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Roams couldnt hide the anticipation on his face.

He didnt need to either.

If he expected something, why hide it It was unnecessary!

He had been having this idea ever since he showed Himmel Soan the sword.

He wanted to see how much power Himmel Soan could exert by wielding that sword.

Unfortunately, Himmel Soan didnt try the sword.

Roams was greatly disappointed.

However, he was even more curious about why Himmel Soan wanted him to forge a hundred swords if he wouldnt use them himself

Even a special force soldier couldnt lift that sword for long periods.

That was unless they exercised with it the entire time.

There was something more important.

A special force soldier couldnt unleash the full potential of that sword.

Roams had let a few soldiers try it.

The result was quite disappointing.

They were even worse than him.

Those people wielded the sword as if they were brandishing a chunk of iron.

They couldnt do anything special with it.

Luckily, Himmel Soan had asked him to bring out the sword again.

Needless to say, someone was here to test it.

“That sword!” Ella and the other five were astonished.

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By the appearance of the swords alone, they could tell how magnificent they were.

The Patriarch had specially summoned them, while Roams brought out six swords.

Six people and six swords.

Were the swords for them

They all had such speculations, but no one dared say that aloud.

Even Phoebe hadnt received a reward like this.

Were they being rewarded for reaching the Foundation Establishment

No one knew for sure.

“Pick up the swords and test them!”

They only took action after Himmel Soan gave the order.

The six swords really were for them!

However, they were only going to test the swords, and they werent sure if they could take them.

“Patriarch, does the sword have a name” Ella, the leader of the six Himmelian Pavilion members, asked.

She was attracted by the swords as soon as her eyes landed on them.

She had fantasized about traveling the world with a sword and being a carefree cultivator.

But ordinary swords werent suitable for her.

As time passed, those thoughts drifted away.

The swords rekindled her hopes.

Traveling the world with a sword!

Many people used to have that fantasy.

“The name of the sword” Himmel Soan frowned.

He hadnt given it any thought.

Now that it had been brought up, he felt he should consider it.

It wasnt something hard, though.

Since the swords were for the Soan, they could be called the Soanian Swords.

“Lets call them the Soanian Swords.”

Although the swords were made of meteorite core pieces, Himmel Soan couldnt think of a relevant name.

Therefore, he just called them the Soanian Swords.

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As soon as he said those words, the swords lit up with a golden glow.

It was as if they were responding to their name.

That was indeed what was happening.

Because Himmel Soan had named them the Soanian Swords, they were directly linked to the Soan family.

The golden glow represented the blessing of the Soans.

Hundreds of millions of people witnessed the miraculous scene.

Himmel Soan had started a live stream when he summoned Ella and the other five people.

He already knew what kind of a result they would get.

However, they still needed to go through the procedure.

The most important thing was to show this event to the world.

They all needed to see the Moonian military force.

Else, a hundred members of the three divisions would sound so petty if the other people didnt recognize their capability.

Himmel Soan wanted to use this opportunity to show the whole world how powerful those hundred people were.

“Those Soanian Swords look awesome.

I wonder how much they cost.

Id like to buy one if its not too expensive.”

“Why bother testing them at all Theyre just swords.

Theyre either sharp or not…”

“The blades are all black.

What materials are they made of They look nice.”

“I think theyre made of rocks from Mars.”

“Rocks from Mars Is there anything special about them How do you know”

“I heard it from a friend.

He was rescued from Mars, and according to him, the Soans brought back some yellow stones with them.

I think the swords are made of those.”

“I dont care what material its made of.

I only want to know if theyre for sale and how much!”

“Anything made by the Soans has to be amazing! I dont care how much they are! I want one!”

“Thats right.

Since Mr.

Himmel Soan is broadcasting the sword testing, they must have something special!”

“I agree! They look so different from ordinary swords.

The black pattern on the blade is giving off a golden glow.

I can sense how sharp they are from the other side of the screen!”

People immediately start discussing online.

Himmel Soan hadnt announced the live stream in advance, and many people didnt even know it was on.

They were all taken by surprise.

Despite that, news soon spread out that the show was on.

Everybody was intrigued when they heard the topic.

They all wanted to look at the legendary Soanian Swords.

What was so special about them

To test them, Mr.

Himmel Soan held a live stream.

It showed how highly he thought of them.

Meanwhile, some people began to speculate about the purpose of this live stream.


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