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“Hello, Mr.


Hello, everybody!” Charles gave them an awkward but polite smile.

Being the head of a state, he could take care of the little unexpected episode.

Even with the whole world watching, Charles soon returned to his normal demeanor.

Since Mr.

Soan had thrown the problem back to him, he had to take responsibility no matter what.

Luckily, Mr.

Soan was around.

Without him, things would be much more complicated.

“Heres the thing.

I think we all need to think twice before you join Moon.

“Were just an ordinary country.

As the president, Im glad you all want to join us, but such a decision cant be rushed.

We need to run some statistics first.

Some people must still prefer their own countries.

We have to consider carefully before making such a huge decision.

“How about we run a global statistical analysis If over 90% of the people agree with the idea, Ill take responsibility.”

A global referendum couldnt be arranged overnight.

Charles planned to do it in three days.

The voting process would go on for three days.

All the countries agreed to the proposal.

Although they wanted to join Moon, Charles had been avoiding the subject.

Now that they finally had the chance, they didnt mind waiting for three more days.

Once the meeting ended, people all over the world grew excited.

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“Why bother voting at all Of course, I want to join Moon!”

“Who wouldnt”

“I used my fathers phone and voted to join Moon.

Guys, have I done the right thing”

“Absolutely! Im going to do that, too!”

“Im going to go after whoever that wont vote or vote no!”

“Thats right! The portal is about to be completed, and maybe only Moonians can go to K18.”

“That cant be! Mr.

Himmel Soan has said everyone will go to K18.

Earth will be inhabitable in two months!”

“Still, the Moonians will go there first! There are billions of people on Earth, and itll take forever for everybody to go through.

By becoming Moonians, well get there sooner.

What if the artificial moon disappears”

“You have a point!”

“Plus, it wont hurt us to join Moon.

I heard they have always been kind to their people!”

More and more people joined the subject.

Even the Moonians did.

If the proposal went through, it would be the start of a new age.

The world would be united.

Meanwhile, back in Moon, Charles went to see Himmel Soan.


Soan, I have a request.”

“Youre the president.

Just tell me what you want.

Theres no need to make requests.” Himmel Soan immediately realized why Charles was here, so he spoke his mind.

“Well, Mr.

Soan… I think youre more suitable to do something like this.”

Seeing how much people online supported the idea, Charles knew it was a done deal.

He had set the benchmark at 90% because he didnt want the proposal to pass.

90% was a very high percentage.

People were divided when the meteorite fell.

So he couldnt understand why so many had voted yes now.

He immediately found Himmel Soan, wanting to make him the new president.

He found Himmel Soan a better candidate for the job in every aspect.

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However, Himmel Soan saw right through him before he could mention it.

“Sir, Im just a scientist.

How can I be the president Youre the president.

I am and will always be a scientist.

Youre a politician, and you have the expertise of running the government.


President, Im going to complete the portal now.

Thats what I should do!”

Himmel Soan turned Charles down.

If he wanted, he could be the ruler of Earth, let alone a president.

But he had no such desires.

Being a president wasnt nearly as attractive as science and technology.

After seeing Himmel Soans attitude, Charles didnt bother him anymore.

He had no choice but to take responsibility now.

He had never imagined ruling the world, but it happened to fall on his shoulders one day.

Charles wondered if he was dreaming.

After Charles left, Himmel Soan took Firey back to the flatlands.


Soan, youre here.

Were very close to completing the portal!” Roams welcomed him with great respect.

He knew Himmel Soan must have brought back the heart of the volcano.

All the materials had been collected.

Now it was time to build the real portal.

With it, they could travel through time and space!

“We still need to wait a little longer,” Himmel Soan said after sensing the surroundings with his mental force.

“We wait”

“Yes, to travel through time and space, well need the right moment, the right location, and the suitable people.

Were waiting for the right moment.

If we activate the portal now, we cant make the connection with K18.

Well be falling into the void!”

Himmel Soan told Roams everything he had sensed.

He wanted to see what Roams could learn from that piece of information.

Roamss eyes lit up as Himmel Soan had expected.

He had come with him because he wanted to learn.

The news alone could keep him excited for a while.


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