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Warren immediately knew what the Patriarch wanted.

He must have been asked to remain behind for the materials.

Once they arrived at K18, the construction work would begin, and building materials would be needed.

Warren and Himmel Soan had discussed it before.

Himmel Soan had told Warren that he would take care of it.

Now that the portal was about to open, the Patriarch instructed him to stay behind.

Warren knew the Patriarch must have come up with an idea.

However, the opening of the portal was so sudden.

Everybody was astonished when they heard the news.

They had a hard time digesting the news.

Even now, they still couldnt fully believe it.

The portal would open in three hours.

That gave them little time to prepare.

Charles was the most surprised of them all.

Himmel Soan had told Warren about it, and he was done being surprised, so he didnt show any reaction.

Drake and the other cultivators didnt think much of it either.

They were like soldiers that followed the Patriarchs order only.

After sending the message, Himmel Soan took Firey to the portal.

“Firey, youre going to inject your energy into this portal.

If you were still in your original form, I could control your power to open the portal.

But youve taken the human form, so I cant control your energy anymore.

Youre going to do that on your own and open this portal!”

Firey nodded.

Although she was a mischievous girl, she was going to take this mission seriously.

It could be observed from her behavior over the past few days.

Himmel Soan explained everything to her and told her what to do.

It wasnt difficult for her at all.

He trusted her.

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He then took out the crystal and the desert spirit and put them on the portal.

After that, he put some materials he brought back from Atlantis and set them on the portal as well.

He also placed a lot of essence stones around it.

The air was filled with spiritual essence.

To activate the portal, they would need a great amount of spiritual essence.

Himmel Soan had brought back all the essence stones he created in Atlantis all for this moment.

Himmel Soan himself was a portable spiritual essence container, but his spiritual essence was too pure for the portal to use.

That was why he needed external sources.

He closed his eyes and sensed the distant K18 on the other end.

To reach the planet through the portal, he would need a medium.

It was similar to the portal on the other side of the destination.

Without it, they wouldnt be able to come out from the other end.

If such a medium werent needed, one would be able to go anywhere freely.

Himmel Soan was trying to create a medium on K18 right now.

He was exploring the topography.

A figure appeared on K18.

It was a projection of Himmel Soan.

He had created it with his mental force.

If he injected more mental force, that projection would become a tangible clone of his.

But he didnt do that.

The projection was enough for the job.

Moreover, a clone would create uncertainty when it grew a mind.

Therefore, Himmel Soan wasnt going to turn his projection into a clone.

The projection walked around on K18 and began to send back images to Himmel Soan.

He could see everything in his mind.

There were tall trees, flowing creeks, and things stirring in the woods.

After the news was announced, Charles was swamped with work.

As the president, he was so busy that he had no time to rest.

The portal was going to open in three hours, and that news would create a lot of pressing tasks.

He was given little time to prepare for things.

Everybodys plan was to start the preparation work after they were notified.

The portal was so important that everybody thought the announcement would be made in advance so that they would have time to prepare.

Even Charles shared that thought, believing that they would be notified at least three days in advance.

However, he only had three hours to prepare.

No, it was a little over two hours now.

Charles didnt have time to think about such things.

The portal was about to open, and he had more important things to worry about.

For instance, he needed a plan so that people would know in what sequence they would evacuate.

He also needed to decide what to bring with him.

Without an overall strategy, chaos would ensue.

Luckily, Warren contacted Charles at that moment.


President, the Patriarch and I will take care of transporting the materials.

You dont need to worry.

The Soan family will handle it.

“But we do need your help in something.

We need an evacuation plan.

The Patriarch is working on the last steps of opening the portal, so he doesnt have time for us.


President, youre going to make the decision for everything else.”

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