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After the light faded, the Atlanteans could see their surroundings again.

They looked around and saw the robots that had been attacking them scattered all over the ground.

All of them!

Himmel Soans strike had even shattered the AI computer into pieces.

However, the Atlanteans were unscratched.

Roams looked up at the dome and sat on the ground as if he had lost all ability to think.

Was that the power of the eighth age

Was that the power of God

Himmel Soan didnt need any tools.

He could fly on his own, and the power he exerted was more powerful than any super weapon.

That was so terrifying!

Roams had only just realized how powerful Himmel Soan was.

He hadnt taken him seriously before and genuinely thought he had him under control.

Yet, the guy sank the entire Atlantis with a single strike.

It was a miracle!

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That was the only explanation Roams could think of.

Himmel Soan had only exerted 0.01% of his strength.

If Roams knew that, he would probably be frightened to death.

That strike was one of Himmel Soans formidable techniques.

If he were in his peak condition…


If he was in 1% of his peak condition, that strike would have destroyed the galaxy.

That was how formidable Himmel Soan was.


Himmel Soan shouted, creating a soundwave.

All the Atlanteans passed out and fell to the ground.

Roams was the only one standing.


Soan, what are you doing”

“Im erasing their memory of this incident.

I should have erased yours, too, but I dont want to risk damaging your brain.

Im sure youll be discreet after you leave this place.”

Roams immediately nodded.

“Of course! Mr.

Soan, Ill never tell them youre from the eighth age!”

“The eighth age” Himmel Soan was slightly taken aback because he thought Roams had figured out he was a cultivator.

However, Roams had never considered that possibility.

All the better.

Himmel Soan was glad that he had been misled.


Ill bring all of you out of the ocean and explain to my people whats going on.

You dont need to worry.”

The leaders of the three divisions received Himmel Soans message in their heads.

“Phoebe! Drake! Liam!”


The three siblings immediately stood ramrod straight.

“Yes, Patriarch!”

“Get ready!” Himmel Soan was succinct.

Before they realized what was going on, an Atlantean flew out of the ocean as if he was riding a rocket.

He flew 200m into the air.

It was none other than Roams.

“Catch me! Catch me!” Roams shouted in a fluster.

Phoebe jumped into the sea while Drake and Liam ran on the water.

The three of them quickly moved toward Roams.

“Himmelians, bring the aircraft carrier to the Triangle! Get ready to receive passengers!”

“Yes, sir!”

After Roams, more Atlanteans were ejected into the air one after another, but they were all unconscious.

Atlantis had a population of 20 to 30 million.

A lot of actions were taking place on the sea surface.

Tens of thousands of Atlanteans had been sent above, and the three divisions didnt have enough people to catch them all.

Many Atlanteans ended up floating in the water.

The aircraft carrier couldnt take them all, so the three divisions summoned more arks to transfer the remaining Atlanteans.

“Patriarch, who are they”

The Atlanteans all had fins and scales, but they still resembled humans.

Himmel Soan went on creating essence stones as he answered the question.

“These are all Atlanteans.

Atlantis has agreed to join Moon, so were going to give all of them citizenship.

Roams is the top Atlantean scientist, and he has made more achievements than all the human scientists put together.

I hope we can treat him and the other Atlanteans with kindness.

We shouldnt discriminate against them just because they look different from us.”

The announcement was received with numerous comments.

A Winish wrote, “What Mr.

Soan has taken the Atlanteans prisoners!”

A Soilian wrote, “Mr.

Soan is so awesome! Did he destroy a kingdom all by himself”

A Moonian said, “Theyre not prisoners! Watch your language! Theyre our fellow countrymen!”

“Yes! Thats right! We cant allow discrimination! The Atlanteans are from the fifth age.

Theoretically, theyre more advanced than us! We should make friends with them!”

“Welcome, Atlanteans! Welcome, Roams!”

“Im Henry Lang, the director of Sky Eye.

Welcome, Mr.

Roams and all the Atlanteans!”

“Im Gordon Marlow, the general of the Dragon Tribe.

Welcome, Mr.

Roams and all the Atlanteans!”

“Awesome! Mr.

Soan is amazing!”

Roams was worried at first.

After all, they were of a different race, and the humans might suspect their intention.

Would Moon really welcome them

No one knew how the Moonians really thought, but their attitude was quite convincing.

Even the president came out to greet them.

Warren, Gordon, Henry, and other high-ranking officials carried banners as people on both sides of the street waved at Roams in curiosity.

Roams realized things werent as bad as he had anticipated.

He smiled and waved at the crowd, feeling both awkward and uneasy.

It was only the first day, and he wondered if those people would attack him at a later stage.

It didnt seem likely.

With Himmel Soan around, the possibility would be low.

Roams decided he had to do something for Moon to convince the Moonians.

“How about a spaceship! Yes! Ill build one!”

Roams had started searching the internet when he was on the aircraft carrier.

He now understood Skynet quite well.

He knew the Moonians wanted to go to Mars.

To do that, they would need a spaceship.

That wasnt a difficult task for Roams.

He could easily build one.

It would prove how important he was, and the Moonians would trust him more.


There was a loud noise, and a column of water rose to the sky.

Himmel Soan jumped over 100m into the air before landing on the aircraft carrier.


Drake and the three divisions all knelt on the deck.

Himmel Soan nodded.

With a wave of his hand, the water parted, and countless essence stones flew out of the ocean and landed on the aircraft carrier.


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