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Before long, the whole internet knew Himmel Soan was going live.

Ever since the meteorite catastrophe, Moon had become the center of attention.

To be more precise, all eyes were on Himmel Soan.

He took immediate action when he spotted the meteorite.

The space cannon he created destroyed the meteorite, and his men traveled the world to save people.

No one could forget what had happened.

And now, Mr.

Himmel Soan was going to build a portal and take them to a planet almost identical to Earth.

Of course, all the attention would be on him.

Now that he had brought back a girl with flaming-red hair from the volcano, the people were even more intrigued.

“Do you think that red hair is natural, or is it a hair dye”

“A hair dye She cant be more than ten years old.

Isnt that a little too young to dye her hair It has to be natural!”

“Do people have natural hair color like that Ive never seen anything of the sort!”

“You havent seen enough, then.

I havent seen one either, but they must exist!”

“Thats right.

It must exist.

We cant see this world in the old way anymore.

Everything is moving forward.

Just because we dont know it doesnt mean that it doesnt exist!”

“I agree with you, bro!”

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“Bro Thats Dr.

Leo from Neige!”


Leo Hes just another coward who has escaped to Mars.

I know Mr.

Soan is bringing them back from Mars, but I dont think theyre worth the effort!”

Many people attacked Dr.

Leo when they were told who the man was.

At first, they agreed with what he said.

However, they all changed their opinions after discovering his identity.


Leo was nothing.

He was Oramans dog!

If he hadnt been helping Oraman, those people would never have reached Mars.

People lashed out at Leo.

“Go to hell! Why wont you die on Mars Why do you have to come back”

“Why did we save someone like that If he likes Mars so much, he should stay there.

Why come back at all”

“How can anybody that has helped Oraman dare come back Do they have any shame at all If I were them, Id have killed myself!”


Leo Mr.

Himmel Soan is ten thousand times more clever than you! How can you call yourself a doctor”

“Taking him back is a waste of our oxygen!”

The discussion grew intense until nearly the whole world heard about it.

On Mars Savior, Drake and his people didnt care about what other people said online.

Himmel Soans order was the only thing that mattered.

They wouldnt care about the comments unless someone insulted their Patriarch.

When Dr.

Leo saw how people on Earth saw him, he didnt even think he should go back.

Those people had a point.

If it hadnt for him, Neige would never have built such an ark, nor could it go to Mars.

He was the reason that the Neigerian technology was so advanced, which in turn gave Oraman confidence.

Maruse saw through his thoughts.

“Weve both done wrong things by helping Neige.

Its on both of us! If I hadnt given Oraman the remote control, he wouldnt have been able to blackmail the soldiers.”

Maruse burst into tears.

He was the leader of the army, and those were all his soldiers.

He didnt want to see that happen either.

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The soldiers and Oraman were all buried on Mars.

If he hadnt followed that madmans order, what would things be like now


Soan has started his live stream!”

Hearing that, no one cared about Dr.

Leos return anymore.

Everybody opened his channel.

Billions of people were watching it at the same time.

“Im Himmel Soan, and I know whats going on.

Ive noticed that your opinions are divided on our rescue mission.

Id like to give you an explanation.

“The people who boarded the Neigerian ark might not have believed me initially, placing their bets on Oraman instead.

It was their choice, and I respect it.

After all, the Neigerian ark did seem more reliable than our shelters.

“But we know the truth now, and theyve paid the price for their choice.

Therefore, we cant sit here and watch them die when we have the ability to do something.

If we dont save them, were as bad as Oraman!”

Himmel Soan then covered the spaceship with his mental force.

All the passengers rescued from the ark could be seen on the screen.

The three million people all looked exhausted and seemed barely alive.

They were all skin and bones, looking like starved beggars.

Many of them had been important people on Earth.

“Isnt that Blake Santos I grew up listening to his songs.

I cant believe hes like that now…”

“Thats Dr.

Nile! He cured my disease! Without him, Id still be a cripple!”

“Thats my teacher… Why is he like that now He shouldnt have left Earth!”


Many people recognized the passengers and burst into tears.

No matter how these people left Earth, they were in such a sorry state that those on Earth immediately forgave them.

If the people on Earth had had the money, they would probably have made the same choice.

Therefore, they chose to forgive those guys.

Of course, some people still couldnt let them off.

But now, even Mr.

Himmel Soan had forgiven them; they didnt have any reason not to.

After all, this was Mr.

Himmel Soans live stream.


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