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Charles rearranged over a hundred countries into five states, and five previous presidents were to be the governors of these states.

He left the other announcements to Henry and Gordon.

They covered everything from state affairs to individual household matters.

After thousands of regulations were announced, the world was officially united.

Instead of over a hundred countries, there was only one country now.

The country of Moon!

The only president on Earth would be Charles Chow, the Moonian president!

“Why cant Flamia be a state We Flamians are very tough, too!”

“The decision is so biased.

It sounds like childs play! I wont accept it!”

“No matter how the new regions are arranged, Flamia has to be a state.

If not a big one, we can live with a small one, too.

Why are we a region only”

“Why cant we own guns What if someone comes into my house without my permission”

“Thats right! I dont feel safe without my gun! I wont hand it out!”

“I dont want to learn their language! Why is the Moonian culture the main subject at school Im going to fail!”

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“Were managed by our own states.

Why are there still so many rules”

“I dont want to join Moon anymore.

I think we should vote again.

Ill definitely vote against joining Moon this time.”

Many people couldnt stand all the rules.

It was too much for them.

Their original countries didnt have so many regulations.

The new laws came so suddenly that they couldnt adapt to them right away.

Facing the change, many people missed their old system.

They were used to their original regulations.

That habit couldnt be changed overnight.

Soon, a Flamia user started a new vote.

Hundreds of millions of people voted in less than an hour.

Some people believed they could get used to the Moonian management style.

“I think Moon has the best system!”

“We cant own dangerous weapons.

Isnt that a good thing I can avoid being held at gunpoint!”

“Thats right.

If someone broke into your house, Im sure the Moonian authority will take care of it for you.

Dont worry!”

“Were all Moonians now.

Isnt it necessary to learn the official language”

“I think studying the Moonian language is going to be very interesting.

How can you look away from such a fascinating culture I cant believe you people!”

“Thats right! Why are you starting this vote Youve confirmed your choice already, but youre going back on your word now.

Thats just ridiculous!”

“I think these people must be the ones that insulted Mr.

Soan in the beginning! They never learn!”

“I agree.

I hope they get banned!”

Such criticisms soon drowned the opposers voices.

Joining Moon was a good thing, and the new Moonians should learn the Moonian rules.

It was a reasonable thing to do.

Why did so many people regret it

Moreover, the Moonian rules were all fair and considerate.

Hand over all the guns and let the country ensure their safety.

Wasnt that a good idea

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Guns were expensive when individuals were allowed to purchase them.

Ordinary and poor families couldnt afford them.

Because of that, there was nothing they could do even when their homes were invaded.

Only rich people could have guns.

That was very unfair.

It was a good thing that nobody could carry a gun now.

The new vote didnt stop because of the criticisms though.

The argument continued, and the two sides even wanted to fight one another in person.

Suddenly, all the news and comments concerning the vote were completed.

Charles posted another announcement.

“All the decisions are made after careful consideration.

The union of all the countries went through a vote and was decided by over a hundred countries.

All the heads of states have agreed to it.

“Once the decision is made, no one can change it.

Its a national and global matter.

Be serious about it! Anyone mentioning dividing this country will be convicted!”

Charless video immediately became the featured video on all websites.

The five governors also shared it and said that they agreed with President Chow.

They knew where their future lay.

Charles was going to be their only president.

As a result, the objections were soon silenced.

Of course, there would always be people who wouldnt be threatened.

For instance, Murai of Flamia.

He wrote, “Why should we listen to Moon Why cant Flamia be the one who unites the world What does Moon have that we dont Our women are lovely! We should be the country that unites the world!”

Many other people chimed in.

They believed nothing would happen when everybody was in it.

Although Charles had made it clear that anyone who brought up this subject would be convicted, they believed with enough numbers on their side, they wouldnt be convicted.

Yes, they already knew a lot of people agreed with their opinions.

With the right leader, it could become a powerful force.

Murai had made a good start for them.

They thought they couldnt be convicted because they had only been discussing what Murai said.

They believed with enough support, they could change the fact that Moon had united the world.

“Thats right.

Why the Moonian president Why cant he be from any other country

“I agree.

The Flamian president will be perfect for that job!”


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