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Many people questioned the decision to bring Himmel Soan along.

In their eyes, he was just an ordinary teenager.

How could a weakling like him hunt anything What could he do


Hunting was all about timing.

The briefest hesitation would cause the animal to run off.

They had only just met Himmel Soan the day before and knew him as the strange kid who couldnt speak.

They didnt mind letting him stay as long as he didnt live in their houses.

But taking him out hunting

What if something went wrong, and no one could catch anything

No one wanted to see that happen.

The game was their main food source.

If Himmel Soan sabotaged their hunting, they would have nothing to eat!

They would starve to death!

Therefore, no one wanted such an unstable factor in their hunting group.

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Oech had expected such a reaction.

He smiled bitterly.

“Nue, youll lead the team today.

Ill take him to hunt in another direction.”

Everybody frowned.

They only had a problem with Himmel Soan, the strange teenager, but not with Oech.

However, Oech had decided to hunt in another direction on his own now.

That was…

Nue frowned and nudged Oech with his elbow.

“Oech, we arent blaming you.

Just throw that boy out.

Hes of no use here in the village.

Hes only going to give you more trouble.

Even if you want to take care of him, theres no need to bring him on our hunting trip.

The direction youre going is too dangerous!”

Oech knew Nue was right, but he was worried Himmel Soan would get lost if he was left in the village alone.

This morning, he didnt know when this boy had gone out.

If he hadnt come back, Oech wouldnt know where to find him.

He couldnt leave Himmel Soan in the village, but he couldnt kick him out either.

How could he leave a teenager in the wild

He had no choice but to let Himmel Soan stay with him so that he could teach the teenager how to hunt.

“Thats it.

Well do it our way.

I havent been a competent team leader, and I know youve never seen me as one either.

My words dont have much value.

Ive made up my mind today; Im going to explore another area.

Its not just because you wont accept him.

Im also trying to find a new hunting ground.”

He walked away with Himmel Soan.

The other people felt embarrassed.

After all, Oech was their team leader, and they all recognized him as one.

Besides, the place they were hunting was found by him.

They had been hunting there ever since.

One couldnt keep cutting the grass on the same spot.

Otherwise, it would turn into bare land.

It was the same way with hunting.

After a while, they needed to change the spot.

The current hunting ground was found by Oech when he led an exploration team.

However, something happened during that trip.

They ran into a magical beast, and many people were killed.

The villagers didnt respect Oech as much after that.

They still hunted in the same place.

Just like with the grass, animals grew fewer here, and they couldnt find as much food.

It was time to find new hunting grounds.

With what happened last time, no one wanted to venture out.

They felt conflicted when Oech made the announcement.

On one hand, they didnt want him to leave.

On the other hand, they wanted him to find some new hunting ground.

In the end, they didnt stop him.

After leaving the group with Himmel Soan, Oech talked to him while walking.

“Everybody in the village is very nice.

They dont mean any harm.”

He also talked about things in the past.

He just wanted to get things off his chest.

He shared his burdens because he knew the teenager couldnt understand him.

After a while, they saw some woods ahead.

It wasnt the forest that Himmel Soan had come out of.

The trees in the two places were utterly different.

All the trees in the forest were so tall that one couldnt tell where their tops were.

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This patch of woods wasnt much different from the woods on Earth, and the trees looked ordinary as well.

“This is the third time Ive been here.

The first time I came here, I found an excellent hunting spot.

The second time, I brought my people here, but a terrible incident happened.

This is the third time.

I dont know if the magical beast is gone.

Wish us good luck.”

Himmel Soan was surprised to see these woods.

He had left the house this morning because he had sensed strange energy nearby, so he went to take a look.

His destination was these woods.

A wild bear was here this morning, and its energy kept changing.

It was as if it was going through a breakthrough.

Himmel Soan was intrigued.

He watched while the bear advanced in level, but it suddenly attacked him.

Himmel Soan casually dodged the attack, but the bear lost its temper and tried to kill him.

In the end, he had no choice but to kill the bear and take out its core.

Its core was tiny and only had a hint of red.

It was much weaker than the core of the python he had killed.


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