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Hearing the words “old bastard,” the other “soldiers of the Fire Dragon Unit” narrowed their eyes and gave off a murderous air.

But the three keyboard warriors didnt notice a thing.

Johnny was back to his old self and no longer seemed anxious.

He crossed his legs and took out his phone.

“Can I use my phone”

“Of course,” said a “soldier.”

Useless_scholar wrote, “Guys, Im back!”

“Holy **! Hes back!”

“I thought he was dead! Why is he back”

“@useless_scholar Bro, what happened Who was your visitor”

“Thats right.

Whats going on over there”

Useless_scholar said, “Thank you for your concern! Im fine! I thought the old bastard sent them, but it was actually the government.

It was a false alarm.

I knew that old bastard couldnt have this kind of resource.

He couldnt have known where I lived.

Hes just an ordinary person like all of us! He cant be that powerful!”

“My friend, I think you should use your words more carefully.

Dont you feel sorry for what you did”

“Thats right.

Man, you really should post an apology video and delete your old posts.

Itll be safer that way.”

“Youre hopeless.

I was hoping that the old gentlemans people would take you away!”

Useless_scholar replied, “Im sorry to disappoint you, then.

You all must have been so disappointed! Grow some balls! Why are you afraid of him I wont delete anything, and I wont apologize.

The government is protecting me now.

That old bastard cant touch me! Ive scolded Stella Shane for him.

What more does he want Bring it on! Id like to see what he can do!”

“Hes hopeless.”

Stubbornman wrote, “Oh no, there are a lot of soldiers outside my house! Theyre not from the old man, are they”

Useless_scholar wrote, “@Stubbornman Calm down, bro.

That old fool doesnt have an army.

They must be from the government! Just relax.”

A minute later, Stubbornman wrote, “Its true! Theyre from the government! That old fool isnt so scary, after all.”

“These trolls are beyond saving,” other netizens commented.

“Even Stella Shane has posted an apology video.

Why are they so stubborn Do they think theyre somehow tougher than her”

“Dont ask me.

Its none of our business.

Lets see whatll happen next!”

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Earlier that day at 7:30 in the morning, in the penthouse suite 888 in Aurora, a five-star hotel in Bywater, Warren sat on the sofa with Yosef and James next to him.

He had broken into a cold sweat.

There were two more people in the room.

One of them was an old man dressed in a traditional suit with hair so long that his braid reached his waist.

The other one was a woman.

She was scantly clad in shiny blue armor that was made from nail-sized scales, and her thick, wavy hair was even longer than the old mans.

It was long enough to touch the floor.

It was as if she was attached to her hair instead of the other way around.

They were Drake Soan and Phoebe Soan, the most fierce members of the Soan empire.

Drake was in charge of the village and Phoebe the Himmelian Pavilion.

They were siblings.

Liam, the head of the Himmelians, was their brother as well.

His original name was Tiger Soan.

The three siblings hardly ever left their territories.

It was very rare of them to make contact with the outside world.

Apart from Himmel Soan, hardly anyone in the empire could subdue them, not even the powerful members that operated overseas.

The three of them would treat them as equal and no more.

When they were around, people like Warren and Yosef would hold their breaths.

The siblings were genuine cultivators.

They were taught by Himmel Soan himself!


How did things get to this point” Drake sounded infuriated.

“Uncle Drake, please give me another chance! Ill take care of it!” Warren said tentatively.

“A chance Youve had a whole night, and what have you done From now on, youll all follow my order! No one is allowed to insult Master! Everyone in this country will die!” Drake said coldly.

Phoebe said, “Drake, isnt it a bit over the top”

“Over the top They didnt hesitate when they insulted Master!”

“But there are over a billion people in the country, and only 70 million have insulted Master.

The rest of them are innocent!”

Warren nodded and wiped his cold sweat.

“Thats right, Uncle Drake.

We cant destroy the whole country because of those people!”

Luckily, Phoebe was more merciful than her brother and was on Warrens side.

“Drake, how about we catch the keyboard warriors and make them pay for what they did As for the innocent ones, please spare them!”

“Thats right, Uncle Drake.

At least 200 million people in this country live in backwater mountain villages and dont have access to the internet.

Theyre all innocent! There are also the elderly and children, who know nothing about it.

We cant kill them!”

Drake nodded.


Well do that.

Lets gather all the keyboard warriors first.

Well choose a suitable date and execute them together.

Their blood will carry Master into the next world!”

Warren and Caroline heaved a sigh of relief.

Drake then snorted.

“Its been a night.

You should have found all those people by now.

Where is the list!”

Warren didnt dare to defy Drakes order and immediately handed out the 60 million names that Camille had given him.

Camille had located them a long time ago.

She just didnt give them to Yosef.

Yosefs face darkened.

“Uncle Drake, Ive been trying to do exactly the same thing.

If Warren hadnt kept that list from me, I would have killed all those people! You would never have needed to come all this way!”

Drake glanced at Warren, and the look gave the latter the creeps.

That look felt like countless sharp blades on his skin.

“Gather everyone on this list.”

“Yes, Sir!” Yosef and James left with the names.

Warren and Caroline had grim looks on their faces.

It was inevitable.

A lot of people were going to die.

In the city of Onor, the largest emergency shelter in the country was located here.

Today was the first time that it was put into use after its establishment.

“Stella Shane Why are you here Screw you! You started the whole thing!”


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