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In the northeastern region of Moon Country, there was a vast unpopulated forest.

One could walk for hundreds of kilometers without seeing a soul.

A great mountain range ran across the region, known as the Great Cino.

All kinds of ferocious animals inhabited both sides of the mountain range.

It was a very dangerous place.

Ordinary people wouldnt last more than ten minutes if they stumbled into this area.


Ordinary people wouldnt even come here.

They would be stopped by the sky-high cliffs or bumpy roads before they could enter the mountains and couldnt get any further.

This area was the no mans land of the country of Moon.

However, it wasnt completely uninhabited.

No one knew that a special group of people had taken this place as their home.

Less than ten minutes after Henry Lang, the director of Sky Eye, gave the order, small helicopters appeared over the mountain range.

Each one could only carry four passengers—five if pushed.

A troop wearing the special force uniform was delivered to this vast forest by these small helicopters.

Soon, there were soldiers everywhere.

From above, they looked like swarms of ants that were scattering around the forest.

Soldiers kept sliding down the ropes from the helicopters.

Before long, there were hundreds of them, all wearing special force uniforms.

Their destination was a village halfway up the reat Cino and only 300 meters away from their current location.

It wasnt an ordinary village.

Only the highest-level government officials knew how important it was.

Ordinary people might have little idea of what those villagers stood for, but the high-ranking officials knew better!

Any of them could become high-level officials in the government when they left the village without any additional requirements.

They would be assuming posts that could command tens of thousands of people was no exception.

The village was known as the Himmelian Village.

It had existed for over a thousand years, and no one knew who founded it.

However, all the villagers were very capable and had been practicing a strange type of martial arts since they were little.

They were as capable as the Himmelians in the northwestern desert.

The connection between the two was obvious.

The Himmelians.

The Himmelian Village.

It didnt take a genius to figure that out.

Sam Caves was the leader of this operation.

He remained in the helicopter and anxiously watched from above.

Cold sweat was dripping from his hair, and it was easy to tell how restless he felt.

He was fidgeting, feeling uneasy.

He couldnt sit still.

Sam was the person in charge of the northeastern Sky Eye branch.

Ten minutes ago, he received a message from the head of the northwest branch, saying that the people of the Himmelian Village were probably on the move.

He had been doing this job for twenty years.

In the two decades, he had dealt with the villagers more than once and knew how terrifying they could be.

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But those people had hardly ever left the village since he took office.

No more than a handful had ever stepped out.

However, according to Henry Lang, the whole village might be on the move this time.

The idea made Sam break into a cold sweat.

The entire village were on the move…

How terrifying would that be!

Together, the village had the power to wipe off an entire city!


That would be an understatement.

It would be like killing fish with a torpedo.

The force of the entire village would be unthinkable!

Any villager alone could easily take down hundreds if not thousands of people.

How terrifying!

Some of them had skin tougher than bullets, and even metal blades couldnt penetrate it.

How terrifying that power was!

In other words, there were no ordinary people in the village.

That was what the Himmelian village was like.

They had never left the village together since Sam took office, nor had they ever done so in the millennium that the village was established.

Why would they do that now

Sam couldnt understand why this was happening.

He wanted to know the answer but had no clue at all.

He had dealt with the villagers before and knew what they were like.

They were unsophisticated, kind, and compassionate.

If someone said something harsh—which was very rare— the old village head would scold them harshly.

What would make them so angry that they all left the village at the same time They hadnt dealt with the outside world for a thousand years.

It had to be something big!

Sam watched from above as the Sky Eye members rushed toward the village from all directions like a swarm of ants.

He felt a heavy burden on his shoulders.

“Please be there! Please be there! Please be there!” He prayed.

Then he heard the captain of Sky Eye on the intercom.

The other partys words made his heart sink.

“Sir, theres no one at the entrance!

“Sir, theres no one at the exit!

“Sir, theres no one in the village!

“Sir, weve searched all the houses! Theyre all empty!”

Damn it!

Sams heart sank.

“Give me the details!”

One of the team members said, “Captain, they shouldnt have been gone for too long.

The water on the stove is still hot.”

“Captain, the beds are warm.”

“Captain, the stove fire has recently been put out.

The wood is still smoking!”

Sam was pleasantly surprised and immediately gave the order.

“Return to the rendezvous point! Send out ten helicopters and search the forest in all directions! We must find the villagers! We cant let them leave the mountain range!”

“Yes, Sir!”

The helicopters immediately scattered and flew in all directions, searching for the villagers.

“Why is this happening Why” Sam Caves was perplexed.

Why would the friendly villagers leave their homes all of a sudden Where were they going

If Sam had known that the villagers were gone because of the insulting comments, being as short-tempered as he was, he would go after those keyboard warriors himself and tear them to pieces!

The northeastern and northwestern regions werent the only places where such things took place.

Similar things were happening in the southwest and southeast of the country as well.

Somewhere else in the country, special force soldiers wearing diving suits came out of the water.

The head of the southwest Sky Eye branch was waiting anxiously on the shore.

“Sir, theres no one there!

“The underwater Himmelian Pavilion is empty! Everyone is gone!”

The head was shocked.

“Have you searched everywhere Are you sure Is there no one”

“Yes, Sir! Theres no one! All members of the Himmelian Pavilion are gone!”


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