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Recovering his strength wasnt Himmel Soans top priority.

He wanted nothing more than to gather information about Gina.

He wished to know where he was and if Gina was here.

Moreover, he didnt need to absorb the spiritual essence voluntarily.

It would flow into his body as he breathed and help him recover his strength.

He wanted to find someone to make some inquiries.

Even if he couldnt find anyone, he couldnt stay in these woods since he couldnt collect any information here.

There must be other living creatures in this world.

He wouldnt be surprised if he found other cultivators on this planet.

With the presence of the spiritual essence in the air, it was possible that cultivators existed.

Himmel Soan slowly walked through the woods.

Although his mental force could only cover 300 feet around him, that was enough for the time being.

He could swiftly react to anything strange.

He didnt know how large this forest was, but he was sure if he kept walking in one direction, he would eventually walk out of it.

He didnt believe trees were the only living things in this world.

Half an hour later, he sensed something in the woods nearby.

To be more precise, it was an animal.

It seemed to have been startled, and the trees around it shuffled.

The noise traveled around the woods.

Finally, Himmel Soan realized what was making that noise.

It was a giant python!

But it was far too big to be a python.

It was over 150 feet, with its head as thick as the trunk of a tree here, which was about 10 feet wide.

And that was only its head.

Himmel Soan felt like an ant in comparison.

The red python stuck out its tongue when it detected his presence.

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It was confused.

Why would an ant make it feel uneasy

This two-legged thing was so tiny.

The python was at the top of the food chain, and my creatures of Himmel Soans size had become its food.

Nothing had made it feel threatened until he came along.

Instinctively, it realized this creature wasnt as weak as his size suggested.

However, it couldnt sense Himmel Soans capability.

Despite not giving off much energy, why did he feel so dangerous

Meanwhile, Himmel Soan had picked up a twig.

He slowly approached the python.

This was the first animal he encountered since he arrived here.

Should he kill it or keep it alive

He didnt have the habit of killing things at will, but if this python attacked him, he didnt mind taking its life.

The red python looked around as if it was thinking.

That was exactly what it was doing.

It wondered if it should swallow Himmel Soan.

It thought maybe the sense of danger was a false alarm.

Its mindset was quite straightforward.

It didnt want to miss a delicious meal because Himmel Soan seemed so yummy.

Instinct told it that if it ate Himmel Soan, it would make significant progress.

With that benefit, the python threw caution to the wind.

It moved around and stared at Himmel Soan.

It would make a move as soon as he was within its attack range and kill him with a single attack.

One step…

Two steps…

Himmel Soan slowly approached the python.

One more step and he would be within its range.

Just then, Himmel Soan stopped in his tracks.

The python was perplexed.

That human had just stopped!

The python couldnt understand it, so it stared at Himmel Soan.

If he took another step forward, it would attack.

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Himmel Soan chuckled.

“Youre only a snake.

If you had run off, I wouldnt have chased you.

I dont have time to waste.

But youve stopped.

If this is your choice, Ill give you what you want!”

Himmel Soan raised his twig and gave it a wave.

He then threw it to the side and kept walking.

The python couldnt understand a single word, but it had never felt so threatened before.

It wondered why the man moved his hand in the air.

Before it could figure out an explanation, it saw Himmel Soan walking toward it.

The man was within its attack range.

The python charged at Himmel Soan, trying to swallow him whole.

However, its head seemed to have lost control.

The world had turned upside down.

It then saw something familiar.

Wasnt that its own body

That was the last thing it saw.

Himmel Soan walked up to the dead python and put his hand on its body.

“Is this red object its core Thats to say, the snake has been absorbing spiritual essence and cultivating.” Himmel Soan was a little surprised because he assumed that it was only an ordinary snake.

Since there were such tall trees in this world, he didnt find such a large snake out of the place.

It now seemed that this world wasnt as simple as he thought.

Himmel Soan felt a little excited.

Was it possible Gina came to this world after she disappeared from Earth

Maybe he really could find her here!


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