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Himmel Soan wasnt concerned by Roamss achievement.

He had shut Atlantis off with the shield, and no one could get out.

Once he recovered a tiny fraction of his strength, he could destroy the entire Atlantis.

But something else he hadnt expected happened.

Roams started working on Himmel Soans shield.

Once more, he succeeded.

Using the top-grade essence stones as the energy source, he mimicked his shield and built a smaller one around Himmel Soan.

Of course, Himmel Soan wouldnt be trapped inside forever.

It would only create a little more trouble for him.

He needed ten times more spiritual essence to destroy it, about 1/100,000 of his spiritual essence.

At first, he only needed a month to recover his energy.

But now, he needed ten months.

Luckily, he absorbed a few essence stones in between, which sped up his recovery, and he was able to break the shield.

What happened next surprised him again.

Roams built two more shields around him.

It didnt matter much because Himmel Soan had recovered enough spiritual essence.

Breaking the first shield cost Himmel Soan some spiritual essence, but he couldnt break the next two shields.

Now that he had some basic spiritual essence inside him, the next recovery wouldnt take so long.

He only needed two to three days.

The amount he recovered the second time was quite different.

It was like the case with an electric vehicle.

It could work when it wasnt fully charged, but it wouldnt move as fast.

For instance, when fully charged, an electric vehicle could reach 50mph.

50 was the benchmark to drive on expressways.

Here, it was equivalent to the basic requirement to break the shield.

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Himmel Soan needed to use some spiritual essence to break the shield, but he wouldnt need all of it.

The electricity would run out quickly if the vehicle kept driving at 50mph, but it wouldnt be exhausted immediately.

The speed would drop to 45mph or below.

That was Himmel Soans current condition.

If he recharged, he could raise his speed to 50mph again.

It took him a couple of months to recover earlier because he had no “electricity” in the beginning.

He needed to start from zero.

Having regained some spiritual essence, he felt much better.

He had kept an eye on Earth this whole time.

He knew everything that had been going on.

He didnt contact his men because he didnt find it necessary.

Even if he had told Earth what his condition was, those people wouldnt be able to help him.

He got in touch now because Phoebe was catching fishmen.

Yes, if the members of the Himmelian Pavilion were turned into fishmen, they could reach 50,000m below the sea surface.

However, it wouldnt do Himmel Soan any good.

They might even break the shield and release the Atlanteans.

Now that gravity was decreasing again, if the shield broke, Atlanteans would get out of the ocean.

They would control the Earthlings again, and Himmel Soan wouldnt be able to do anything.

Things would be back to square one.

Therefore, Himmel Soan couldnt let the Himmelian Pavilion reach Atlantis.

They would interrupt his plan.

At first, he was only going to communicate with Phoebe.

When he saw so many people on Earth caring about him, he rebuilt a network around Earth with his mental force.

However, he tried a little too hard and extended the network to Mars.

That was why the passengers on Eternity had phone service again.


Soan, is that you Where are you now”

“Patriarch! Are you alright Are you in Atlantis”

“This is great! Mr.

Soan is alright, and the network is back!”

“Patriarch, you have no idea how we have been in the past six months! Weve searched everywhere for you!”


Soan, hows Atlantis Whats going on down there”

“Weve offended Mr.

Soan and Moon before, but were studying the Moonian culture and language now! Weve realized how ungrateful weve been! Please forgive us!”

“Im sorry, Mr.

Soan! Were sorry! You must have been very angry! Thats why you stopped talking to us!”


Soan, weve figured out what happened before.

Most of those comments were posted by AI robots.

They shifted public opinion.

Of course, were to be blamed as well.

We were so stupid and biased toward you!”

After Himmel Soan posted on his page, he received millions of comments in a second.

If he himself werent working as the server, Skynet would have collapsed already.

He created more posts.

“Please dont get worked up.

Im indeed in Atlantis, and theyve locked me up.

Dont worry.

Im fine! I only need another four or five days to return to the surface.

Ive been watching you at the bottom of the ocean, and I have a few things to say.”

This time, there were tens of millions of comments per second.

A persons comment would be immediately washed away by the others.

Himmel Soan had to close his comment section temporarily.

“Im sorry, everybody, but I need to tell you a few things, and your comments are in the way.

I have to close the comment section for the time being.

Please bear with me!”

Only ordinary accounts were affected.

Presidents and senior officials such as Henry and Gordon could still leave comments.

Himmel Soan said, “First of all, stay away from Atlantis! No one can approach it! Ive sealed it off with advanced technology.

Thats why its disappeared for so long.

However, this shield is very fragile if you attack it from the outside!

“If members of the Himmelian Pavilion turn into fishmen, they can reach 50,000.

But if I dont tell you this now, theyll sabotage my plan!”


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