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“Die then! Have you forgotten about something Mr.

Oramans order is to kill you all! Im already very kind to keep you alive, so be content! If you have so many requests, I dont mind carrying out his order and banishing you from Eternity! That way, I dont need to give you half a bottle of water or keep five ventilations!”

The passengers immediately stopped talking.

They were so frustrated that they wanted to reason with Maruse.

But they didnt have the courage.

The guns in the soldiers hands were quite intimidating.

Maruse was capable of following his word.

Ninety thousand people were still outside.

If they made any more requests, he could very likely throw them out.

“Please dont! Mr.

Maruse, well do what were told!”

“I guess I can survive on half a bottle a day…”


Maruse, we know things have been difficult for you, and were grateful that youve protected us, but I must tell you this: we cant keep this up! If Oraman doesnt change his mind, well all die on Mars, including you!”


Maruse, do you think we have the means to contact Earth Can we ask the people on Earth to help us”

“Thats a great idea! Oraman has control over the army, and we arent his match! However, some countries on Earth can handle him!”

“Thats right! Moon can! Mr.

Maruse, if we can fly to Mars, Im sure we can send distress signals to Earth!”

“Why havent I thought of that Moon has more advanced technology than us.

Im sure theyll come to save us!”

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“Dont be so naive! Use your brain! Why would they want to save us”

Everybody fell silent.

The speaker was a wealthy Moonian, and he didnt stop after the others turned quiet.

He sighed.

“Im a Moonian, and I know my compatriots well.

Yes, Moon is a generous peace-loving country, but there are things theyll never compromise.

Neige targeted Moon in every possible way, and as a Moonian, Ill never forgive the Neigerians.

“You must be dreaming if you think Moon is going to help you! This is not something that can be done easily.

Moon will need to send their own troops, and they may have conflicts with the Neigerian soldiers.

Many people may lose their lives! Why would Moon use its own people to save you You didnt speak up for Moon when the disaster started!

“Even Im too ashamed to ask Moon for help! I cant bring myself to go back! I took the money I earned in Moon and joined Neige.

Instead of trusting my own country, I believed in Oraman! The Moonians must be laughing at me now! All the countries on Earth must be laughing at us!”

Maruses expression became much more serious.

He had thought of the same thing and had sent a secret distress signal to Earth.

But now, he lost all hope.

He felt even if Earth received the message, they wouldnt come all this way to Mars to help the people that had abandoned them.

Before they left, Oraman even threatened other countries and revealed his ambition of ruling the entire planet.

He had offended all the countries on Earth.

Instead of helping them, the people on Earth would probably laugh at them!

“Is that true” Maruse asked gingerly.

The Moonian businessman nodded.

“Moon is a peace-loving country, but the people arent stupid.

Why would they want to bring Neige back Neige will only turn against Moon and the rest of the world again.”

Maruse said, “No, we wont! Oraman wont be our president when we go back!”

“Who can promise the next president wont be worse than him Mr.

Maruse, even youve wanted to rule Erth.

Im sorry to be so blunt, but thats the fact! Youre compromising now because youve lost your power and Oraman has your family.

“If you become the Neigerian ruler and the second most important man in the world, are you sure you wont turn against Moon Maybe you can play nice for a couple of years, but youll turn against Moon in three years in both the economy and science! Im sure of it!”

He was very good at reading people.

What he said was also true.

In the current situation, not many people have the courage to say such things.

Maruse admitted that he used to look down upon Moon and tried to hinder Moon in every possible way.

If the environment on Mars had been so different from what he had imagined and if his power hadnt been taken away, he would have done the same thing as Oraman, and Oraman would be the one planning a revolt now.


Maruse, the Moonians dont have the same mindset.

Your people are never grateful.

Im sorry.

I dont want to say that, but thats the truth! We Moonians believe that only Padaski, Panthera, Hosia, and Soleil would show some gratitude.

That was why Moon was willing to help them.

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“Moon might help you once or twice, but if you turn against it all the time, they wont help you again!”

The passengers lost all hope.

According to this man, they would have no choice but to die on Mars.

That, or they found a chance to take out Oraman.

However, would they still have that chance Oraman must have anticipated their plan!

He would be on guard!


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