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Everybodys eyes lit up.

They saw hope.

That was right!

Ordinary people could dive deep into the water after they grew scales.

The longer they had grown scales, the deeper they could dive.

The 100,000 fishmen at large probably had all dived to thirty to forty thousand meters below the surface.

Some of them might have gone to Atlantis!

Although their condition would aggravate their dark side, it didnt apply to everybody.

The Himmelian Pavilion would always be loyal to Himmel Soan.

They wouldnt change even after they grew scales.

“Thats a great idea!”

“Why didnt I think of it before”

“Turning them into fishmen! Thats great! We have a cure now, so we can return them to normal once we save Mr.


“Maybe we wont need to cure them.

If the fishmen are no longer controlled by Atlantis, they can become ocean soldiers in the future.

Weve constantly been exploring the ocean but have made few achievements.

If we can accept the fishmen as a special type of soldiers, theyll help us greatly in our future exploration!”

“What are you talking about Were going to lose Earth, and youre still thinking about exploring the ocean Whats your problem”

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“Sir, please mind your language! Youre a man of great status!”

“What do you mean by were going to lose Earth If we get Mr.

Soan back, Im sure hell find a way to save the planet!”

After a short discussion, the presidents decided to turn some members of the Himmelian Pavilion into fishmen.

Theoretically, it was plausible.

Those people would be fish-cultivators who could manipulate water!

They would have little problem diving 50,000m into the ocean.


Soan, what do you think”

Everybody looked at Phoebe on the screen.

Phoebe nodded.

“I have no objections.

I can give up my life if I can save Patriarch, let alone become a fishman!”

“Great! All we need are some fishmen genes.

Ive saved some from before.

I dont know if theyre still working.

If its not too much trouble, Ms.

Soan, could you please catch another fishman and bring him to my lab” Viclan asked.

“No problem!” Phoebe went into the ocean to look for the 100,000 fishmen that were hiding deep in the water.

They had all taken many lives.

They didnt dare come back because they knew they wouldnt be cured but executed when they were caught.

They planned to stay as fishmen for the rest of their life.

After the sixth month, there were 4.2 million passengers on Eternity.

Oraman was pleased with Maruses plan.

One meal a day and five ventilations.

The measures successfully stretched the food and water that could only last two weeks to six months.

Oraman was a very lucky man because they had found water on Mars.

It flowed out of something that looked like the mouth of a spring.

With the newly found water, the passengers that were going to be executed were spared.

Maruse had made great contributions to this process.

He told Oraman that they would need a lot of people for the construction work.

They couldnt kill free labor.

Those people had to stay alive.

They could do tedious work on very little food.

Maruse only said that to keep those people alive.

What happened next was just as he had planned.

Oraman didnt kill the passengers.

In the past six months, Maruse and other passengers had been trying to kill Oraman but could never find a chance.

Although he was almost 90 years old, his mind was very sharp.

He wouldnt let go of the remote control even when he was sleeping.

He had lost interest in women.

Maybe he would still be interested in the sexy and beautiful ones, but he wouldnt do anything to them.

It was impossible to steal the remote control when Oraman was sleeping.

Not only that, but Oraman had also trained some loyal guards, giving them a lot of power.

Each had a thousand partners and could do whatever they wanted in Eternity.

No one would deny their request.

There were fifty of them in total, and they had more power than Maruse.

In the past six months, they had made over 10,000 women pregnant and killed about the same number of people.

After Oraman gave them the power, they intimidated people wherever they went.

Oraman had chosen them because they were the most capable fighter on board.

They used to be great soldiers.

Even without the remote control, these fifty people would still listen to Oraman.

They didnt want to leave because they enjoyed their life on Mars.

Together, Oraman and the fifty guardians were called “51 devils” by the people on the planet.

Oraman received great news today.

They found a substance containing a great amount of energy.

If Himmel Soan were here, he would recognize it at a glance.

It was a supreme essence stone!

One could only find one or two such stones on a planet even if they could find any at all.

The supreme essence stones on Earth were used during the great ancient war.

Since no one had landed on Mars before, the essence stone had remained untouched.

Test results showed that the stone contained endless energy, a type that had never been found on Earth before.

“Is it useful” Oraman looked at Leo.

“Its enough to destroy a planet!”


Oraman was even more excited.

The energy cannon was still on Eternity.

If they could extract the energy from the stone and inject it into the energy cannon, they could destroy a planet with it!

He saw a possibility to take back Earth.

The energy cannon had run out of energy.

They hadnt been able to find any fuel on Mars until now, and the supreme essence stone showed him a new possibility.

“Can we inject the energy into the energy cannon”

“Theoretically, yes!”

“I dont want any theories! I need a definite answer! Can you do it or not If not, Ill kill your family! Dr.

Leo, your 18-year-old daughter is very pretty!”


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