scared! What should we do now”

“Where are the flying soldiers Why wouldnt Moon send them out”

“What difference would it make The fishmen are living people as well.

If the soldiers kill all of them just because they wouldnt follow orders, they would be as violent as Atlantis!”

“Hold on.

Moon has made an announcement.

Theyve dispatched the flying soldiers and members of the Soan empire.

Theyre coming here to evacuate us!”

“Really! Great! But I dont think we can wait that long!”

The speaker was a young man.

Right now, he was holding a dagger and staring at the metal door.

Somebody was banging on it from the other side.

The door was distorted and couldnt hold on much longer.

Behind him were four to five hundred people.

This was Ark-7 in Soilia.

The fishmen had breached the ark an hour ago.

So far, only less than 10% of the people aboard hadnt been infected, and they were all hiding in this cabin.

However, the door was about to give in.

The banging sound grew louder, and the door was breaking down.

This cabin could detach from the ark, but someone had to press the button in the control room.

Even so, the people inside still wouldnt stand a chance.

It was even more dangerous outside.

They would run into more fishmen out there.

“How much longer do you think this door will hold Be a lamb and open the door.

Ill be gentle.

Just a little bite.

It wont hurt!”

“What choice do you have when we open this door Open it now!”

“You people are so stubborn! When I open this door, Ill kill all of you!”

The fishmen were cursing outside, and the people in the cabin huddled together in despair.

They prayed for a miracle.

The miracle never happened.

Before long, the door was kicked open, and the fishmen poured in, infecting everybody inside.

The riot became more frantic as it went on.

The initial purpose was to infect everybody, but it gradually changed.

People began to surrender to their evil side.

Once that door opened, there was no turning back.

After winning a couple of battles, the fishmen began to enjoy what they were doing and give in to their desires.

The violence escalated.

Some fishmen enjoyed torturing, and some started violating women.

The riot somehow turned into a world war.

“Jean, Ive always had a crush on you, but you wouldnt even look at me! Youre going to regret your decision!”


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