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The kick broke Drakes arm.

The strength made everyone draw in their breaths.

Her innocent face yet her terrifying power didnt seem to fit together.

Firey also felt guilty for what she had done.

She had gained some worldly wisdom and had had interactions with Drake and his siblings.

Her provocation was only an act.

She felt ashamed about breaking Drakes arm.

She really had controlled her power, but she didnt expect that he couldnt even take 10% of her strength.

She didnt think it was her fault!

Drake slowly exhaled.

“Im too weak.

However, you shouldnt look down upon me, kiddo.

Id be so humiliated if I get defeated by a single kick.”

Fireys kick didnt destroy Drakes fighting will.

Instead, it ignited his fighting intent.

He couldnt imagine what other people would think if he couldnt withstand a girls kick.

That being said, he no longer underestimated Firey.

The look in his eyes was very serious.

She wasnt just an ordinary girl.

She was an opponent as powerful as him, if not better.

“Kiddo, show me what youve got.

Dont hold back.

Thats how you show us some respect.”

“Great!” Firey got serious as well.

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Since the uncles had made the request, she couldnt disappoint them.

The next second, the air seemed on fire, and the three siblings felt like they were in a steamer.

Drake immediately regretted his earlier request.

Firey hadnt even made a move yet.

They almost couldnt withstand the heat, and it was so humiliating!

What would happen when she charged at them Would they be able to withstand her strike at full strength

“Drake, Phoebe, Liam, youve been through many life-threatening situations.

Why are you distracted now Firey hasnt had any actual combat experience.

Although shes powerful and fast, there are many openings in her attack.

“Why are you distracted You should be looking for her flaws.

Is this how I taught you Is this how you cultivate” Himmel Soans voice wasnt loud, but it sounded like thunder in their ears.

That was right!

Himmel Soan woke them up.

What were they doing They were in a battle, and their enemy was more powerful than the three.

How could they be distracted

Both the girl and their Patriarch were right.

If they were in a real fight and the girl was their enemy, they would have been killed already!

Firey didnt make another move.

If she wanted, she could always ambush them.

But that would be immoral conduct by their Patriarchs standards.

Their Patriarch told them they didnt need to worry about morals when fighting shameless villains.

However, he couldnt do that with other people.

Firey was waiting for them to adjust.

Only then did the battle officially start.

The three divisions had surrounded the area.

They had never seen such an event before.

Although they would exchange a few punches every now and then, it was childs play compared to the scene presented to them.

“Ive just got here.

What happened to Bosss hand”

“What a shame! You missed it! I feel sorry for you!”

“That little girl just…”

The audience was discussing the battle.

As Himmel Soan was here, they had been very discreet.

Noticing that he didnt mind them, they gradually relaxed.

The man who arrived late heard what happened just then, and his mouth fell open.

He couldnt believe it.

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“That cant be.

How can her kick be so powerful”

“When I went to see the Boss the other day, I was terrified by his energy.

If the girl really can do that, how capable is she”

“Youre too weak!”


Whats your level now”

“Were all family here.

Dont ask that question!”

“The girl has been following the Patriarch all the time.

Its only normal that she has terrifying power.”

Their voices lowered when they mentioned the Patriarch, falling silent after that.

There was another reason.

The battle restarted.

The four people exchanged blows and were moving rapidly in the dome.

They all exerted their greatest effort in the fight.

There was no time for discussions.

“Drake, your left! Watch out!” Phoebe reminded him.

Drake didnt look at her and only nodded.

His body moved a little to the right almost as soon as Phoebe warned him.

The next second, a tongue of flame brushed past him.

If he hadnt shifted, the flame would have hit him.

It wasnt an ordinary flame.

It was actually Fireys remaining image in the air because she moved so fast.

If Drake were hit, it would be equivalent to a direct attack from her.

Fireys attack left burned marks on the three siblings.

At first, they were getting hit like sandbags.

Their internal organs turned under her assault.

As time went by, though, they were hit less frequently.

They could dodge almost all of her attacks.


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