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Over on the other side, Himmel Soan finally walked out of the woods.

It was more like a forest, and a vast one at that.

It took him a whole month to walk out of it.

He did some calculations in his head and realized he had traveled nearly 2000 miles since he found himself in this world.

It was the distance between Moon and Neige.

That was only the path he took.

He had no idea what the total area of this forest was.

To find that out, he would need to walk to the other end.

It would take him a lot more than a month.

More importantly, that wasnt his mission.

He needed to figure out what planet this was and if Gina was here.

That was the most important thing.

Apart from the python, he had run into many magical beasts in the past month.

He would ignore those that had avoided him while those obstructing him all turned into his food.

So far, he had collected eleven cores.

Not all the magical beasts had cores, and they all differed in color and size.

The only feature they had in common was their diamond shape.

Himmel Soan put all of them in his pocket without giving them much thought.

When he left the forest, his strength had recovered to 0.05%.

He didnt do anything voluntarily; the recovery came automatically through eating and breathing.

If he had tried harder, he would have regained at least 0.5% of his strength.

The spiritual essence was so dense here that he couldnt tell how much this forest contained.

He estimated that if he absorbed all the spiritual essence in this area, he would recover 10% of his total strength.

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He only needed ten such forests to recover all his power.

After leaving the forest, he discovered that the spiritual essence became much thinner.

But it was still much denser than on Earth.

He continued his journey after clearing his head.

On the other side of the forest were flatlands and rolling hills.

His mental force could cover more than 3000 feet now.

It was still a rather small range as if something was blocking his mental force.

If he could recover 10% of his strength, he would be able to break that confinement.

“Theres a village ahead.

I was right! There are human beings in this world!” Himmel Soan was pleasantly surprised when he saw a village on the horizon.

With a village, there would be people.

It meant Gina might be somewhere in this world.

That was some good news!

Himmel Soan calmed himself down and headed for the village.

It wasnt very far, taking him an afternoon to arrive outside the village.

He studied the area before going in.

The sun was setting, and smoke was rising from all the chimneys.

After living for so many years, he had never felt so excited.


He deactivated his mental force and walked toward the village entrance.

Since he needed to make some inquiries, he thought hed better be polite.

Moreover, he didnt know this place well, and politeness was quite essential.

He saw some children playing at the village entrance, so he walked up to them and asked, “Excuse me.

Can you tell me where I am”

Hearing his voice, the children all looked up in amazement.

They didnt understand what he was saying, nor did they know who he was.

They were simply curious.

They had never seen his outfit before.

That alone was enough to intrigue them.

“Whos there”

“Who are you!”

A group of middle-aged men was returning to the village while chatting about the game they had hunted today.

They became nervous when they spotted Himmel Soan.

Running into the village in a hurry, they hid the children behind them.

Himmel Soan frowned.

It was obvious that these men were alarmed by his presence.

They were even a little hostile toward him.

He wasnt offended though.

He was talking to the children, and those men didnt know what was going on.

It was normal that they were on guard.

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Himmel Soan also realized something else.

The language they spoke wasnt like anything he had heard on Earth.

He couldnt understand what the middle-aged men were saying, but he had a rough idea.

Their demeanor and emotions were enough to reveal their thoughts.

That was why Himmel Soan could sense their hostility.

“I came out of that forest, and I dont know where I am.

Could you tell me what this place is” Although they didnt speak the same language, Himmel Soan still talked to them while gesturing with his hands.

The middle-aged men were amazed.

Despite not understanding his words, they got the meaning of his hand gestures.

At least they knew where he was pointing at.

“I think he entered that forest and got lost, and then he came here.”

“Bull**! No one can get lost like that! That forest has no end! Were the southernmost village.

No one can come from that direction!”

“Even the lords from the Chaun City dont dress like that!”

“Hes a strange man!”

“Shall we kill him”


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