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“Shit! Whats wrong with you!” The passengers immediately stopped the man.

The man shouted, “Lets open the door and surrender! They wont kill us! Theyll just turn us into fishmen!”

“Id rather die than turn into these monsters!”

“Die, then! I dont care! I want to live!”

“Theyre crazy! Stop those who want to open the door! Take them down!”

“Who the hell do you think you are Why should we listen to you You dont get to give orders!”

“Who the hell do I think I am Ill show you who I am!”

One man punched the other man in the face.

The other man scrambled to his feet, and a fight broke out.

The passengers were divided into two sides.

One side wanted to open the door so that they would be spared, while the other refused to open it.

Both sides were persistent, and they started throwing punches before they could fight against the fishmen outside.

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Even the captain of the ark couldnt stop them.

Children were so scared that they burst into tears.

Women and elderly people retreated to the corners and watched the men killing one another.

A woman looked out of the window.

She saw the malicious fishmen staring at her, their gazes reminding her of devils.

She trembled.

They looked as if they were going to eat her whole.

She would never agree to open the door.

Not in a million years!

At that moment, the terror in her eyes turned into surprise as she looked into the distance.

“Whats that” She saw something like shark fins moving fast toward them.

Was that a new group of fishmen

“One group is already impossible to withstand, but theres more now!”

“What they said was right! This world has been taken over by fishmen.

There must be eight or nine billion of them!”

“Thatll be an understatement! I think the world is full of fishmen, and there are no more than 100 million survivors left!”

“Damn it! Without the internet, we dont know anything! Whats going on in the rest of the world”

“Thats right! The network stopped working after Mr.

Soan disappeared.

We dont even know whats happening a few hundred meters away! Were as good as blind!”


Soan and Moon are so important! How come we never realized it before Not only that, but weve also mocked and humiliated them!”


Soan hasnt come out since he went into Atlantis.

The network also broke right then.

We were so stupid! How can Mr.

Soan be working with Atlantis If he were, he wouldnt have set up the network for us!”

“We did this to ourselves!”

“No!” Someone blurted out at that moment.

Everybody looked at him.

He shook his head.

“Im not talking about Mr.

Soan! I mean thosesharks! Look!”

He pointed at the sea surface in the distance.

The “sharks” no longer looked like sharks.

Moreover, above them in the sky were some aircraft.

“Is that…”

“Those are helicopters!”

“Theyre not fishmen! Those are ordinary people! Theyre flying toward us in helicopters!”

“Gosh! Are we safe”

“Its too early to celebrate.

Fishmen have occupied so many arks.

How do we know they cant fly helicopters”

Hearing that, the passengers were crestfallen.

Things would be disastrous if fishmen were flying those helicopters!

Why was that

Because only those five countries still had helicopters!

Other countries had been overrun by flood and only had some arks left.

If the fishmen were flying the helicopters, there was only one explanation.

They had defeated the five countries as well.

The five countries were the last hope of the human race.

If they were occupied, there was no hope left.

The passengers had thought about that possibility, but no one wanted to believe it.

However, the helicopters made them consider it.

Were the pilots fishmen or ordinary people

That was the million-dollar question.

The helicopters glowed in blue light when they moved closer.

Then they opened fire.

Countless bullets were shot at the fishmen in the sea, turning the water red.

The fishmen tried to hide in the deeper water.

Gil was furious and looked up at the sky.

“Fuck them!”

“Ill kill them all!”

“Find our highest jumpers and drag those helicopters down!”

The fishmen could jump forty or fifty meters into the air.

That also showed their speed and strength far exceeded ordinary people.

The helicopters were only 30m above the sea.

The fishmen almost did it.

Some of them managed to jump into the helicopters, but the people inside immediately kicked them out.

The ark passengers shouted in surprise.

“Theyre ordinary people!”

“Hey, stop fighting! Someones coming for us! We dont need to open the door for the fishmen! Were going to live!”

“Its Moon! I saw a Moonian flag!”

“The Moonians are here to save us! Theyve defeated the fishmen!”

“I knew we could trust Moon!”

“Stop it, you guys!”

The passengers stopped the fighting and rushed to the windows to see what was happening outside.

Meanwhile, the “sharks” charged at the fishmen as well.

“Are those the three divisions from Moon”

“Yes! Thats the Himmelian Pavilion!”

“Were safe!”

“Thank you, Moon! Thank you, Himmelian Pavilion!”

Because this ark was in a remote corner of the southern hemisphere, it took Moon two months to find it.

In the northern hemisphere, it would have been rescued a long time ago.

The passengers were relieved when they saw the Moonian helicopters and members of the Himmelian Pavilion.

The fishmen were strong, but the Himmelian Pavilion was stronger!


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