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Himmel Soan rubbed her head.

Before, he only saw her as the essence of nature and an ordinary girl.

But now, he was doting on her like a daughter.

When Firey took the human form, he had been there the whole time and was the first person she laid her eyes on.

He had taught her most of the things she knew, and she even resembled him.

Outsiders already saw them as real father and daughter; he only did so now.

“Firey, let me tell you about her.”

“Her” Firey was confused.

“Yes, her.”

“If I were your father, then she would be your mother.”

“Master is my father!” Firey interjected.

She didnt like the sound of “if.”

Himmel Soan was perplexed for a moment, but he soon gave her a warm smile.

Outsiders would be shocked if they saw this.

No one knew he had such a gentle side.

Next to Firey, they looked like real father and daughter.

It was so sweet!

“Your mothers name is Gina, and shes like me.

Ive known her for a long, long time.

We were fellow travelers at first and would go everywhere as a pair.

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“Having been through one event after another, we developed feelings for each other.

Then, we became a couple.

“After that, the connection between us became stronger.

We hardly needed to speak.

It only took a glance for us to understand each other.

“She and I went through many things.

However, on an afternoon five hundred years ago, she disappeared.

I searched the whole universe, but she was nowhere to be found.

“I went on looking for her for two centuries, but there were no signs of her.

I had no clue where she was.

I couldnt accept that reality, so I gave up on fighting the law of nature.

Being a cultivator is to fight against the law of nature, so when I made that decision, I slowly lost all my ability.

“Gradually, I sealed off that memory and chose to age like an ordinary person.

“Yesterday, I thought of her again…”

Himmel Soan caressed Fireys hair as he slowly told her the story.

He had never mentioned it to anyone before.

He couldnt even if he wanted to because he had shut off that memory.

He didnt remember it until the previous day.

Deep down, he was afraid of leaving Earth, the place where he had lived for so many years with Gina.

He feared he would forget about her forever when he went away, which was why he remembered her again.

Now that he had Firey as his daughter, he chose to tell her everything.

Since he was her father, then she had the right to know who her mother was.

She had to know who her mother was!

Firey memorized every word.

She finally understood why her father looked so sad earlier.

Even she burst into tears when she heard the story.

She could only imagine how sad he would be.

He had to be ten thousand times more upset than she was.

“Dad, maybe Mom is still around.

Maybe shes not here on Earth or in our universe, but what about places beyond that What if shes outside our universe” Firey asked.

She wanted to comfort Himmel Soan, but he was much more knowledgeable than her.

She didnt know what to say.

That was why she made that suggestion.

She had spoken from the bottom of her heart.

Outside their universe

Himmel Soan smiled bitterly.

“Theres nothing beyond our universe.

I used to have the same idea, so I went searching.

I reached the edge of the universe and tore the space open, but there was only the void.

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“There was nothing.

Nothing exists beyond the universe.”

Himmel Soan had tried everything.

He had searched other planets and gone to the end of the universe.

But he found nothing.

Despite testing all the possibilities, he couldnt find any clues.

He didnt mean anything and only wanted to let Firey understand.

He was very happy that she had come up with the idea on her own and told him about it.

“Well, its time we head for the new Earth.

Go get prepared.” Himmel Soan switched the subject.

No matter what he said, Ginas disappearance was a done deal.

Nothing he said could change that.

He didnt want to linger on his past.

Moreover, he had more important things to do.

It was time.

The portal was about to open.

“Alright!” Firey nodded.

She didnt know what to prepare, but she knew she only needed to follow her fathers instructions.

Taking Fireys hand, Himmel Soan walked toward the portal.

Meanwhile, he contacted Warren, Drake, Camille, and Charles through his mind.

“The portal will open in three hours.

Tell our people to get ready.”

He then sent a private message to Warren, “Warren, stay behind with me.”


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