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Seeing how agitated Oraman was, Maruse tried to calm him down.


Oraman, we cant kill Dr.

Leo! We cant lose him!”

However, Oraman pushed Maruse away and aimed the gun at him.

Maruse immediately raised his hands.


Oraman, what are you doing”

Oraman said grimly, “Im going to kill half of your people.

What do you think”

“I… I…”

“Will you do it Answer me! Do you want to die, too”

Seeing Oramans finger on the trigger, Maruse immediately said, “Yes! Ill do it! Mr.

Oraman, please calm down! I would never disobey you!”

Oraman extended his free hand.

“In that case, give me the remote control!”

“What remote control”

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“What do you think The remote detonator of Cabin-8!”

The passengers in Cabin-8 were the soldiers family members.

The remote control was connected to the infrared transmitter beneath Cabin-8.

Once he pressed the button, Cabin-8 would be blown away.

The chain of command was meaningless now.

If the people wanted to revolt, they could depose Oraman at any moment.

Oraman had made preparations beforehand.

He let all the family members of the soldiers go to Cabin-8 for free.

Moreover, the cabin wasnt connected to other cabins.

It was an independent space.

The soldiers and their families were elated because they could board the best ark for free.

However, they didnt know it was only part of Oramans plan.

If things went out of control, the family members would become Oramans bargaining chips.


Oraman, you—”

“Give it to me!”


Oraman, please be reasonable!”

“Give it to me, or Ill shoot you and take it from you!”

Maruse was scared and immediately gave him the remote control.

Oraman aimed his gun at someone else.

“Get rid of a million people for me now!”


Oraman, thats too many…”

“Stop nagging! Just do as youre told! Do you want to die”

“Yes! Im on it!”

The passengers were still enjoying their lives on Eternity.

They had wine, steaks, and fruit in every meal.

Life was good.

Their living standards hadnt reduced much.

They watched the bleak scene outside while chatting happily.

Nothing seemed to worry them.

It had been a month and a half since they arrived at Mars, and the excitement hadnt faded yet.

Maybe they would soon get tired of the view.

But not yet.

Oraman had been brainwashing them, filling them with fantasies.

“I heard the president is going to change that section into a lake!”

“Thats a great idea! I saw a mountain over there yesterday.

If we can build a villa up there, I think itll be really comfortable!”

“According to Mr.

Oraman, theyll finish reconstructing the first area next month.

Itll be like living on Earth again, and we wont need to stay here anymore!”


Oraman is amazing! The housing price on Mars will be so low in the future, and Ill buy the entire city! Ill marry a hundred women!”

“In that case, Ill marry a hundred men!”

“Thats not going to happen, sweetheart.

We men are much more important here.

Can you work on the construction site outside Can you carry large rocks We men are the chief contributors.”

“Mars is full of potential.

Based on Mr.

Oramans plan, Mars will have the same environment as Earth in a year and exceed Earth in three years.

Those idiots on Earth will beg us to bring them to Mars.”

“If they want to come, theyll have to become my slaves!”

They were still chatting excitedly when a group of soldiers entered their cabin.

The passengers belonged to a social class that had seen enough major events, and the sight of the soldiers didnt affect them.

Moreover, they had seen the soldiers many times in the past two months and had known them well by now.

“Jerry, what brings you here today Dont have work outside” A businessman raised his glass and smiled at Jerry.

“Would you like to join us”

Jerry was the soldier in charge of Cabin-10.

However, his usual smile had vanished from his face.

He looked rather grave as if he had just lost his father.

“Jerry, why the serious look A problem at work Thats alright.

We can wait.

A few more months wont be a problem.

Eternity is such a comfortable place to live in.

Moreover, there are so many beautiful women, and I dont mind staying here for a bit longer.”

“Youre such a dog!” Another man teased him.

Jerry pointed at the men in the room and told the soldiers behind him, “Take them down! Then take them outside to be executed later!”

“Yes, sir!” The soldiers stepped out and pinned the wealthy men on the floor.

The crowd was shocked and backed away.

“Jerry, what are you doing”

“What did we do Why are you doing this Were paying customers!”

“Jerry, what did they do Why are you arresting them”

“We paid a billion to get aboard, and this is how you treat us! Jerry, get Maruse! Ill file a complaint!”

Jerry showed no sympathy.

“Im sorry, Mr.

Putoc, but its Mr.

Maruses decision!”

A passenger stepped out and asked, “What Mr.

Maruses decision Why”

Jerry looked at the man.

“Its not just them.

Youre going to be executed, too!”

The man was terrified.

He didnt expect such an answer!

“Are you nuts Why me Jerry, take me to Maruse!”

“Youll see him soon.

Arrest all the men in Cabin-10, as well as all the women over 45 years old! Mr.

Maruse says theyre useless because they cant bear children anymore!”


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