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Himmel Soan took the books from Phoebe and read through them.

He then put them between his palms and squeezed.


The evil books turned into ashes and were gone forever.

“Its the lowest of all the evil tricks.

“The Martian civilization used to be more prosperous than ours.

Why was it destroyed I think these books may give us an answer.

“That purple smoke is the breath of the Evil King.

Oraman must have used it to absorb other peoples vital energy so that he could stay young.

“Luckily, he didnt know how to make full use of it, or else, the three of you wouldnt have been able to do anything to him.”

Himmel Soan told the siblings.

Drake and the other two believed him.

They had studied the purple smoke on their way back.

No matter how long they looked at it, they still found it creepy.

If they stared at it for too long, it would bewitch their minds and make them lose control.

The breath of the Evil King was a type of evil energy that could bewitch people and give them hallucinations.

They couldnt stop using the purple smoke until it eventually replaced them.

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To Himmel Soan, the purple smoke was only some evil energy.

When he removed the evil part and refined the smoke, it would become pure energy again.

The purple smoke twisted and turned as if it was struggling.

It seemed afraid of being destroyed.

The way it struggled was repulsive.

Himmel Soan ignored it though.

No matter what shape the purple energy took, it was still a ball of evil energy.

The smoke grew paler and began to turn yellow.

In a few seconds, it would turn into spiritual essence.

Natural, pure spiritual essence.

Himmel Soan looked at Drake and saw that he had been injured.

Drake had used his vital force to fight Oraman, and he only had five years remaining now.

As a cultivator, he wasnt concerned about his life expectancy.

He would live longer once he made a breakthrough.

Cultivators used that technique in their battles all the time.

However, a breakthrough was easier said than done.

For some people, the breakthrough would happen in a day, an hour, or an instant.

However, some people werent as intuitive, and they might be stuck for a lifetime.

Himmel Soan split the spiritual essence into three portions and gave a portion to each of the three siblings.

“Use the technique I taught you to turn this spiritual essence into your own.”

“Yes, sir!” the three siblings replied in unison.

It was the second time that their Patriarch helped their cultivation.

Ever since Himmel Soan showed them the way into the cultivation world, he hadnt given them any more instructions.

They had gotten this far, depending on nothing but their intuition and talent.

It had been a long, slow process.

They were honored to receive instruction from their Patriarch.

After giving the spiritual essence to the three siblings, Himmel Soan went to the other side of the spaceship.

They had already told him where the meteorite core pieces were stored.

When he arrived at the room, he saw thousands of pieces.

Picking up a random one, he absorbed all the energy in it.

The yellow stone turned into a black, ordinary-looking one just like any normal meteorite.

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Himmel Soan had drained the piece of its energy.

“A meteorite core is the core of a planet.

The energy contained in a complete core can help me recover 10% of my total strength.

“However, this one has broken into pieces, and much of the energy was lost.

When I absorb all the energy in these pieces, Ill recover 0.3% of my strength.”

0.3% might sound very little, but for him, it was a striking figure.

With that much strength, he could rip open space and teleport all the Earthlings to K18.

He could also ensure everyones safety.

If he used the pieces to train cultivators, all members of the three divisions would become cultivators of the Golden Core or even the Nascent Stage.

However, they could only recover a tiny fraction of Himmel Soans ability.

One could only imagine how much energy he would need to return to his peak state.

0.3% was a fraction of a fraction.

To recover 1% or 10% of his strength, he would need tons and tons of such pieces.

People kept posting comments online after the passengers returned from Mars.

During Himmel Soans live stream, they all welcomed the passengers back to Earth.

However, arguments were inevitable after the live stream was over.

Things like this always created conflicts.

After all, the people who had gone to Mars had all disrespected Mr.

Soan before.

They came back without any punishment, displeasing many people.

“Why havent the scientists done anything since they came back”

“Thats right.

Now that theyre back, they should do something to thank Mr.


Enough with empty words!”

“Talk is cheap.

If thats all everybody ever does, nothing will happen!”

“Theyve done nothing but make trouble for Mr.

Soan! All those scientists and artists are useless!”

“Thats right.

We went to help them because there were supposed to be so many talented people on Mars.

And what did we bring back Its so frustrating!”

“I heard we lost a member of the Soan empire because of them.

What a shame!”

“We lost one man, but we saved two million people.

I think thats worthwhile.”

“Bull**! We lost a member of the Soans! Those people are nothing in comparison!”

“Id rather see them ignore the two million people than lose that one man!”


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