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There was another possibility.

Himmel Soan might not understand the language after all and just happened to make the same sounds.

But that was a very long stretch.

Oech laughed when that thought struck him, and he soon gave up on the idea.

No such coincidence should exist.

He decided there was only one explanation for Himmel Soans behavior: the teenager had lost his memory!


Oech recalled the forest Himmel Soan was pointing at when they ran into him the day before.

It could explain everything from his strange clothes to his unrecognizable language.

Even many capable people wouldnt go into that forest.

What was in that forest Was there something on the other side Did anyone live in it

Many people wanted an answer to those questions.

Did the teenager really have something to do with that forest

Oech didnt dare guess.

“Give me a hand!” He waved at Himmel Soan.


No matter who Himmel Soan was, where he came from, and how he ended up here, Oech felt those questions were irrelevant.

Since Himmel Soan was already here, Oech decided to let him stay.

If he really had lost his memory, he would wait until he recovered.

Even if he did not, he didnt mind having him around.

He would be happier if Himmel Soan learned how to hunt.

That way, Oech wouldnt need to work so hard anymore.

However, those things could wait.

There were more pressing things at hand.

He was glad to see the bear dead.

Now that he had vented his rage, he needed to drag the corpse back to the village.

Although the animals had eaten over half of the bear, there was still much left because it was a giant bear.

What was left of the bear could sustain the villagers for over a week.

Less than half of the bear could still provide Oech with a lot of meat.

But it was a little hard to carry.

Himmel Soan walked up to Oech.

He didnt need to hear another word.

It was clear what Oech wanted him to do.

Obviously, Oech wanted to take the bear back to the village.

Himmel Soan walked up to the corpse and lifted it with one hand.

Oech was trying to figure out how to carry the dead bear with Himmel Soan when the sight left him astonished.

“Youre so strong.

You look so thin, but how can you have so much strength I cant believe it!

“I was going to let you stay here while I carry it back bit by bit.

I see that wont be necessary.

Lets go home now! This bear will fill a lot of stomachs!”

Oech felt tears welling up in his eyes.

He didnt know how to describe his feelings.

It was like a dream.

That giant bear had changed a lot of things.

Previously, it had occupied their new hunting ground, and the villagers were starving.

However, the bears dead body was right here and had been half-eaten by animals.

Oech didnt know whether he should feel happy or sad.

He didnt ask Himmel Soan any more questions though.

He could see that this boy was much more capable than he thought.

He decided not to stick his nose into his affairs.

There was no need to.

No matter what the truth was, it was obvious Himmel Soan didnt mean any harm.

That was enough.

If Himmel Soan really was some important figure, it gave Oech more reason not to ask any questions.

The village had gone through enough.

He didnt want anything to happen.

Himmel Soan carried the dead bear as Oech followed him.

They returned to the village before long.

“Guys, the bear is dead!” Oech shouted as soon as he returned.

It was as if he wanted to say those words to the villagers that had been killed by the bear.

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The whole village heard him, yet no one believed it.

They all know how terrifying the bear was having killed so many people.

It sounded far-fetched that it had died.

Nevertheless, they all ran out of their houses.

“Its true! Its really dead!”

“Am I dreaming Its really dead!”

“This is great! My brother didnt die for nothing!”

“Im so happy!”


The villagers were scared when they first saw the bear, but other emotions soon took over.

The bear had brought them much trauma.

Some were laughing while some were crying.

Some charged at the dead bear and punched it as Oech did.

That was the only way they could vent their sorrow.

Afterward, they calmed down and were relieved.

“Oech, why is this bear here”

“How did it die Why is it outside our village”

People had many questions.

Many people were intrigued.

How did a terrifying beast die so suddenly Was there something more terrifying out there

“I dont know how the bear died.

It was already like this when I discovered it.

I didnt see any big footprints nearby either.

Thats very curious indeed.

The two of us carried this bear back.”

He didnt tell the others about Himmel Soans incredible strength.

He didnt know how the others would react to it.

It was better to keep it a secret.


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