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No matter how loudly Roams roared, how hard he pressed, or how much reward he offered, Himmel Soan wouldnt say a word.

Once his spiritual essence recovered, he would destroy the entire Atlantis!

He only needed one-millionth of his spiritual essence to break the chains.

After that, he could absorb the essence stones while fighting his enemies.

But not yet.

He didnt even have one-tenth of the amount he needed.

He could break the chains now, but they would only catch him again.

It would be futile.


“Guys, follow me! Theres an ark up ahead! Well kill the men and grab the women! Turn them into fishmen!”

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“Lets go! Kill them!”

A group of fishmen found a floating ark in the ocean.

They grinned and raised their weapons, charging at the ark like pirates.

A great number of fishmen were still running free.

They were never good people before they were infected.

Now that they had turned into fishmen, they used this as an excuse to unleash their evil sides and kill innocent people.

They probably would even turn down the potion that could cure them.

They had become pirates.

Soon, they surrounded the ark.

The arks were all very large.

They looked like small islands on the sea and could contain tens to hundreds of thousands of people.

Some larger ones even had millions of passengers.

However, the fishmen had surrounded the ark, indicating they had the numbers advantage.

That was correct.

This group consisted of over two million fishmen.

When they moved together in the ocean, one would think of them to be a school of sharks.

“Its been a month since I tasted a human woman! I cant wait!”

One of the group leaders was known as Mr.


He led his men to a cabin door and looked through the window.

Inside were terrified humans.

He spotted quite a few beautiful blondes.

Gil guffawed and shouted, “Open this door, or well tear it down!”

Fishmen were stronger and faster than ordinary people.

The longer they had grown scales, the more powerful they were.

Gil licked his lips in excitement, drooling over the women.

Of course, the humans wouldnt open the door.

They would rather die than turn into fishmen.

“Open the door, or well make you open it! Guys, break it down!” With Gils order, the fishmen started banging on the windows.

Some fishmen swam underneath the ark and started tearing it up.

They were very experienced in it.

Most of them had participated in the construction of the arks.

If they could make it, they could break it.

They knew the arks weakest spots.

At the bottom of all arks were escape trunks.

There was always more than one escape trunk, which meant there were many gaps.

If one stuck sharp objects like blades or the tip of crowbars into the gaps and kept pressing, they could pry the door to the escape trunk open.

The escape trunks were connected to other cabins.

Once the fishmen entered the escape trunk, they would have access to the inner portions.

After much practice, they could infiltrate an ark in no more than two days.

If the ark were really well-built, they would need three days.

“Babe, Im coming! Dont be scared!”

“Open this door now, or well kill everybody when we get in!”

“Open this **ing door!”

Gil and the other fishmen cursed loudly as they attacked the doors and windows.

The people inside were frightened.

“What should we do now Were surrounded!”

“Lets open the door! If they force it open, were all going to die!”

“Are you out of your mind Theyll still kill you even if you open the door!”

“Becoming a fishman is better than death!”

“Thats right.

Id rather grow scales than get killed!”

“Where are Mr.

Soan and Moon Why havent they come to help us”

“Whats wrong with you Forget about Himmel Soan and Moon! If you ask me, Moon has been destroyed by the fishmen, and Himmel Soan has long disappeared! Otherwise, why havent they come for us Its been two months!”

“Thats right! Two months have passed! Have all the countries been taken by the fishmen Have they infected everybody”

“Were probably the last humans on Earth! I cant believe Im going to die like this!”

“No! I dont want to die! Id rather become them than die!”

The ark was in a remote area in the southern hemisphere.

Without the internet, they had no idea what was going on outside.

They didnt know where Himmel Soan was, nor did they know if Moon and Panthera still existed.

They had no idea how many humans were left.

How many people had been infected

They had no answers.

But they knew they werent the fishmens match.

In the few minutes before the internet was gone, they saw videos of fishmen attacking ordinary people.

Humans didnt win in any of them.

The winner had always been the fishmen who looked like savage zombies.

They had no mercy!

“Lets open the door!”

“Dont be ridiculous! We cant do that!”

“If we dont, were all going to die!”

Another man shouted, “Damn it! Open the door, and well fight to the death!”

“No, were not! Do you really think you can defeat them Theyre monsters!”

“Then what Were just going to wait here Keeping the door shut wont save us! Look at what theyre doing! Its only a matter of time before they break down the door!”

“Thats alright! They wont! Our ark is very tough! It has survived earthquakes and volcano eruptions! They cant get in!”

“Are you comparing what theyre doing to natural disasters They have intelligence and know where to hit!”

“Then what do you suggest Open the door and get killed”

“Were going to be killed even if we wont open the door!”

The passengers shouted at one another.

In the end, someone couldnt take it anymore.

They rushed toward the cabin door and tried to unbolt it.


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