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“When that happens, Atlantis will invade Earth on a full scale.

The fishmen incident will happen all over again.

It wont make any difference even if I get out because Atlantis will blackmail me with all your lives.

“Therefore, you cannot approach Atlantis!”

Henry asked, “Mr.

Soan, gravity on Earth is getting weaker and weaker.

Didnt you mention a portal before How are we going to find it What will happen to Earth”

That was also the question all Earthlings wanted to ask.

In fact, everybody was eager to know everything that had happened in Atlantis.

They wanted to know so much more.

What was a portal

Why was gravity decreasing If it was because of the moon, could they create a new one

Did planet K18 really exist

Would Atlantis attack again

Were all the fishmen Atlantiss slaves

They had so many questions they wanted to ask.

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Himmel Soan said, “Gravity is decreasing because of the moon I created.

As I said before, this moon would last for a year at most.

After that, well have to move to a new planet.

“This is the main thing I want to address this time.

Youll have to collect the materials the portal requires.

First, we need a 10,000-year ice crystal from Mount Everest.

You might not have heard about it before, but dont worry.

Just find it.

Ill put a picture of it for you.

“Well also need a few things from the deep sea.

Ill bring them back when I leave Atlantis.

You guys search for the desert spirit.

Ill post a picture and how to find it on my page.

Then theres the heart of the volcano.

You can find it in the great volcano on western Pegasus Grassland.”

The Pantherese president asked, “Is Atlantis still in touch with the fishmen The fishmen have been hiding in the deep sea.

Is it because of Atlantis or is it their own choice What other threats can Atlantis pose to us”

“Atlantis cant threaten us anymore.

The fishmen wont come up, but its their own choice.

Ill keep this network running, and you can ask me whatever questions you have.

Ill be out of Atlantis in the next three to seven days.

Get the materials ready by then.”

The Hosian president said, “Mr.

Soan, do you need us to do anything else”

The Soleilian president said, “Mr.

Soan, does the portal have any side effects What will happen to us when we get to K18”

The Grassian president asked, “Mr.

Soan, if K18 is just like Earth, it should have its own life form.

Well be aliens to them, wont we”

The Soilian president said, “Mr.

Soan, how long will it take to get to K18 What preparation do we need”

Himmel Soan didnt reply.

He had logged off.

He was no longer on Skynet.

Ordinary users could leave comments again and begin to ask their questions.

“I think Mr.

Soan has logged off.

Lets not ask any more questions.

Im glad he is alright!”

“Me, too.

Well do as he says.

Lets find all the materials he mentioned.”

“Truth be told, Mr.

Soan feels more like a cultivator than a scientist.”

“Im so relieved that Mr.

Soan is alright! Well work together and get everything ready.”


Soan is a great man! I cant believe hes going to break out of Atlantis on his own! Hes even locked down the entire Atlantis! Hes like a god!”

“Thats right! Mr.

Soan is God!”

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“Help! Help! Please help us! Were dying here! Please save us!”

One comment attracted everybodys attention.

The world had finally united as one.

Having studied the Moonian culture, people around the world became much more friendly to each other.

The other users left comments, asking what the message was about.

“Hey man, whats going on Dont worry.

Tell us everything!”

“Why is your account the same as that shameless chairman, Shawn Leese Hes a Moonian and is the chairman of the White Bird Group.

I thought that idiot had left Earth with Eternity.”

“Thanks for reminding me! I almost forgot! I wonder how Oraman and the Neigerians are doing on Mars.”

“Dont make me laugh! They cant possibly survive on Mars! Do you think theyve reached Mars They must have died in space!”

“Thats right.

Weve only just landed on the moon.

Why did they think they could reach Mars Im sure theyve all died!”

“Dont digress! Hey man, whats going on What do you mean youre dying Tell us whats happening!”

Everybody waited for Shawns new post.

Someone else popped out after that.

It was a woman called Mindy from Gold Color Trades.

She wrote, “Please help us! We cant keep up for much longer! Were dying…”

“I remember that account.

Mindy from Gold Color Trades Isnt she a wealthy businesswoman from Moon Shes one of the few women listed in the Fortune 100! I remember her!”

“Thats right! I remember her, too! Didnt she board Eternity Why is her account active Whos using it Is it her family member Has someone stolen her account She shouldnt be here!”

Mindy and Shawn werent alone.

Shortly afterward, a group of wealthy people started posting comments.

They were the wealthiest people in the world and had all boarded Eternity.

Suddenly, they were all active again.

“Yes! Im Shawn, and Im on Mars now! Oraman is killing us! Hes so evil! Please help us, or were all going to die!”


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