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Fishmen were monsters.

But members of the Himmelian Pavilion were cultivators.

Although they were only at the Essence Refinement stage, they were still far more capable than ordinary people.

Moreover, the helicopters were aiding them.

Before long, the fishmen was losing ground to the Himmelian Pavilion.


Gil, what should we do now”

“What else can we do Kill them! Kill them all!”

Will Soan stood up in the helicopter and spoke to the fishmen through a loudspeaker.

“All the fishmen down there, please listen to me! Stop resisting! Your condition is curable! If you keep attacking ordinary people, Moon will consider you enemies of the human race and kill you instantly! The cure is very effective, and weve been giving it to all the countries for free.

It only takes three to five minutes for the injection to work.

The longer youve been infected, the longer the recovery time will be! You still have a chance to go back to normal!”

Gil snorted and shouted back, “Shut up! The injection will make us explode! You cant fool me!”

“The explosion wasnt set off by the potion.

Atlantis did that! Mr.

Himmel Soan has stopped Atlantis for the time being, and the Atlanteans cant control you now.

Please inject the potion while you can! If anything happens to Mr.

Soan, youll all die!”

Gil bellowed, “I dont believe you! You want to kill us! Guys, lets kill them!”

Will lost his temper as well.

“Youre making things up! There are 800 million fishmen, and weve cured over 700 million by now.

Of the remaining 100 million, over half of them are dead! Youre one of the few left! If you still dont surrender, well have to take you down! I cant promise your survival!”

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“Screw you! I dont need your warning!” Gil raised his arm.

“With me!”

However, very few fishmen followed him.

Most of them went quiet and stayed rooted in their spots.

They believed Will.

It would be great if they could return to normal.

These people had been turned into fishmen against their will.

Some fishmen still followed Gils order and charged at the Moonian soldiers.

Those were the evil fishmen who had no interest in becoming human again.

They only wanted to harm other people.

Moon showed them no mercy.

They emptied their magazines before the fishmen could reach them.

The revolting fishmen were annihilated in less than a minute.

The Moonians had weapons!

Realizing that, all fishmen, innocent or evil, froze in their spots.

The passengers cheered and embraced one another in celebration.

“Great! The fishmen havent occupied the entire planet!”

“Theyve been cured! Does that mean were safe now”

“Yes! I knew we could always trust Moon!”

They opened a door at the top of the ark.

The captain of the ark went to the top with a few hundred people and called out to Will.

“Sir, how are things in other parts of the world”

Will said, “They are almost back to normal! Were working on rebuilding everything now! There are only ten million fishmen left.

Its going to end soon!”

The captain asked, “Really Then why isnt the internet back”

“I dont know how Mr.

Himmel Soan set up the network before.

As you know, hes the god of science, and no one can do things he has done.

I think hes trapped somewhere in Atlantis, which is why the internet is down.

We can only set up our network in the traditional way.

However, we may not cover this area any time soon because youre in the southern hemisphere.”

The captain was very excited.

Some of the ordinary people were so happy that they burst into tears.

“Sir, can you take us back to our country Were from Grassia.

Our ark doesnt have an engine, so weve been floating around in the ocean.

We didnt mean to come all the way here.”

Will smiled.

“Of course!”

He then shouted at the fishman down below, “You dont have any choice now! Come back to Moon with us, or die here! Make your choice!”

Gil shouted, “You dont scare me! There is only a handful of you, and we have over a million! You cant kill us all!”

He was right.

Moon and the Soan empire had only dispatched four or five thousand people.

There were over twenty helicopters in the sky, but they couldnt carry too many people.

Gil thought the Moonians only advantage was their weapons.

“Really” Will pointed around them.

“See for yourself.”

Gil and the other fishmen looked around.

They saw battleships and aircraft carriers appear around them.

The aircraft carriers looked like small mountains.

However, they werent the most intimidating things.

The arks were the most intimidating of them all!

Two giant arks appeared on the north and south.

They had engines and could sail in the ocean.

With a single glance, one could tell they were high-quality arks that had all the necessary equipment, unlike the make-shift ones that were built in a hurry before the meteorite arrived.

The giant arks made the fishmen panic.

It was as if a mountain was moving toward them.

There had to be millions of people on those arks.

“Do you still think we dont have enough people” asked Will.

Seeing the arks, many fishmen burst into tears.

Some of the passengers on the Grassian ark also cried in excitement.

They saw the Pantherese flag!

It was flapping in the wind.

It wasnt the only one.

The Moonian, Hosian, Soleilian, and Padaskin flags were there as well.

It was an ark that belonged to all five countries.

“Its Panthera! My home country!”

“Its Padaski!”

“I see the Hosian flag… I dont want to be a fishman anymore! I want to be normal again! Im sorry! I didnt listen to my country before! I shouldnt have bought the ticket.

I should have stayed at home and gone into the underground shelter with them! If I had done that, this would never have happened!”

Many people had bought tickets to the arks before the meteorite arrived.

A lot of them were Pantherese, Hosians, and Soleilians.


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