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As Himmel Soan rose to his feet, Oech asked, “Mr.

Soan, are you leaving”


I need to figure out who I am.

I also need to find a person while I try to learn more about this world and the Soan surname.”


Good luck, Mr.


Dont forget your cores!” Oech put the cores in a pouch and handed them to Himmel Soan.

Himmel Soan was a little perplexed.

“Keep them.

Its my way to thank you for answering my questions.”

“No, I cant.

Theyre too valuable.

I dont deserve them.

Plus, I only told you things that are common knowledge.

Its nothing.” Oech turned Himmel Soan down.

These cores would only attract unwanted attention.

People like him werent supposed to have such valuables.

He couldnt accept this reward.

Himmel Soan understood his reaction.

Although they were ordinary rocks to him, to a villager like Oech, they only meant trouble.

“I see.

But I owe you a favor because you answered my questions, and I have to return it.

“There will be no magical beast within 25km from your hunting ground.

Theyll be killed as soon as they enter that area!”

Himmel Soan disappeared.

The only thing left was a gust of wind.


Oech didnt know how to react.

That 25km radius was good news to him and the entire village.

They might not need to worry about hunting for the rest of their lives.

Five days later, Himmel Soan spotted a city.

The slanting wooden plate above the gate said it was Baihin City.

It was a small place, at least by Himmel Soans standard.

His mental force could cover half the city.

Upon entering, he felt he had traveled through time and arrived at a city from a thousand years ago.

He blended into the common people walking on the streets.

No one noticed him.

It was as if he was invisible; everybody would walk around him involuntarily.

Himmel Soan had changed into an outfit similar to all the other people in the city, but he still looked quite handsome in simple garb.

He walked into a tavern and sat down next to the window, ordering a pot of wine and a few dishes.

He gradually got used to life here, but he had never forgotten his mission and never stopped traveling.

He needed to find Gina.

Taverns were the best places to gather information, which was why he came here.

Traveling aimlessly was too inefficient.

Moreover, Stelladom was a really big place.

Something seemed to have been blocking his mental force, and only a small fraction could be released.

Otherwise, he could sweep the continent and teleport to his destination.

However, teleportation seemed much harder to achieve here.

He had been studying this matter for the past few days and discovered something incredible: this world seemed to have a general cultivation rule and law.

It was much more complicated than the situation on Earth.

“If I can work out the general rule, maybe Ill figure out whats been blocking my mental force.

It wont be that easy, though.

Maybe I can achieve it in a year.”

Himmel Soan shook his head.

That was too long.

Moreover, one year was the minimum time.

It would require investing all his time and energy into it.

However, he didnt have time for that.

The most important thing was to search for Gina.

Compared to Gina, those things didnt matter.

“The daughter of the city lord is going to hold a martial arts contest today for her future husband.

Do you think youre up for it”

“Do I think so I dont need to think! That contest is just for show! Do you really think you can marry the city lords daughter”

please keep reading 0n MYB0XN0 V EL.


“Theyve already made a list of the suitable candidates, and I heard the lords daughter has seen the list and agreed on the candidates.”

“Obviously, the contest is going to be among those men.

We wont stand a chance!”

“I see.

We still can watch their contest, though!”

“Maybe a dark horse will turn up and defeat them all Things will be so interesting then.”

“A dark horse Do you mean yourself Just look at the candidates cultivation levels!”

“Even ten dark horses wont make a difference!”


Everybody in the tavern was talking about this event.

It seemed the only thing the locals were interested in.

Himmel Soan didnt think much of it.

The marriage of the city lords daughter didnt have anything to do with him, but the city lord was very important.

He wanted to meet him and see if he could get some useful information.

It was said the city lord was hard to locate.

Usually, no one knew where he was, and many people were here to see him today.

His daughter was looking for her future husband today, so he had to be here.

Himmel Soan knew he had to watch the contest.

It would give him a chance to study how people in this world fought with spiritual essence.

At that moment, he felt something pulsating in his chest pocket like heartbeats.


Firey was still there!

He touched the heart of the volcano in his pocket and realized that it was palpitating continuously.

It meant Firey was going to wake up in about three days.

This was a piece of good news.

Firey was like a daughter to Himmel Soan.

As a father, of course, he was glad to see her wake up.

Someone said loudly at that moment, “The contest has started!”


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