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The beam devoured Himmel Soan.

After that, it kept its trajectory and hit the Atlantean dome, poking a large hole in it.

Something happened at the center of the ocean.

The seawater spun and turned into a maelstrom.

A beam of light suddenly rose out of the center and went all the way into the atmosphere.

After the dome was penetrated, dirty sea water gushed in.

However, Roams wasnt concerned.

He just wanted to kill Himmel Soan.

“He has to be dead now!” Roams snorted and turned to leave.

However, while turning, he saw something from the corner of his eyes.

A person emerged from the fading light.

Himmel Soan.

He still wasnt dead!

The plasma beam had burned his clothes, but there wasnt a single scratch on him.

He didnt even lose a hair.

“Hows that possible”

Roams was astonished.

“Even a person from the seventh age cant withstand the plasma cannon! Is his body tougher than Vibranium Isnt he made from flesh and blood”

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Even the robot soldiers were looking around like confused human beings.

They were also frightened by Himmel Soan.

“Cut his head off!” Roams pointed at Himmel Soan.

The I-Soldiers charged at Himmel Soan again.


Just like the previous time, the blade made a metallic sound when it hit Himmel Soans head.

Instead of cutting his head open, it snapped.

If Himmel Soan hadnt run out of his spiritual essence and strength, Roams wouldnt last more than three seconds.

“Lock him up in a cage! Im going to electrocute him! There must be a way to kill him!”

“Weve completely lost contact with the Patriarch!”

Moon and the Soan empire couldnt get in touch with Himmel Soan at all.

The global network had also disappeared.

Before, people could send messages sporadically, but nothing was working now.

The fishmens riot continued, and the world was in crisis.

Without the internet, the Soan empire and Moon found their rescue missions especially tough.

They couldnt locate the arks or where the fishmen were.

They could only depend on their naked eyes.

Ordinary people wanted protection from Moon and Panthera, so they tried to move toward those countries.

The land was still mostly covered by water, and arks could sail in it.

However, most of the arks had been built in such a rush that they didnt have any engines, making it extremely difficult for them to reach Moon.

They still had to move because staying in one place for too long might turn them into fishmens targets.

Even without the internet, Moon, Panthera, and the Soan empire couldnt stop their rescue missions.

Luckily, the flying armor still worked, and the helicopters also had enough fuel.

They now relied on traditional methods to exchange information between countries.

Moon had borrowed large quantities of materials from Hosia, Panthera, and other allied countries.

In return, they shared the formula of the recovery potion with them.

The three divisions searched for Himmel Soan while rescuing other people.

Himmel Soan had disappeared into the ocean, so the Himmelian Pavilion was given the job of looking for him there.

They dived 20,000m into the ocean but couldnt go further.

They were in the Essence Refinement stage.

Their cultivation skills enabled them to withstand the water pressure.

But 20,000m was their limit.

Their bodies would be crushed if they dived as deep as Himmel Soan.

Phoebe was at the Foundation Establishment Phase, but even she could only go as deep as 40,000m.

That distance wasnt enough.

They wanted to save Himmel Soan but couldnt.

They didnt even know what was happening to him.

But one thing was sure, he wasnt dead.

The civilization on Earth seemed to have been backset by thirty years.

Communication between countries was slower than thirty years ago.

The fishmen were still infecting more people, but they were slowing down.

Earth was a vast place, and neither ordinary people nor the fishmen could cross oceans.

The fishmen couldnt reach other arks rapidly.

Moreover, they didnt know their exact locations.

They could only search a small area at a time.

Five days passed in the blink of an eye.

The fishmens condition deteriorated, and they needed to stay in the water for longer periods of time.

They could walk on land, but it made them uncomfortable as if they were dehydrated.

More and more of them chose to live permanently in the sea.

Ordinary people were relieved.

They felt safer now that the fishmen were living in the ocean.

Their crisis seemed to have passed.

Without the internet, the information wasnt widely spread.

Only some witnesses knew it.

The rest of the population still lived in fear and were worried that the fishmen would surround their ark at any moment.

In those five days, Moon and her allied countries caught nearly 70 million fishmen, injected them with the potion, and returned them to normal.

It had been five days!

Himmel Soan had disappeared, and there was no news from Atlantis.

No one heard anything.

It was as if both Himmel Soan and Atlantis had never existed.

The fishmen hadnt completely turned into Atlanteans, so they couldnt withstand high water pressure.

Even when they lived in the sea, they couldnt dive deeper than 5,000m.

They became the Himmelian Pavilions primary targets.

The Himmelian Pavilion caught those fishmen while looking for ways to go deeper into the ocean.

Of the 70 million, the Himmelian Pavilion had caught at least 10 million.


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