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“I really wish the sword wouldnt explode.”

“Thats right.

Will other peoples blood work My surname is Soan, too.

Will my blood work”

“In your dreams.

Your Soan and theirs are totally different!”

“Do you think that blood thing is real That sounds so surreal!”

“The sword is made of Martian rocks! Of course, its surreal! Science cant explain everything!”

“The explanation came from Mr.

Himmel Soan.

You can doubt anyone but not him!”

“Thats right! Mr.

Himmel Soan has never lied to us! Every time you questioned him, you only ended up embarrassing yourselves!”

“If Mr.

Himmel Soan says its only for the Soans, then its only for the Soans.

Theyre the ones who collected the rocks on Mars, and theyre the ones who forged the sword.

Whats wrong with giving the sword to them”

“Thats why theyre called Soanian Swords! Theyre for the Soans!”


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Anyone showing doubts toward Himmel Soan would immediately hear retorts.

They would even list the previous events to prove that he only ever told the truth!

The public soon forgot about the event.

After all, it was only a sword.

A hundred swords didnt sound too many either.

Another day passed.

The Himmelians and the Himmelian Village also received instructions from Himmel Soan and left the arena.

Immediately after that, many of their members made breakthroughs.

Next, Drake, Liam, and Phoebe also made breakthroughs from the immense pressure they had been under.

Drake was a senior Level-1 Golden Core cultivator, Liam was a junior, and Phoebe was somewhere between the Foundation Establishment and Golden Core stages.

Given some more time, she would break through as well.

Himmel Soan arrived at the arena.

Seeing him, Firey immediately ran to his side and took his hand.

“Good job,” Himmel Soan nodded.

The three siblings were thrilled.

They dropped to their knees and prostrated on the ground.

“Thank you, Patriarch!”

“Please get up.

Its Firey you should be thanking.

Without her, you wouldnt have made the breakthroughs so soon.”

“Yes! Thank you, kiddo!”

The three siblings thanked Firey.

In terms of seniority, they had joined the Soans much earlier than her.

But none of them was as close to the Patriarch as Firey.

They didnt know how to address her.

Was she their senior sister or junior sister

Firey couldnt care less.

All she knew was her ordeal was finally over!


The past few days had been an ordeal for her.

It was so dull and uneventful.

Meanwhile, she had to keep her energy at a steady level.

It couldnt have been harder!

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It was finally over.

Just like a child, she immediately forgot about what she had gone through.

Life was easy again!

She was free, and that was the best!

Himmel Soan told the three siblings about his plan of sending hundred people to the Moonian army.

Those people would come from the three divisions, so he thought they should know.

They needed to be aware of where their subordinates were going.

“Twenty-seven people have made breakthroughs and reached the Foundation Establishment stage.

Of them, six are from the Himmelian Pavilion, twelve are from the Himmelian Village, and nine are the Himmelians.

“Ive picked the other 73 people as well.

Basically, theyll be divided into four-member teams, each with one team leader and three members.

“Youll be teaching 27 people for the next few days, helping them learn how to manage people.

Itll do you good, too.

“You have two days.

The portal will open on the third day!” said Himmel Soan.

He talked about the portal like the most common thing.

His words could cause a sensation anywhere else in the world.

People all over the world wanted to know when the portal would open, but he never gave a definite answer.

No one tried to rush him either.

After all, the portal was said to be finished in three months.

If things moved faster, it could open in a month.

It had been two weeks since then.

Although everybody was looking forward to it, no one tried to urge Himmel Soan.

The moon was still there, and they were in no danger.

Completing the portal sooner wouldnt make much difference.

Everything would be fine as long as the portal opened before the moon disappeared.

Since Mr.

Himmel Soan had promised them, they had nothing to worry about.

“Patriarch, did you want to see me” Warren knocked on the door, looking confused.

Himmel Soan nodded.

Warren only stepped into the room when he let him come in.

Though he had no idea why he was here.

Fearing that he had done something wrong and that the Patriarch was going to scold him, Warren moved gingerly when he walked into the room.

Himmel Soan didnt say anything.

It was normal to react in that way when he was around.

Even if he told Warren to relax, the latter couldnt.

It might even make things worse.

“Warren, youre the head of the chamber of commerce.

How are you doing” Himmel Soan asked.

Warren got nervous.

He kept farming ideas in his head.

Was the Patriarch testing his capability Or was he hinting that things could be better

Nevertheless, he had to answer the question.

He couldnt think of anything appropriate to say, so he told the truth, “Now that Moon is the only country on Earth, we dont have any obstacles.

Things are doing well.

“Its just that Earth is so big, and we dont have the time to…”

Warren felt uneasy after the report.

He didnt know if the Patriarch would find his work satisfactory.

He hoped he was.

If he wasnt, Warren couldnt dare to think about the consequences.


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