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Most people agreed with this view.

Himmel Soan was their faith and their God.

The Soans were Gods favorite people.

In that sense, it wasnt worthwhile to lose that one man to save the two million passengers.


Leo and the other passengers couldnt stop smiling since they came back to Earth.

So be it.

They had returned to Earth, and nothing could upset them anymore.

No matter how bad things were here, it was still better than Mars.

The Earthlings might say harsh things to them, but it was nothing compared to the soldiers on Mars.

Those men didnt treat them like fellow human beings.

Here on Earth, at least they were afforded basic rights.

They almost wished those people would scold them more because it would remind them that they werent dreaming.

The voting online ended three days later.

The result was just like everybody had predicted.

98% of the people chose to join Moon.

They knew Moon was Himmel Soans home country, and the Moonians were almost like his kin.

Once they joined Moon, they would gain the same status.

No one would miss such a chance.

The countries held another conference meeting.

Maybe it would become the last multi-country conference.

“President Chow, the result of the vote is out.

Shall we discuss what will happen next”

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“Sir, youre going to be our president in the future, and were all your subordinates.”

“Now that were all Moonians, Mr.

President, what can we do for you”

All the other presidents made their statements as soon as the meeting started.

Before Charles Chow could say anything, they all announced they had become Moonians.

Charles didnt know how to react.

They made it sound like he was going to turn them down.

All the countries would join Moon, and the world would be united as one.

That was already decided.

He couldnt find any excuse anymore.

The conference was also broadcast to the whole world.

Apart from a few members of the Soan empire, everybody in the world was watching the proceedings.

It was a conference that could change the world forever.

The world would be united.

There would be only one country on this planet—Moon!

People would no longer be divided by their nationalities.

The conference was too significant to miss.

“After Moon unites the world, will we all use the same language”

“I think so, but Im so dumb! I cant learn their language!”

“The Moonian culture is so profound.

I dont understand half of it.

What am I going to do

“Dont address it as Moon! Its our country now! Were all Moonians!”

“Thats right! Were all Moonians now! We must learn our own language!”

“I know, but its so difficult! I need help!”

“No, its not.

Its just a language.

Its very easy!”

“Its only easy for you.

We dont feel that way.

Ive been studying the Moonian language for ten years, but I still havent mastered it.”

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“Is my language that hard I didnt know that.”

Before long, people began to discuss the language they were going to learn.

They didnt need to worry about other aspects of their lives because they would remain the same.

They would work and spend their salary as they used to.

That part wouldnt change.

Changing their nationality wouldnt affect that part of their life.

They should only be worried when there was a catastrophe.

The world was united, which wasnt a catastrophe.

Therefore, they didnt need to worry.

However, there was something they should pay attention to.

The rules!

Each country had its own set of rules.

The currency, the language, the faith, the measurement system, etc.

They reflected the culture of a country.

When the world was united into one country, what would happen to the other cultures and languages

That was what everybody had been discussing.

Charles Chow, the Moonian president, was expected to come up with an answer.

It wasnt something he could reach an immediate conclusion about.

He could announce now that the whole world would start using the Moonian language, but it would be an impossible task.

If a person was born a Neigerian and had never learned the Moonian language, it was impossible to make them start using the Moonian language right away.

After Himmel Soan turned him down three days ago, Charles had been thinking about this problem since then.


Soan had given him the responsibility, so he couldnt disappoint the man.

He had spent all his waking hours discussing with Henry and Gordon.

What language should they use

They came up with a plan before the conference was held.

“The world would use the Moonian currency as the only currency.

“The presidents of Panthera, Woodia, Winland, Soilia, and Goldia would become the governors of the five states.

“Panthera will become Panthera State, Winland will become Winland State, Soilia will become Soilia State, Woodia will become Woodia State, and Goldia will become Goldia State.

“The five states will be under Moons jurisdiction, and the five governors will run their own state.

All the other countries will become different regions under the jurisdiction of the five states.

“All states and regions will study the Moonian language, which will be a compulsory subject in schools.

“The two million passengers from Mars will join different states, and they will all become Moonians.

Led by Dr.

Leo, the scientists will create a new translation device in the next three days.

Itll help all the people in the world to study our language.


Himmel Soan will be the leading scientist of this country, and his authority is above mine.”

Charles made the announcement in an unhurried tone.

The last bit was what he wanted to say the most.


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