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Himmel Soan put it away without giving it much thought.

To his surprise, Oech brought him back to the same place.

After two days, Himmel Soan had figured out the difference between Earthlings and the people here.

Physically, all the people were at the Essence Refinement stage, while some were even close to the Foundation Establishment stage.

However, their mental force and spiritual essence werent any different from ordinary people.

Oech was physically close to a Foundation Establishment fighter, but he seemed to have been injured and could only exert the power of a junior Essence Refinement fighter.

With that capability, he could work as a freestyle fighting trainer on Earth.

But here, his strength didnt count at all.

Himmel Soan killed a bear earlier that morning, but Oech could only run away from that beast.

Otherwise, he would have been killed.

Moreover, he heard everything Oech and the other villagers said before they set out.

Although he couldnt understand their language, he knew what they were talking about.

Because of him, the others didnt want to go hunting.

Oech wanted to try somewhere else, but the others didnt like that place.

Himmel Soan guessed they had been here and ran into that bear before.

It wasnt hard to figure out what happened next.

The bear must have killed a lot of people.

That was the main reason that Himmel Soan had killed the bear.

He could tell the bear had killed people before.

After entering the woods, Oech said, “Wherever we go, stay vigilant.

Hunters need to stay focused and grab every chance.

Youre going to lose many opportunities if youre distracted.

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“Some opportunities only come once.

Lose it, and you wont have a second chance.

Youre going to learn those things.”

Oechs footsteps became quieter, and his movement slowed down as well.

He needed to observe his surroundings.

After what happened the last time, he was extremely careful when he explored the woods again.

If there was a hint of any danger, he would grab Himmel Soan and run.

He was worried about Himmel Soan at first.

He didnt know if he could understand him and feared he would suddenly start running around in the woods.

Luckily, that didnt happen.

Although he didnt walk on tiptoes as he did, he still didnt make any sounds.

Sometimes, Oech wondered if Himmel Soan was behind him.

If he didnt see him when he turned around, he would think the teenager had disappeared.

Despite the strange feeling, Oech didnt think much of it.

They were in the woods.

The beast could be hiding somewhere.

They couldnt be distracted.

If they werent careful enough, they might get killed!

It seemed forever before Oech finally stopped.

It was too quiet.

They hadnt heard anything since they entered the woods.

They were very deep now, yet they hadnt found anything.

That wasnt normal at all.

“This shouldnt be happening.

Somethings not right.

Should I keep going or retreat” Oech murmured to himself.

Everything about their surroundings was so weird.

It almost gave him the creeps.

However, since he didnt have any sense of danger, he wished to keep exploring.

They needed more food.

The entire village was running out of things to eat.

They could hardly find any animals in the previous spot.

It was necessary to find a new one.

The woods ahead were an ideal place.

Oech didnt want to miss the chance, even when the place seemed strange.

He bit his lip so hard that he left marks on it.

If he bit any harder, his lip would be bleeding.

He finally made up his mind.

He would keep going.

About ten minutes later, he finally saw something.

It was a very big object.

He rubbed his eyes.

Brushing the grass aside, he saw a giant dead bear.

Its body was being eaten by many animals.

That bear!

Oech was dumbfounded when he recognized the bear.

He was overwhelmed by a mixture of rage, excitement, and surprise.

All those emotions could be seen on his face.

It was the same bear he saw the other day.

That beast had killed over half of his team!

Oech had never expected to see it dead!

He clenched his fists and charged at the dead bear.

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He punched the bears dead body.

All the animals were startled and ran off.

The punch didnt make any difference though because the bear was already dead.

Oech only wanted to vent his frustration.

Himmel Soan didnt say anything.

He could sense what Oech felt.

After Oech calmed down a little, he slowly walked to his side.

“Maybe were the same,” he said.

Oech looked up at him.

Although Himmel Soans tone was strange, he understood his words.

They were the same

What was that supposed to mean

Had the teenager experienced the same thing


From Himmel Soans point of view, he and Oech were exactly the same.

After Gina disappeared, he gave up on everything, stopped fighting against the law of nature, and even sealed his memory.

Oech also lived in guilt because of the same reason.

Himmel Soan could empathize with him.

“So, you could speak all along.”

Himmel Soan shook his head.

Oech was surprised.

If he couldnt speak before, how did he learn to speak in a day

Did he learn by listening to other people


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