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There was nothing to hope for.

32,222m was the Himmelian Pavilions limit.

35,151m was Phoebes limit.

Nobody could go beyond those two limits yet.

Moreover, they could only reach such depth with the help of high-tech equipment.

Without it, they couldnt even reach 30,000m.

They kept breaking records in the first two weeks.

Each day, they would go 100m deeper than the previous day.

Gradually, the progress slowed down, and it became extremely difficult even to make fifty more meters.

It took them half a month to go from 32,000m to 32,100m and another month to reach 32,200m.

It took them one more month to move two meters deeper.

Another six weeks had passed, and they were still at 32,222m.

They couldnt make one meter further than that.

Not at all.

They had lost hope in rescuing Himmel Soan.

There wasnt much expectation left.

However, they still kept trying.

Now that Earth had returned to normal, most people had a new home and had more important things to do.

They didnt have the energy to care about Himmel Soan.

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But if there was important progress, they would still put down the task on hand and watch the update.

100-Country League was a newly found alliance on Earth.

Almost all countries were its members.

Only some very small ones didnt participate.

The five leading countries were Moon, Padaski, Panthera, Hosia, and Soleil.

Although they had never claimed to be the leader of Earth, they were already considered to own that title.

It was especially the case with Moon.

Moon had no plan or intention to rule Earth.

It only wanted to help the planet as best as it could.

However, it was human nature to fear those who were stronger than them.

Even when the stronger ones were very amicable, the weaker ones wouldnt dare offend them.

The people around the world would support all the decisions Moon made.

In the past six months, people began to change their state of mind under the leadership of Moon.

Citizens of some countries couldnt be blamed for their behaviors because they were brought up that way.

It was ingrained in their minds.

Therefore, it was only natural that they would make different decisions than the Moonians.

When Moon started the global reconstruction at first, people didnt say anything, but deep down, they resisted the arrangement.

They didnt understand the Moonian culture.

For instance, gender equality or the fact that slapping other people was against the law.

Although Moon had helped them, they thought it was Moons duty to do so.

If Moon did things they didnt like next time, they would still oppose Moon.

They didnt think they were obliged to help other people unless other people begged them.

There were many such examples.

The cultural differences could lead to serious consequences.

Moon couldnt accept their culture, and they couldnt accept the Moonian culture.

However, having spent half a month with Moon, they gradually realized they enjoyed helping others, and no one was obligated to help them with certain things!

But there were things they should be doing.

When other people helped you, they had done you a favor.

You might not help them back, but you shouldnt make use of other peoples misfortune either.

That was why so many people had been attacking Moon and Himmel Soan online.

During the past six months, people sensed the change in gravity.

It was very different from six months ago.

What weighed 100 pounds only weighed 80 pounds now.

Gravity was reducing.

Just then, someone remembered what Himmel Soan had said.

“This planet is no longer suitable for us.

The damage is so severe that we have to wait for it to recover on its own.

However, itll take a very long time, at least three to five decades.”

The volcano eruptions and fallen meteorites had created large amounts of toxic gases, but so far, they had been suppressed by the new moon.

The recovery of gravity was also because of the new moon created by Himmel Soan.

Himmel Soan had said the moon would only last for a year.

By then, everybody on Earth had to move to another planet.

Planet K18.

It was much bigger than Earth but was too far away.

With their current technology, they wouldnt reach it in a million years.

K18 was outside the galaxy, and the distance between K18 and Earth was tens of thousands of times longer than the length of the galaxy.

The galaxy K18 was in also had a system similar to the solar system.

There were nine planets in that system: K12 (Venus), K13 (Jupiter), K14 (Mercury), K15 (Mars), K16 (Saturn), K17 (Uranus), K19 (Neptune), K18 (Earth), and K11 (Pluto).

Pluto was no longer a planet in the current solar system, but over there, it was still considered a planet.

Gravity on Earth would disappear in a years time, and things would go back to what they were like before.

Before they knew it, six months had passed.

As gravity decreased, it was discussed more and more online.

“Gravity has reduced by 20%.

What should Earth do”


Soan is still missing.

Can we exceed the 35,000m limit in the next six months and enter Atlantis”

“If we cant find Mr.

Soan, what should Earth do Where is our destination”

“New disaster is coming.

We cant ignore it anymore!”

More and more such reports made the people on Earth nervous.

The show “Searching for Himmel Soan” regained its popularity.

According to the estimation, if Himmel Soan still couldnt be found in the next three months, gravity would reduce by 60%, and daily life would be severely affected.

The 100-Country League had held several meetings already, but they never reached any conclusion.

Today was the 46th meeting on searching for Himmel Soan.

Over a hundred presidents all participated and listened with solemn looks.

The Pantherese president put some files together and looked at the other participants.

“I see everybodys here.

I presume we all know about the disappearing gravity.

If its completely gone, Earth would no longer be suitable for us to live.

The human race could be wiped out in six months! Does anyone have any idea what to do”


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