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Everybody was amazed by the magnificent scenery of the essence stones flying into the air.

“Patriarch, what are these” Drake was surprised when he saw all the yellow stones on the deck.

He knew what they were.

Each of the essence stones contained a great amount of energy.

Being a cultivator, of course he understood how precious the essence stones were.

He couldnt figure out where his Patriarch found so many essence stones.

“Take the stones back.

With them, well soon be able to move to another planet,” Himmel Soan said slowly.

The whole world was watching the live stream of this mission.

Almost all the people around the world were watching Himmel Soan.

Hearing his words, they all posted their opinions online.

“I cant believe my ears! Are these stones the key materials to building the portal”

“If Mr.

Soan says so, it must be the case! I hope Mr.

Soan can build the portal sooner and take us out of this planet!”

“Thats right! Mr.

Soan, you said we could live on Earth for another year, and its been nine months since then.

We only have three months left! What should we do if you cant build the portal by then”

“Im sure Mr.

Soan can figure out what to do even if he cant build the portal in time.”

“The way Mr.

Soan jumped out of the ocean was so impressive!”

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“How did he do it I dont understand, but Im equally astonished!”

When Himmel Soan saw all the comments, he answered some of the questions.

“During the time I was at the bottom of the ocean, I figured out how to create that water column you saw just then.

“I stirred the seawater with advanced technology, then I swirled it in the opposite direction.

The impact resulted in the enormous water column earlier.

With it, I was able to flush all the stones out so that we wont need to fetch them from the bottom of the ocean.

“Dont worry about the portal.

With these stones, I can definitely build it within three months.

“No, maybe I wont even need that long.

I can probably build it in a month.

“Everybody on Earth can enter that portal for free.”

However, some new comments attracted everybodys attention.


Soan, help us! Were starving on Mars!”

“Oraman is an animal! He has starved us for five months! Were forced to do hard labor for him!”

“Please, Mr.

Himmel Soan! It was all our fault! Please help us!”


Himmel Soan, were so sorry for our ignorance! We regret what weve done! Please forgive us!”


When the passengers on Mars found they couldnt post any comments, they created new accounts.

They thought that was the reason they could send messages again.

In fact, it was because Himmel Soan had lifted the restriction on Mars.

After that, the passengers started posting comments again.


Their only goal was to run away from Mars and Oraman.

“Were already making plans to rescue the people on Mars.

Well be sending people your way before long and bring you back to Earth.

When the portal is completed, well leave Earth together.” Himmel Soans tone was quite casual, but the passengers were greatly moved.

They felt like people who had been traveling in the desert for days without water, and those words were like an oasis.

It gave them a little more strength so that they could exceed their limits and hold on for a bit longer.

“Thats great! Mr.

Himmel Soan, youre my God!”

“When I get back to Earth, Ill do whatever Mr.

Himmel Soan asks me to do!”


Himmel Soan, can you pick us up a little faster I cant stand Mars anymore.”

The people on Earth couldnt stand these comments.

Those people were so sure that they could survive when they left with Oraman.

They also looked down upon Himmel Soans underground shelter and paid a small fortune to get on the Neigerian arks.

They only had themselves to blame!

“They dont deserve our saving!”


Soan, we shouldnt waste our energy on them!”


Soan, please think twice before helping them.

What if they change their attitude when they come back and blame Moon again”


Soan, I dont think we should save them!”

“Me, too!”

“Me, too!!”


The discussion continued online.

Meanwhile, Himmel Soan was communicating with the other presidents.

Those presidents all followed his order without asking questions now.

They trusted him in all aspects.

After everything that had happened, they finally realized that their only way out was to follow Himmel Soan and listen to his instructions.

If they had obeyed him when the meteorite was discovered, they wouldnt have lost so much.

They all saw how Moon and Panthera had survived the catastrophe


Soan, are we really going to Mars”


Soan, they dont deserve it! Were only going to waste our energy! They should have anticipated this when they left us!”

“Thats right! This is happening to them because they had it coming!”

“I think we should focus everything on building the portal!”

Over half of the presidents didnt like the idea of helping the passengers on Mars.

They didnt think those people were worth saving!

What they were going through was a result of their earlier decision.

If they had supported and trusted Mr.

Soan, this wouldnt have happened.

“I think Oraman is the one to be blamed.

Hes the culprit of everything.

“There are so many talented people on Mars, and they can be very useful to us.

I think its necessary to save them.” The Moonian president shared his view.

If thousands of scientists could be brought back, they could make great contributions to Earth.

After all, they all had rare talents.


Soan, what do you think”

All eyes were on Himmel Soan.


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