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Warren and Charles communicated for nearly thirty minutes.

Finally, Charles figured out what he needed to do.

He had been so overwhelmed before that he was at a loss.

He knew being the president, he needed to do something, but he didnt know where to start.

But now, he had made up his mind.

He was going to make a public announcement so that everybody was mentally prepared.

Once the portal opened, they would be ready to go to K18.

They must leave in order, and that required some discipline.

After all, not everybody would cooperate willingly.

Even in a small town, if one person caused a problem during the evacuation, it could easily trigger a butterfly effect.

Things would only get worse with a greater population.

Therefore, someone had to be there to supervise and maintain order.

Charles finally saw the light.


Himmel Soan had those hundred members join the Moonian army just for this occasion!

The idea enlightened Charles.

He then summoned Henry and Gordon and told them everything, giving them specific orders.

After they left, he broadcast to the whole world.

No one needed to open any window to watch it because the broadcast was compulsory.

Regardless of what they were doing, everybody on Earth had to watch his broadcast on their phones and computers.

“Good afternoon, everybody.

I have a serious matter to tell you.

I hope youre prepared.

The portal will open in about two hours.

“I hope everybody gets prepared in the next two hours.

When the portal opens, please follow the instructions.

Dont push, and dont jump the queue!

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“When we get to K18, everything will proceed as before!”

Charles went offline after the announcement.

The people could discuss it on their own.

If they had doubts about some issue, he would come back online and answer their questions.

They only had two hours.

Charles couldnt spend too much time on the broadcast.

Everybody needed to make preparations in the limited time.

Even if they didnt bring anything, they still needed to be mentally prepared.

As expected, the announcement created a sensation online.

No subject had been discussed like this one!

The portal was going to open, which meant the people on Earth were going to move.

They were going to another planet!

It was an event for the entire Earth.

Everybody was paying their full attention.

“Is the portal opening in two hours”

“No, we may not have that much time.”

“Why so soon Weve received no updates, and the portal is suddenly going to open.

Thats just too much…”

“Im curious, too.

Why so sudden”

“Is it supposed to be a pleasant surprise”

“Do you call that a pleasant surprise”

“The portal is opening! Is that true Why do I feel like Im dreaming”

“The president made the announcement.

Do you think hes lying Do you think hes making a joke You should have your brain examined.”

“Im not saying I have doubts.

I just think I would feel much more reassured if it came from Mr.

Himmel Soan.”

“I feel the same way.

Whats Mr.

Himmel Soan doing now Why havent we heard from him”

“Isnt the portal going to open He must be by the door.

In that case, its understandable that he didnt make the announcement himself.”

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“Thats right! Mr.

Himmel Soan is much busier than you think! Hes a great scientist! Hes not an idle man like you lot!”

“We really should talk about some more meaningful things.

For example, what are we going to take to K18 What can we take”

“Yes! Going to K18 is the top priority now! As for what to take with us, I think a phone and a charger will be enough.

There are so many people in the world.

If we all bring luggage, itll be so crowded!”

Everybody soon concluded that the announcement was true.

After all, a president wouldnt make fun of such things.

It was unthinkable!

The announcement had to be true!

What was left was to get ready to depart for K18.

They began to think about what to bring to the new planet.

They had to bring some clothes, and they couldnt go without their phone.

They would also need things like towels and toothbrushes.

There were so many necessities.

It soon became the main subject.

“What necessities should we bring to the new planet”

“I think I need to bring my doll! Im so used to having her around!”

“All my shoes are very expensive! I have to bring all of them!”

“Seriously Why do you even care about your shoes”

“You know nothing! I bought all the shoes with my hard-earned money! Why cant I take them with me”

“My jewelry, too! And my hundred handbags! Theyre all limited edition!”


Many people mentioned things they wanted to bring.

It was so chaotic.

None of them were bringing necessities only.

They would take up so much space!

Those people refused to change their minds, telling other people to leave them alone.


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