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Even many wealthy Moonians went to hide in the Neigerian arks.

The fishmen following Gil came from many countries as well.

Many of them were infected after the fishmen invaded the arks.

“Are you going to surrender” Will smirked.

Gil ground his teeth and bellowed, “Im going to kill all of you!”

He grabbed a knife from a fishman next to him, jumped 30m into the air, and charged at Will.


A shot was fired.

The sound resonated in the air.

Gil felt like a bird with broken wings.


He fell into the ocean, and the water turned red from his blood.

Gil was one of the radicals and evilest fishmen.

He would rather die than return to normal.

He was trying to brainwash the fishmen around him.

Due to his influence, many fishmen succumbed to their evil side and had been killing and plundering as they went.

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However, they werent as bold as Gil.

Once he died, the other fishmen surrendered.

They didnt dare resist the Moonians soldiers because they stood no chance.

“I surrender! Please dont kill me!”

“Ill take the injection!”

“Me, too! Please spare my life!”

“The Moonians are my gods! Ill do whatever they tell me to do!”

The fishmen surrendered and tried to please the Moonians.

Will said, “Were nobodys gods, and you dont need to thank us.

My country wants to stop the wars in the world.

Thats all.

Drop your weapons and board the arks.

Well take you to Moon, give you the injections, and send you back home!”

“Thank you! Thank you so much!”

“Thank you for giving us another chance!”

“Thank you so much!”

The passengers on the Grassian ark cheered and opened their doors to welcome the giant arks.

With their help, the Grassian ark began to move toward its own country.

On Mars.


Oraman, we cant survive here! We dont have much food left! If we cant replenish our provisions, were going to starve to death in two weeks!” A scientist was reporting to Oraman.

Eternity had been circling Mars.

There was no air or food outside.

They could only stay inside the ship.

Being the largest Neigerian ark, Eternity could carry five million people, and it was packed.

More people required more resources.

The five million mouths needed food and air.

How much food, water, and air could Eternity store

“Two weeks” Oramans face darkened.

After much consideration, he said, “Didnt you tell me we had enough food to last six months”

“That was my calculation, but the situation changed.

Eternity has been overloaded.

Weve been admitting more people onto the ark for their money.

However, we havent loaded enough food and water to cover that many people.

Were using up our provisions twice as fast as what we initially calculated!

“Its been two months and three days.

Were running short on our food and oxygen! Mr.

Oraman, if we dont come up with a solution, well all die here!”

“Kill them!” Oraman gave the command.

A scientist was dumbfounded.


Oraman, what do you mean”

“Which part ofkill them dont you understand Five million is too many.

Kill half of them! Kill the men that eat the most! Keep the women!”


Oraman, we cant do that!” The scientist knelt on the floor.

“Youre talking about killing two million people! We cant do that!”

Oraman grabbed him by the collar.

“Kill them, or were all dead! Without them, we can have enough food and oxygen for a month.

No, that wont be enough! I need enough oxygen for a year! Kill everyone thats not a Neigerian, men and women! The most beautiful women can be spared!

“Find a way to improve the environment.

See if you can plant something on Mars! We need a long-term plan!”

Maruse said, “It seems thats our only choice.

Leo, follow the presidents order and kill those people!”

Leo, the leading scientist, shook his head.

“No, Mr.

Oraman! I cant do that! Its too cruel!”

“Then what should we do” Oraman grabbed Leos neck and growled.

“Id have killed you if I could extract your brain!”

Oraman needed the scientists.

They had to somehow improve the Martian environment.

It wasnt an impossible task.

Eternity had more than just food and water on board.

There was also soil, minerals, animals, and insects.

If they could build a controlled environment on Mars and lay down the soil, they could turn a fraction of Mars into a miniature earth.

What was the most important thing


Scientists discovered water on Mars many years ago.

However, they hadnt found any this time.

They had been looking for it since they arrived.

Once they succeeded, they could live on this planet.

Leo was the best scientist, and the plan wouldnt work without him.

Therefore, Oraman wouldnt kill him no matter how angry he was.

“We have to have enough time, water, and oxygen before we can carry out that plan! What can we do in two weeks If we dont kill them, were all going to die!”

Leo pointed at the image on the screen.


Oraman, lets go back to Earth! We have enough fuel to take us back! Look! Its still there!”


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