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“Most of these people are famous scientists, artists, and doctors.

Saving them is vital to our society! Lets welcome them back to Earth!”

Once Himmel Soan spoke, no one objected anymore.

They didnt actually hate the people on Mars.

After hearing what Mr.

Himmel Soan said, they had to forgive those people.

Complaining would only sound petty.

“Wheres the Neigerian president” someone asked.

That was right!

Oraman was nowhere to be seen.

The people couldnt wait to condemn him.

However, when they searched the crowd, they couldnt find his figure, which was rather strange.

There seemed to be too few people in the spaceship.

The number was much bigger when they had boarded Eternity.

The size of the crowd seemed to have shrunk by half.

What happened

“I thought we would see that biggest traitor!”

“Hes the last person were going to help! I cant imagine bringing him back!”

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“Dont even mention him! His name disgusts me!”

“Thats right! His first reaction was to make money when the disaster hit.

Then he ran for his life! He doesnt have a heart!”


Himmel Soan forgave those people who had offended him and even saved them.

Hes such a saint!”

Himmel Soan had talked to Leo and Maruse before the live stream.

Both men had seen the battle between Oraman and the Soans and knew how the Neigerian president died.

The whole thing couldnt be explained scientifically, so Leo and Maruse would need to keep the secret to themselves.

Himmel Soan had considered wiping off their memory, but it was too cruel a method for ordinary people.

They would lose a section of their memory forever.

Moreover, they were both important Neigerians, and missing a large chunk of their memories would create a lot of discrepancies.

Hence, he chose to talk to them and kept what happened a secret.

Being men of high social status, Maruse and Leo knew how significant it was, so they signed a contract with Himmel Soan.

If they let a third person know this, they would be killed instantly.

“We didnt save Oraman.

To be more precise, he didnt want our help.

He prefers his life on Mars and doesnt want to come back, so we respected his decision.

“We only found out about his crimes when we got back.

If I had known this earlier, I would have summoned all the countries for a conference and sentenced him to death!” Himmel Soans indignant tone convinced everybody.

After he listed Oramans crimes, all the Earthlings were furious.

They couldnt believe the president of a large country would do such things.

The meeting of a hundred countries requested to be broadcast online as well.

Himmel Soan agreed without hesitation.


Soan is right.

Killing Oraman would be too easy for him.”

“Oraman cant atone for his crime even if he dies a hundred times over!”


Himmel Soan, were here to discuss with you.”

“Wed like to join Moon!”

Those words surprised everybody.

Join Moon What did that mean

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They were all presidents of their countries.

If they joined Moon, their countries would become a part of Moon like Atlantis.

Their proposal attracted everybodys attention.

Nobody cared about Oraman or Dr.

Leo anymore.

‘Join Moon was the only thing they could think of.

“Ladies and gentlemen, please act with caution.

If you really want to join Moon, you should speak to my president, not me!” Himmel Soan said in resignation.

He wasnt the president and couldnt make such decisions.

“Join Moon Can we do that I wanted to do that a while back! Its my dream to join Mr.

Soans country!”

“Me, too! I also wanted to join Moon, but the requirements are too strict!”

“Are we all going to be a big family”

“Is there a lot of benefit in joining Moon Why do you all want to do that”

“Didnt you see how the other countries reacted during the catastrophe Moon is so friendly and kind.

Everybody would want to join them!”

“Thats right! Thats probably the most reasonable thing all the countries have done!”

“Why wont Mr.

Himmel Soan say yes All he needs is a nod.”

Himmel Soan had become the center of everything.

Although the others respected the Moonian president, they cared about his opinion even more.

To them, he was God.

Naturally, they would follow Gods instruction.

However, Himmel Soan still let the president make the decision.

“If you really want to join Moon, youll have to discuss it with my president.

Ill connect my president for you so that you can talk.”

Himmel Soan then connected the president to the video conference.

“Henry, block all the signals…

“Gordon, lose your electronic devices…”

However, the world saw this scene.


The Moonian president didnt seem to want to join the conference.

He wanted to avoid it!


Charles, the Moonian president, had been trying to shirk the responsibility.

He had heard about the news, but it was too big an issue, and he couldnt take responsibility.

Therefore, he wanted to let Himmel Soan handle the request.

If Mr.

Soan said yes, he wouldnt object.

If he turned them down, Charles wouldnt be the one to make explanations.

To his surprise, Mr.

Soan threw the ball back at him!


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