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Himmel Soan also wanted to know Fireys progress speed.

Drake and the others had been through battles, whereas Firey had been by his side since she took the human form.

She had never fought an actual battle before.

He didnt know how to teach her either.

The essence of nature was different from a human being, and their fighting technique would be different as well.

Himmel Soan wanted to understand Fireys combat ability by observing this battle.

Meanwhile, Drake could also improve his fighting skills.

Firey grinned and waved at the three siblings.

“Bring it on!”

Drake and the other two looked at the red-haired girl in amazement.

They had heard that their Patriarch had brought her back from the volcano, and she had been staying by his side since then.

She and Himmel Soan almost looked like father and daughter.

The three siblings had their speculations.

Their Patriarch must have his reason for making such arrangements.

He wouldnt ask a defenseless girl to fight them.

This red-haired girl definitely wasnt an ordinary person.

However, they couldnt tell what was special about her apart from her red hair.

“Come on! What are you waiting for” Firey pouted.

She had transformed from the heart of the volcano, and her temper was like fire.

She had been suppressing her emotions while with Himmel Soan, so she was glad to have this opportunity.

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She was displeased when her opponent only stood there.

“Drake, Liam, Ill do it.” Seeing her brothers hesitating, Phoebe offered to go first.

She was the only woman among the three and had the lowest cultivation level.

It made her the ideal person to fight against Firey.

Firey seemed so adorable and harmless.

If their Patriarch hadnt made the order, they would only see her as an ordinary, lovely girl.

Because of that, Drake and Liam had no intention of starting the battle.

However, they couldnt wait forever.

Phoebe offered to exchange a few punches with Firey.

As a female, she felt she would know when to stop.

“Why are you stalling And youre making a woman fight your battle.

Shame on you!”

“Firey, theyre your seniors! Be polite!”

“Im stating the truth.

If these men are too afraid to fight, Ill kick them until they cry!”

“Dont go too far,” Himmel Soan said lightly.

Those words meant he had given her permission to fight, making Firey excited.

As for the instruction on not going too far, she conveniently ignored it.

Now that she could fight, she was going to enjoy this battle.

She could always use her legs to fight and kept her hands behind her back.

That would make it look like she was trying to control her strength.


Fireys energy exploded, and a heatwave filled the air.

If Himmel Soan hadnt surrounded the battlefield with the dome, the entire manor would have felt that heat.

The flame rose from Fireys feet until it wrapped around her body.

“Watch out!” Firey giggled and disappeared from her spot.

The flame was still rising from the footprints on the ground.

Drake had almost reached the Golden Core Stage, so his reaction was much faster than before.

Even then, he only realized Firey had disappeared two seconds later.

He felt a pair of small hands on his shoulders.

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“Uncle Drake, Ive told you to watch out.

Why are you staring at my footprints If I were serious, youd be dead by now…” Firey disappeared again.

The only thing left behind was a pair of flaming footprints.

Two seconds.

It took Drake two full seconds to react.

He was shocked.

The seemingly harmless girl wasnt harmless at all!

She was far more capable than any of them!

That was why his Patriarch had put the four of them in this dome.

He wanted to see the three of them fight against the girl!

The three siblings finally understood their Patriarchs intention.

Earlier, their speculation had been way off, and they even wanted to cut some slack for the girl.

They thought they were going to train the girl.


Reality had slapped them in the face.

It was so embarrassing!

Firey didnt need their pity.

She probably had to cut them some slack!

“Uncle Drake, wandering off while fighting is a bad habit!” Firey shouted.

Drake was woken up from his reverie.

By now, the ground was covered with Fireys flaming footprints.

“Youre going to pay for the distraction.

Watch out, Uncle Drake.” Firey turned around and lifted her leg.

Before anyone could react, she concentrated her strength on her leg and kicked Drake on his waist.

Drake didnt dare underestimate her anymore.

The kick was far more powerful than his full-strength strike.

If he couldnt block that kick, he might be killed.

Once his life was threatened, Drake focused.

He only wanted to block that strike.

There was no time to think.

He concentrated most of his energy on his arms before crossing them and covering his waist.


The girls leg looked like a flaming whip.

The two of them moved so fast that neither Liam nor Phoebe had time to react.


Fireys leg made contact with Drakes scarred arms.

Next came the sound of broken bones.

Drake had blocked the strike at the cost of one of his arms while the other was nearly paralyzed as well.

Was that the price of underestimating his opponent

“Uncle Drake, Ive only used 10% of my strength… Did I go too far” Firey scratched her head awkwardly.


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