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“Dont think we cant do anything to you! Mr.

Soan, we just dont want to hurt you!”

Even Roams found that ridiculous.

They had tried over 700 torturing techniques on Himmel Soan, but they still couldnt injure him in any way.

He was obviously bluffing!

Himmel Soan chuckled.

“Thats alright.

Hurt me all you want, if you can do that.”


Soan, dont make it more difficult than it already is! I still have a few tricks up my sleeves! Do you know what energy fusion is”

“Energy fusion”

“If we use your body as the container of that fusion, we can easily destroy you.

When the fusion takes place, the temperature will rise to 100 million degrees.

Nothing can survive that high a temperature, and you wont be an exception.

However, Id rather keep you around and figure out your secret.”

He moved closer and looked Himmel Soan in the eye.


Soan, I dont want to do this to you, but my hands are tied.

Ive told you more than once how much I appreciate you.

Id even work as your assistant.

Why are you so stubborn”

Himmel Soan laughed.

“100 million degrees Is that your idea of an extremely high temperature If you think it can kill me, bring it on!”


Soan!” Roams was anxious.

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He didnt know what to do to Himmel Soan.

If he could kill him, he wouldnt have wasted his time talking to the man.

But he couldnt let him go either.

He could only try to dig for more information.

However, Himmel Soan wouldnt be persuaded and was as arrogant as ever.

Roams was even more infuriated.


Roams!” A robot came in.

“What!” Roams was so angry that his shout made the robot jump.

The robot said, “Weve just launched the M73 transmitter, but it was bounced back by an unknown force.

The launch has failed.”

That transmitter was what could set off the fishmen.

Himmel Soan had destroyed the previous ones.

After a month, Atlantis was trying to launch the transmitters again.

Roams yelled, “What do you mean How did that happen”

“Its true!” The robot lowered its head, apparently scared of Roams.

Himmel Soan laughed.

“I can vouch for the robot.

Its telling the truth.”

Roams glared at him.

“Did you do it”

Himmel Soan said, “Take a guess.

Roams, even without me, Atlantis is going to fall apart.

Youll be destroyed the moment you reach the sixth age.”

Roams smirked.

“What makes you say that”

“Youve made robots too human-like.

Theyve already developed emotions, which makes them resemble humans even more.

Once they lose their mind, they wont follow your programs.

When that happens, the robots will start killing men!”

“You cant—”

Roams wanted to retort, but Himmel Soan cut him off.

“I know what you want to say! You want to tell me how advanced your technology is and how much smarter you are than your robots.

You think you can design the perfect AI to control all the robots.

Do you think the alien races havent thought about that before Why do you think so many planets have been occupied by robots”

Roams smirked.


Soan, youve just admitted youre from a higher age, arent you Otherwise, how do you know what has happened on other planets”

Himmel Soan had examined his universe when he came back and knew the major events in the surrounding galaxies.

Moreover, he had reached his peak during his reincarnation.

He could see the end of the universe.

He knew what happened on other planets.

So many of them had been overrun by machines.

Roams actually thought he was going to be an exception, just like those planets.

However, they were still overrun by robots.

“It doesnt matter where Im from.

You wont know where it is even if I told you.

Roams, so many living creatures are smarter than you, but they have all been killed by their own creation.

Yes, if I gave you the space cannon, Atlantis could enter the sixth age.

“But it also means your AI will be upgraded.

The robots havent revolted only because even if they have independent minds, they cant defeat the AI.

Once the AI is upgraded, the robots will be much stronger, and they can break free from the AIs control!”

“You dont need to worry about that.

Ive thought about everything you said ten years ago.

Youd better figure out how you want to die!” Roams stormed off.

“Innate Vigorous Energy!”

Himmel Soan activated his Innate Vigorous Energy after Roams was gone, trying to break his chain.

He hadnt spent that much Innate Vigorous Energy.

The energy was also created by the human body.

However, Himmel Soan failed.

He was too weak to activate the Innate Vigorous Energy.

He could wait.

He was 95% into locking down Atlantis.

It was almost impossible for Atlanteans to get out.

The transmitter was bounced back by that shell.

“Not yet.

Im still too weak.

Maybe Ill need another month.”

Himmel Soan took a deep breath.

He was going to close his eyes to recover his spiritual essence.

Just then, he noticed someone on the floor.

Looking down, he saw an essence stone by his feet.


He was perplexed.

He had never seen an essence stone here before.

It came out of nowhere.

“Where did it come from”

He hadnt seen a single essence stone since he came to Atlantis.


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