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Screams came from Cabin-10.

Men, women, elderly people, and children were all shouting, screaming, crying, and begging.

It sounded miserable.

Passengers in Cabin-11 next door were bewildered, but they didnt know they would be next.

A group of soldiers charged into Cabin-11 and took away many people just like they did in Cabin-10.

Women over 45 had passed their ideal chIld-baring age.

Oraman considered them to be a waste of food.

Each cabin contained ten thousand people.

Maruse didnt carry out Oramans command strictly.

He only took away all the men and most women from Cabin-10 to Cabin-19, numbering about 92,000 people.

They were all thrown out of Eternity.

Mars was considered the ideal planet to immigrate to.

There was oxygen on Mars, but the density was very low.

The atmosphere was extremely thin as well.

It was only about one percent of that on Earth.

Because of that, the ultraviolet rays would hit the planets surface directly and could do great damage to the human body.

Mars was also much hotter than Earth.

The planet was covered by sand.

Scientific research showed that Mars had oceans and glaciers three billion years ago, but they had all disappeared.


Water still existed.

It was just very hard to find.

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Everything would be alright once they found water.

Oxygen might be denser at the water source, and they might be able to plant seeds there.

Eternity could function as the atmosphere.

It was gigantic and would look like a small mountain wherever it was anchored.

They could remove its bottom and cover the water source with the arks hull.

The plants could be planted in the area covered by the ark.

Once there was water and plants, there would be more oxygen.

Scientists could also synthesize oxygen if needed.

Together with the oxygen stored in Eternity, humans could survive for a while.

As for if they could stay on Mars for long, it would depend on scientific breakthroughs.

Some scientists had run simulations before.

A human being exposed to the Martian air would feel suffocated.

In the strong ultraviolet rays, they wouldnt survive for more than an hour.

However, that had proved to be incorrect.

When Maruse threw the 90,000 people out of Eternity, he saw they were still alive.

However, they seemed to be in agony and were gasping for air.

They were on their knees and begging the people inside Eternity.

Some of them pointed at Eternity and cursed it with the most malicious words they could think of.

Maruse couldnt bring himself to watch this.

He wanted to open the door and let them in.

But he couldnt.

He alone couldnt disobey Oraman.

If he did, he and his family would all be dead.

Oraman had the remote control and could kill everybody in Cabin-8.

Maruse knew no soldier would help him.

Oraman was going to destroy Eternity!


Leo had warned them.

Even if the plan went well, they couldnt stay on Mars for more than ten years.

After that, they would still be dead.

They had to return to Earth!

But how

Maruse couldnt even save himself.

How could he save the others

Passengers in other cabins saw what was happening outside.

“Whats going on”

“Why have they been thrown out”

“Oh my god! Thats terrible!”

“Did they do something wrong Have they offended someone Why are they out there Will that happen to us, too”

“I hope not.

Were paying customers and Neigerians.

Surely, Oraman wont kill us! Why are those people being treated like that”

“Shhhh! I heard that were running low on food and oxygen! To lower the consumption, Mr.

Oraman decided to kill half the passengers!”

Everybody was frightened by the news.

“Youve got to be kidding me!”

“Seriously Half the people”

“Yes! Its true! And Oraman may kill more than half of us! He only wants to leave a few hundred thousand people behind!”

“Has he lost his mind We paid for our tickets!”

“Dont be foolish! Do you think money matters now Oraman wants to live, and money is of no use here! You cant buy a bagel even if you have a billion dollars!”

“Are they going to kill us”

“Yes, they are! Were not close to Oraman, and were not even Neigerians! Hell start from us!”

“No! This is so scary! I want to go back to Earth!”

“Go back to Earth Do you think thats possible Were doomed!”

“If I knew this was going to happen, I would never have boarded Eternity!”

Some people had lost all hope.

They sat on the ground and pulled their hair.

Some people wouldnt believe it.

They considered themselves to be taxpayers and didnt think Oraman would attack them.

Some people were so frightened that they could only pray, hoping none of it was true.

“I miss Earth!”

“Me, too! I heard Earth hadnt exploded! Moons space cannon destroyed the meteorite!”

“I knew it! We saw the meteorite explode when we left Earth! Moon did it!”

“Im a Moonian! I regret having come here! I should have believed in my own country!”

“Im from Panthera, Moons ally.

I think my country is doing fine, too.

I feel so guilty! I took all the money I made in Panthera and gave it to Neige! But now, they are going to kill me!”

“Dont panic! Maybe we still have a chance! Maybe its not true! Maybe those people are out there because theyve offended Oraman!”

Some people tried to convince themselves that Oraman wouldnt harm them.

That was until Maruse showed up with a group of soldiers.


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