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For the sake of the bigger picture, the Moonian president didnt want to touch Mars.

There were so many talented people there.

The people on Earth had become extreme.

Those people on Mars hadnt actually done anything to them.

Those wealthy people wanted to find a safe haven before the catastrophe hit, and what was wrong with that

They had every reason to do that.

Most people on Earth didnt believe in the Moonian shelters at first either.

Only the four allied countries believed in Moon.

Were the people of Winland, Soilia, Grassia, and Goldia all going to die

Those people were still very much alive now.

Later, they even insulted Himmel Soan.

It was the same group of people.

After he saved them, they showed no gratitude and even thought Moon was trying to rule Earth.

They were unbelievably ridiculous.

Most of the people in Eternity only wanted to stay alive.

Maybe a very small fraction of them had supported Oraman, but that wasnt a big deal.

They didnt do anything evil.

Forgiving them wouldnt be over-generous.

If it were, then what would saving all the fishmen be

Those fishmen were even more useless.

Since they had saved the fishmen, why shouldnt they save the people in Eternity

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Those people could change Earths future!

Himmel Soan was God.

However, God couldnt do everything himself.

Back then, when they built the space cannon, Viclan and the others did the actual work as well.

Why Viclan

Because Viclan, William, and Branco were about the only people that could understand the blueprint.

The human race couldnt depend on thirty or forty people to build planet K18.

It would be too much work for them.

Or was Himmel Soan going to run everything himself

That would be unrealistic.

Killing the passengers of Eternity would be such a waste.

If the people on Mars were fishmen, Moon wouldnt be hesitating now nor would this meeting be necessary.

“The space cannon is a big deal! We cant fire it at will! We need to ask Mr.

Soan first!” Realizing why the Moonian president was hesitating, Gordon made the suggestion.

The Winish president said, “Why Why do we need to bother Mr.

Soan Lets just destroy Mars! Itll save us so much trouble!”

“We dont need to ask Mr.


Im sure he wants the same thing!”

“Youre the president! You can make the call!”

“Thats right! Dont ask and just fire! One launch will take care of Mars!”

Henry said, “Everybody, please calm down.

Yes, Mr.

President can make the call, but Mr.

Soan and Moon built the space cannon together.

If were going to use it, we should ask for his permission first.

Thats politeness 101, right Well talk to Mr.

Soan when he comes back online and fire the cannon after that.

How does that sound”

He was only trying to stall.

Moon didnt want to hurt the people on Mars.

Over half of the countries supported Moon.

Those people were really important after all.

“This is bull**! Why should we even bother”

“Thats right! I dont get it! Why should we care about what happens on Mars Oraman found some lousy stone, and hes been so arrogant ever since.

I cant stand him!”

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“Same here! He tried to force us to surrender to him! That was abominable!”

“Dont lose your composure, everybody.

I believe Moon will know what to do, and we dont need to worry about it.

No matter what the decision is, Padaski will follow Moon.

Well say yes if they do, and well say no if they say no.

Nothing will go wrong if we listen to them!”

Hosia wanted to bomb Mars at first, but they changed their minds.

“Yes! Hosia will follow Moon, too!”

Listen to Moon, and nothing would go wrong!

Hosia was a small country in a remote area, and hardly anyone paid any attention to it.

However, it had made a few right decisions, and its reputation had been improving ever since.

It had become one of the most important countries in the world.

Many countries were trying to win its favor.

All that came from Moon.

Hosia knew they had to pick the right side again.

They had to follow Moon.

In Atlantis, trapped in the shield, Himmel Soan suddenly opened his eyes.

He saw what was happening online.

“Supreme essence stones”

He extended his mental force to Mars and saw the scientists there doing everything they could to extract the energy from the stones.

Supreme essence stones were extremely rare.

One stone was more valuable than ten thousand top-grade ones.

Moreover, there was more than one supreme essence stone on Mars.

No one had expected to find essence stones on a bleak planet like Mars.

It was even a supreme one.

That shouldnt have happened.

A planet with essence stones should have a better environment than that.

Himmel Soan couldnt understand why they could find a supreme essence stone in a place like Mars.

He wouldnt have been so surprised if it were a low-grade one.

Could it be…

“A meteorite core” Himmel Soan suddenly thought of the possibility and was sure of this conclusion.

There was probably a meteorite core on Mars.

It was a gem more precious than supreme essence stones.

It could work wonders to restore ones spiritual essence and vital energy.

When that core shattered, it would create supreme essence stones.

“There were oceans on Mars three billion years ago, and the environment back then was rather nice.” Himmel Soan murmured and realized the only possibility.

There must have been a meteorite core on Mars three billion years ago.

The environment on Mars back then was as good as Earth.

For some unknown reason, the meteorite core broke and turned into supreme essence stones.

After that, the environment deteriorated.

The supreme essence stones were, in fact, pieces of the meteorite core.

They couldnt improve the environment.

The pieces were extremely similar to supreme essence stones.

However, the real supreme essence stones could improve the environment, but a meteorite core couldnt.

It would even worsen the environment.

The pieces needed to absorb energy from the surrounding area so that they could form an intact core again.

It was an energy-consuming process.

Supreme essence stones would release and absorb spiritual essence simultaneously.

They and their environment would benefit each other.

It was a win-win situation.


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