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“Patriarch, weve found and brought back the crystal and the desert spirit.” Viclan hesitated after that and didnt dare meet Himmel Soans eyes.

Himmel Soan knew why he was like that.

“You havent found the heart of the volcano, have you”

“No, I havent…” Viclan almost wanted to kill himself.

Finding the three objects was the mission given by their Patriarch.

However, they had only obtained two objects so far and didnt know what to do with the third one.

“Patriarch, weve discovered the rough location of the heart of the volcano.

But the temperature is too high.

None of our machines could get close, let alone us…”

“I see.

Ill get it myself,” said Himmel Soan.

It wasnt that big a deal.

His goal was to let them find the locations so that he could fetch the objects after he left Atlantis.

The scientist had managed to bring back two objects, and that was already out of his expectation.

“Lets take a look at the crystal and the desert spirit!”

Viclan nodded and led Himmel Soan to the basement, explaining to him on the way, “We found the crystal at the center of a snowy mountain.

It looks just like a large crystal.

However, anything making contact with it will be immediately frozen.

Thousands of machine arms were destroyed just to bring it back.

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“The desert spirit was also found at the center of a desert.

It looks almost just like an ordinary grain of sand.

We nearly missed it.

It was thanks to Brancos sharp eyes that we were able to bring it back.

“As for the heart of the volcano… We followed the same pattern and went to look for it in a volcano.

But the temperature there is abnormally high! Weve checked the data.

Its never been like this!

“William, Branco, and I have reached the conclusion that this volcano is going to erupt!”

Rising temperature

A volcano eruption

Himmel Soan was only concerned with these two things.

He guessed something from all the signs.

“I think the heart of the volcano is turning into a living thing!”

However, it was only speculation.

He needed to see it in person to determine what was going on.

By then, they had reached the entrance to the basement.

They could feel the cold air inside.

“Thats why Ive been feeling this chilly wind! Heres the source!” Roams rubbed his hands together.

“This shouldnt be happening…” Viclan was confused.

The crystal had been brought back for days.

Why was this happening today

So be it!

Deciding to open the door, he put his hand on the door handle and twisted it.

However, the handle wouldnt budge.

“Whats going on”


Only then did he realize the handle had been frozen up as well.

He shook his head and wanted to take his hand off the handle.

Himmel Soan stopped him.

“Your hand is stuck to the handle by the frost.

Its too dangerous to move it.”

He then put his hand on Viclans and injected a tiny streak of spiritual essence.

0.01% of his spiritual essence could destroy a meteorite, and he only used a fraction of that, which was all that Viclan could handle.

A little bit more, and Viclan would explode.

Immediately, Viclan felt a warmth in his hand.

Only then did he realize his hand had gone completely numb.


What did it mean

If he had tried to remove his hand from the door handle, his arm would have been shattered all over the floor like ice!

His Patriarch noticed it in time and stopped that accident from happening.

Viclan then turned the door handle.


The door immediately turned into broken pieces.

The cold air inside finally found a way out and rushed toward the trio.

Himmel Soan slowly exhaled.

The cold air turned into water drops and fell to the ground.

Viclan and Roams then saw what it was like inside.

The room was empty because all the objects had turned into ice before melting into water.

The only thing left was a pale-blue crystal in the shape of a heart.

“Is that the 10,000-year crystal”

Viclan and Roams cried out in surprise.


“Didnt you bring it back Dont you know what it looks like” Roams was perplexed.

“I did, but it was a diamond-shaped crystal!” said Viclan.

He was the one who brought back the crystal and sent it to this underground lab.

But it didnt look like this at the time!

He had no idea what was going on!

“Everything can gain intelligence, especially this crystal.

It has been absorbing the essence of a snow mountain for ten thousand years.

“It has become a spiritual thing.

It was dormant when you brought it back, which was why you could take it back so easily.

It has woken up now!” Himmel Soan soon reached a conclusion and told the other two men.

The activity in the volcano was probably caused by the same reason.

The heart of the volcano had become a spiritual thing.

As for the desert spirit… Himmel Soan already spotted it.

“What will happen when they become spiritual beings Are they going to take human forms” Roams speculated.

The crystal had turned into a beating heart.

Such a hypothesis wouldnt be too far-stretched.

Roams was very clever.

He made that deduction in no time.

“Yes, they would, eventually.

But itll take them millions of years.

Right now, theyve only developed a mind.”


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