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The end of the world

It really sounded like a plausible explanation.

People didnt think that way at first.

They only found the rain strange and the phenomena rather incredible.

It might not make sense, but they were only curious.

Very few people were really bothered by it.

However, when the end of the world was mentioned, it attracted much attention and became all that everybody could think about.

The end of the world!

Raindrops that didnt wet clothes, and snow that didnt melt and would vaporize instantly.

The end of the world seemed to be a perfect explanation for such a strange phenomenon.

All the changes had been caused by the end of the world.

If the end of the world was approaching, nothing would seem strange anymore.

“Thats why! The end of the world is coming! Thats why so many strange things are happening!”

“I see! Thats why my stomach has been upset the whole day! The end of the world is coming!”

“What does your stomach have anything to do with the end of the world”

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“If its the end of the world, why are you all so calm”

“How am I supposed to react Panic and scream Thatll disturb other people!”

“I dont know how to respond to your reasoning…”

“Im just telling the truth.

Moreover, weve gone through the end of the world once.

Why are you still so surprised”

Only then did other people realize the end of the world had been an ongoing event for them.

Earth was going to become uninhabitable, and according to Mr.

Soan, it would be thirty years before the environment returned to normal.

Those thirty years would be the end of the world for them.


Himmel Soan had told them about that before.

He had also given them a solution, which was to move to K18, and he was building a portal for that.

Therefore, people on Earth didnt think much of this premonition of the end of the world.

Besides, the rain and the snow were only unusual.

Other than that, they didnt seem worth any more attention.

Without any side effects, the odd weather was soon forgotten.

People began to talk about the portal instead.

“How long do you think well wait before the portal is complete Mr.

Himmel Soan said after they came back from Mars that he could build the portal in a month, but we havent heard anything since then.”

“Of course, the portal will be completed in a month.

Are you questioning Mr.

Himmel Soan Youre just like the Neigerians! Youve achieved nothing, but youre questioning other people all the time.

Get a life, man.”

“If Mr.

Himmel Soan says its going to happen, its going to happen.

Stop asking silly questions!”

“Thats right! Even if the portal isnt completed in a month, Im sure its not Mr.

Himmel Soans problem!”

“Arent the Martian rocks used to build the Soanian swords”

“Theyve brought back so many rocks from Mars.

So what if theyve used some to build a few Soanian swords”

“A few Theyve built a hundred! Do you have any idea how many rocks theyve used Maybe theyve used up all the Martian rocks!”

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“Bull**! Even if thats the case, Im sure the Soanian swords will help the portal! Stop worrying”

“Did you help build the portal Have you donated any money If not, just shut up! If you have so many opinions, help build the portal, then! That way, we can question every move you make!”


Most people online were on Himmel Soans side.

If anyone questioned his decisions, people would retort the person right away.

Himmel Soans supporters didnt know the answer to those questions either, but they trusted Mr.

Soan unconditionally.

Even if the following day was the last day of that month, they would still believe that Mr.

Himmel Soan would fix everything.

Even if they would have to wait for three months.

After all, they had all seen what Mr.

Himmel Soan could do.

They knew Mr.

Himmel Soan would keep his promise.

Himmel Soan stood in front of the window for a whole day.

Firey held him from behind this whole time.

She didnt understand why her master was so upset.

She only knew that doing so could help him ease his pain.

After a whole day, Himmel Soan finally shifted his body.

He turned around, exhaled, and regained his usual calm.

It was as if nothing had happened.

“Firey, are you cold” Himmel Soan rubbed Fireys hair.

Firey shook her head.

She then threw herself in his arms.

Himmel Soan could conceal his feelings, but Firey couldnt.

She didnt know why, but her masters emotions made her want to cry.

Still, she chose to hold Himmel Soan.

It was only until then that she cried like a wronged child.

Himmel Soan held Firey in his arms.

If she hadnt put her arms around him, maybe he would remain in that state until the planet was covered by ice and snow.

Luckily, she had stopped him.

He knew what had happened in the past two days because his mental force still covered Earth.

He knew Firey was hurt by his snow when she used her power on the rain.

However, he was too absorbed in his emotions to do anything.

Now that he had returned to his senses, he felt sorry for her.


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