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They all knew their opinions were only opinions.

None of them could make the call.

Himmel Soans decision was the one that really counted.

If he decided to save those people, then they would save those people.

If he decided otherwise, those people would be on their own.

“Thats also what I think.

Were going to save them, but not all of them.

“The Moonians wont sit here and let them die.

As I said before, were already planning on rescuing the passengers.

“The mission wont affect the building of the portal.

Rather, itll quicken the process.

After bringing them back, theyll have to work on the portal for free to atone for their crime.

Once the portal is completed, they can return to their own countries.”

Just then, Roams appeared on the screen.

The other presidents immediately recognized him.

“Isnt he the leader of Atlantis”

“Is Mr.

Soan really working with Atlantis”

“No, thats not like him!”


Himmel Soan, whats going on”

The other presidents were all perplexed.

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Roams was frightened by the hostility.

If he hadnt been standing behind Himmel Soan, he felt the other people could kill him with just the looks in their eyes.

It took some explanation to let the others accept the fact that Atlantis had become a part of Moon.


Soan, Ive completed the spaceship that can carry your people to Mars.

I call it theMars Savior. Its sole purpose is to save those people on Mars.

“It can carry ten million people, and itll only take a day to reach its destination.

Its also equipped with small energy cannons that can destroy smaller meteorites when necessary.”

The viewers were astonished by Roamss introduction.

It had only been days since the rescue mission was proposed.

How could he build such a perfect spaceship in such a short period of time

It was a hundred times more impressive than building an ark!

They finally understood why Himmel Soan would bring Roams back and why Atlantis would become a part of Moon.

All countries would want talented people like that!


I see.

“All members of the three divisions will set out this afternoon.

Youll take Mars Savior and go to Mars to rescue those people.” Himmel Soan cut the video feed and gave the order.

Drake and the others knelt.

“Patriarch, is it necessary to send all of us over there What if something happens when were away How…” Drake didnt finish his sentence.

Although his Patriarch was very capable, he was only one person.

What if more than one incident happened He couldnt be at two places at once.

More importantly, they didnt want to be so far away from their Patriarch.

“The rescue mission is only part of the reason Im sending you to Mars.

Theres something more important I need you to do there.”


Himmel Soan sent a photo to Drakes phone.

“This was taken on Mars.

The yellow rocks are very important to me.

Youre going to bring all of them back for me!”

Drake nodded, understanding what his Patriarch wanted.

Judging by his attitude, the stones must have some incredible characteristics.

Moreover, they looked very similar to essence stones and seemed to be even more advanced.

That was why Himmel Soan was sending out all members of the three divisions!

What about Earth

Himmel Soan smiled when he saw Drakes concerned look.

“Ive recovered 0.01% of my full strength.

I can protect Earth!”

Drake blushed in excitement when he heard this.

His Patriarchs strength had recovered a little.

What did that mean

With 0.01% of his full strength, Himmel Soan didnt need the space cannon.

He could destroy the super meteorite with his bare hand.

Drake was finally relieved.

He was so excited that he felt he was short of breath.

This piece of information was more important than his own life.

“Congratulations, Patriarch!

“I understand! Im taking the three divisions to Mars now.

We wont disappoint you, Patriarch!”

When Drake looked up, he saw that Himmel Soan was long gone.

The next moment, Himmel Soan appeared in the lab.

He saw Roams waving his hands and cursing at the top of his lungs.

“No! Viclan, what are you doing I told you that stone should be here!

“And you! Do you remember anything I told you

“Hey, you! What are you doing I told you already! Youre doing it wrong!

“If you keep doing this, Im going to throw you out! I can do it on my own!”


Roams was fuming.

He found the others so stupid.

He was ten times more brilliant than the other scientists.

In fact, he didnt think the others should call themselves scientists at all.

If they werent Himmel Soans people, hr would have killed them all.

He had told them the same thing twice, but they kept making mistakes.

“There, there.

They dont know as much as you do.

Its natural that theyll make mistakes.

Dont be so angry.

Just tell them what they did wrong.

Telling them off wont change anything.

Although theyre not as capable as you, theyre still scientists.

You should speak the language of science with them.”

Roamss first reaction was to tell the speakerits none of your business. But realizing that it was Himmel Soans voice, he stopped himself before he could say those words.

He turned around and changed to a much more reverent attitude.


Soan, youre right.

Im too impatient.

But theyre so stupid! Otherwise, I wouldnt have said those things!”

Himmel Soan wanted to shake his head.

As it turned out, Roams didnt have everything.

He had zero interpersonal skills!

Himmel Soan then changed the subject.

“Have you found the 10,000-year crystal”


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