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The Soans nodded.

It was very difficult to collect all the materials, let alone transport them.

The biggest problem was bringing all of them to K18.

Now that the Patriarch had taken over the job, they had nothing to worry about.

Hence, the Soans also entered the portal one after another.

With them gone, only Himmel Soan and Firey were left on Earth.

Firey seemed so weak that she would fall asleep the next moment.

The portal was so large, and she had to fuse all the other energies.

As she wasnt familiar with the procedure, she wasted a lot of energy.

By the time the portal opened, she barely had any vigor left.

That was why she was so weak.

“Master, Im going to take a break.” She closed her eyes.

The next moment, she switched back to the heart of the volcano.

She hadnt lost her cultivation.

This change was just temporary.

In this state, she would make a much faster recovery.

She still addressed Himmel Soan as Master instead of Father because she was used to the former.

Himmel Soan picked up the heart of the volcano and put it in his pocket.

He immediately knew what was going on.

However, it was also his first time to have encountered this.

If an ordinary person or a cultivator fainted, he could cure them right away, but Firey was the essence of nature.

He didnt know where to begin.

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But he knew Firey was recovering.

He wasnt worried because she would be back to her human form when she regained her strength.

He scanned the entire planet with his mental force again to make sure there was no other human being on Earth.

He wasnt concerned with the other living creatures.

He was going to leave the plants and animals where they were instead of bringing them to K18.

Earth wasnt inhabitable for human beings, but other living creatures might still survive.

Humans would depend on those living creatures to maintain the ecosystem on Earth.

The ecosystem on K18 was almost the same as on Earth.

It was even more complete with ten times more species.

Himmel Soan had explored everything before he opened the portal with confidence and let everybody go in.

He then went to the place where Warren had piled all the materials.

Tens of thousands of trucks were loaded with various materials.

Without hesitation, he connected to the projection on K18.

The portal on K18 immediately moved to the spot where that projection was.

It was also where Himmel Soan told Warren to go and wait for him.

After that, he used his mental force and carried all the materials through the portal.

The trucks were soon emptied.

He had considered sending the trucks over there as well, but such machines couldnt go through the portal.

The vehicles would contort and explode when they entered the portal.

He could only bring all the materials himself.

Half an hour later, he delivered everything to K18.

It reduced his energy reserves from 0.3% to 0.2%.

That 0.1% of energy was powerful enough to destroy a planet.

However, he had used it to transport the materials.

He wasnt concerned though.

The energy could be recovered, but the materials were indispensable.

Moreover, he didnt need to use his energy any time soon.

The little loss wouldnt affect anything.

The move from Earth to K18 had almost ended.

Himmel Soan only needed to go through the portal himself.

After switching off his projection, he walked up to the portal.

He stopped and gave Earth one last look.

“Gina, Im leaving Earth and going to K18.

Where are you now” He murmured.

He knew no one would answer that question, but he still had to ask.

He stood there and took in his surroundings.

The portal would close in ten minutes.

He seemed to want to leave Earth at the last second.

No one knew how he felt now.

No one would understand why Himmel Soan felt so connected to Earth.

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Both Himmel Soan and Gina were immortals.

They met and fell in love and spent so many years on Earth.

Few people could comprehend his reluctance to leave Earth.

He closed his eyes and remembered everything in the past as if it was only yesterday.

It was as if Gina was by his side.

When he opened his eyes, Gina wasnt there.


He let out a long breath and said with trembling lips, “Im leaving now.”

The ten minutes were almost up, and he was down to the last minute.

Facing Earth, he slowly backed into the doorway of the portal.

A few more steps and he would be inside.

One step…

Two steps…

He was finally in the portal.

Earth was about to fade out of his sight.

Just then, he saw a figure just outside the portal.

It looked a lot like Gina!


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