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“Damn it!” The directors face went pale.

People of the Himmelian Pavilion were as capable as the villagers and the Himmelians.

The only difference was that they were excellent swimmers.

Their ability was something that ordinary people would find unbelievable, but it was true.

They could dive deeper into the sea than submarines.

At such depth, the water pressure could easily crush a person.

The pressure grew as one dove deeper into the sea.

The human body couldnt handle the pressure after a few dozen meters.

After that, the pressure could turn ones head and internal organs into a pup.

Yet, these people were different.

They were more resilient than the deep-sea fish and wouldnt hesitate to dive tens of thousands of meters into the sea.


Moreover, they had contributed greatly to marine technology in the country of Moon.

But they didnt do it out of altruistic reasons.

When they felt like it, they would come back with seaweeds of fish that could only be found tens of thousands of meters under the sea and give them to the country for research purposes.

When they didnt feel like it, they wouldnt give away anything no matter what they were told.

Nonetheless, the contribution they made to science was extraordinary.

To be able to dive tens of thousands of meters into the sea meant that these people were hardly humans.

Ordinary people would never be able to do that.

And they werent just incredible in the water.

When they came ashore, even the special forces werent their match.

They might not be able to destroy half of the country like the Himmelians or the villagers could, but if the country of Moon lost them, the development of their technology would stop for a century or even two!

Who would know if the submarine could go tens of thousands of meters undersea in two hundred years

No one could guarantee it!

But the Himmelian Pavilion could!

If they would tell the government everything they knew, the country of Moon could solve all the secrets of the sea.

Their technology would have been at least one or two centuries more advanced than other countries in the world.

“Why did the people of the Himmelian Pavilion leave the water Whats going on in our country Can someone answer me”

The director was as confused as Sam Caves when he saw his soldiers come out of the water.

Just like Sam, he had been solely dealing with the people of the Himmelian Pavilion for the past decades.

But members of the Himmelian Pavilion werent as nice as the villagers.

They were the polar opposite.

They had strange tempers and would stick to their principles.

If someone didnt know these people well, they would find it extremely difficult to deal with them at first.

Because of their strongly stated principles, those people had been following the rules that were established a thousand years ago by their forefathers.

It restricted them from revealing no more than one secret to the government at a time.

They could only make one exception once a month.

That was to say, they could tell two secrets to the country per month at most.

After that quota was used up, no matter how good the offer was, they wouldnt give any more information about the deep sea.

As a result, the director of the branch believed that those people would never leave the water.

Because there was something else written in their rules.

People of the Himmelian Pavilion were forbidden to leave the water they lived in.

But now, they had broken that rule.

To the Himmelian Pavilion, those rules were the words of God.

Why would they violate them now

“Sir, we found these words in the water!” One of the soldiers showed the branch director a photo.

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The photo left him shocked.

The words were blood red and read, “Anyone who has insulted the Patriarch is punishable by death.

The Himmelian Pavilion will do everything to avenge the Patriarch! Well right the past humiliations!”

“Avenge the Patriarch and right the past humiliations” The branch directors eyes widened.

“Whats that supposed to mean Is their Patriarch still alive”

He looked at the soldiers in the water, but they couldnt answer him either.

What he said only made them more astonished.

They looked at one another and couldnt begin to describe their tumult of feelings

The Patriarch of the Himmelian Pavilion was still alive!

How old would he be

Was he even human

The Himmelian Pavilion had been established for at least a thousand years, and the Patriarch could only be older than that!

“Go after them now! Jason, contact the HQ and ask Director Lang if he knows who the Patriarch is and why he has been humiliated.

No matter what has happened, we have to right his wrong and bring him justice.

Otherwise, I cant imagine what will happen!”

“Yes, Sir!”

The soldiers jumped out of the water and soon ran out of sight.

The branch director wiped away his cold sweat.

The clothes on his back were already soaking wet.

The Patriarch of the Himmelian Pavilion was still alive…

The piece of information was so shocking that he needed time to digest it.

It made sense, though.

Since members of the Himmelian Pavilion had extraordinary power, so would their Patriarch.

A thousand years…

That would make him a god-like figure…

What did this country do to offend and humiliate a god!

The whole country would be in chaos if they couldnt handle it properly.


The whole world could be in trouble!

“Camille, what have you been doing! Arent you the best hacker in the world Why is it so hard to locate a few people!”

Yosef called Camille on her cell phone.

Camille wasnt a high-ranking member of the Soan family.

Yes, she was a prominent figure.

She was one of the best hackers in the world, if not the best one, but she didnt have any real power in the Soan empire.

The Himmelians, the Himmelian Village, the Himmelian Pavilion, the Guardians, Orient Chamber of Commerce…

Any individual from those forces would be highly influential and could control up to tens of thousands of people.

They were also fierce enough to fight a hundred men at a time.

But what about Camille She had always been working alone and typing codes into her computer.

The other members of the Soan family could crush her as easily as stomping on an ant.

Now that the Patriarch was gone, internal strife would break out in the Soan empire.

If she didnt pick her side wisely, she would be kicked out.

Yosef was the leader of eighty thousand Guardians and was the most fierce man in the family.

But Warren had given Camille instructions beforehand and warned her of possible consequences.

Camille didnt want to see a massacre in this country, so she chose Warrens side.

“Uncle Yosef, I need more time.

There are too many people to locate all at once.

Over 60 million users have insulted the Patriarch, and its no longer a technical issue.

My computers arent equipped for an operation of such a scale.

They can only locate 5 million every ten minutes.

Anything faster will overload the server!”


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