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A hundred people from the Soans

Charles was astonished.

He knew Mr.

Soan was here to talk about some important things, or he wouldnt have used the word “discuss.”

He never thought this would be the subject.

Its importance was beyond his imagination.

He knew how capable the Soans were better than anyone else.

Even the weakest member of the three divisions could easily defeat at least ten soldiers.

There was no doubt about it.

One member of the Soans could handle ten to twenty ordinary people without breaking a sweat.

A hundred would constitute a formidable special force for Moon.

Charles didnt know what to say to express his feelings.

He licked his lips and learned that his mouth was dry.

Those hundred Soan cultivators could outshine the most elite troop of a thousand men.

Ordinary people werent even comparable to the Soans in terms of their physical strength.


Soan, thats so incredible!” Charles felt his ears buzz.

Before today, he would never imagine that such a force would voluntarily join the Moonian army.

“Is it alright Will you accept them”

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He wouldnt mind if Charles didnt want that force.

After all, he was the president.

Without the Soans, it would only take a little longer to handle external affairs.

For instance, Charles could take good care of the incidents happening all over the world.

However, he wasnt going to turn down Mr.

Soans help.

He couldnt wait to see it happen.

“Thank you, Mr.


Ill never forget how youve helped us!”

Himmel Soan waved him off.

“Im also a Moonian.

Of course, I want to do something for my country.”

Since Charles had given his consent, Himmel Soan didnt have much to say.

It was a straightforward procedure for him.

He also wanted to train the three divisions.

The following day.

“Its so hot… I cant hold on anymore!”

“Its unbelievable! I havent had any water since yesterday.

I need to rehydrate!”

“Forget it.

Patriarch told us not to fall back.

Are you going to leave this place”

The mention of the Patriarch made the man cover his mouth.

That was indeed the Patriarchs instruction.

But why did they have to stay here

They hadnt slept since the day before.

Initially, they thought the Patriarch wanted to train their bodies and minds and that it wouldnt last very long.

They all thought the same way after the Patriarch disappeared.

One hour passed.

Two hours.

Five hours.

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Time flew by, and they couldnt wait for it to end.

They wished their Patriarch would show up the next moment and tell them they could stop now.

They would be utterly grateful for such words.

But it was already noontime the following day.

The Patriarch was still nowhere to be seen.

They wouldnt move a centimeter without their Patriarchs order.

But it was so hot!

Some of the Himmelian Pavilion members found their vision getting blurry.

They practiced water techniques and were excellent soldiers underwater.

With their incredible ability to resist the water pressure, they could swim like fish.

However, they were on land now, and the fire was their least favorite element.

The high temperature was a challenge to their cultivation.

They had no advantage in such an environment and had to withstand the heat with sheer willpower.

They had hit their limits and were draining their energy.

The heat was going to defeat them.

Gradually, they couldnt see anything and were swaying back and forth.

“Himmelian Pavilion, fall back by ten meters and adjust your breathing!” Although Himmel Soan hadnt come back, the Himmelian Pavilion members heard his voice.

As soon as they heard their Patriarch, they jolted awake and sat up straight.

They then immediately fell back by ten meters.

Himmel Soan didnt need to give any more instructions.

All the Himmelian Pavilion members sat down in unison ten meters away.

Their Patriarchs order was the primary reason.

The other reason was that their energy went berserk after stepping away ten meters.

If they didnt adjust their breathing, their energy would lose control.

They all drew in their breaths.

Only then did they discover that without the Patriarchs order, they would have lost control if they sat in their previous position for two more minutes.

The realization dawned on them as they adjusted their breathing.

The Patriarch had everything under control!

Members of the Himmelians and the Himmelian Village remained where they were, though they were confused by the sudden order.

Why did they have to endure the heat when the Himmelian Pavilion had moved away

“Why did they leave This heat is nothing!”

“Thats right.

Were all part of the Soan empire! We should stick together!”

“What a waste of energy.

I want to fall back, too.”

“Do you want to be a coward If you do that, youre expelled from the Himmelian Village!”

“Im just saying!”

“Dont say it again! If our chief heard you, youll be doomed!”

“I know! But why can the Himmelian Pavilion fall back”

“I think theyve received an order from the Patriarch.

I think the Patriarch can hear everything we say.”


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