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Everybody hurried downstairs to watch the show.

Although they wouldnt be considered proper candidates, it didnt stop them from enjoying the commotion.

The city lord, his daughter, and the five candidates were all important individuals that could attract much attention on their own, let alone all five of them put together.

Himmel Soan put down his glass and followed the crowd.

His mental force could cover half a city now, so he could tell which part was the most bustling.

Only one place was packed now, and that had to be where the contest was.

He could find it even if he didnt follow the crowd.

He was just going with the flow.

No one noticed him.

It was as if he was invisible.

Himmel Soan did it on purpose, creating the effect with his mental force so that everyone around him wouldnt realize his presence.

“My lord, everythings ready!” said one of the subordinates.

“I see,” Peklon Baih nodded.

He could see it too and didnt need the subordinates reminder.


he was distracted.

He felt like being watched, but he couldnt say for sure.

It was a strange feeling.

Was there a capable cultivator in town


Peklon sensed the energy in the city, but nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

There wasnt any powerful energy, so what was going on

But now wasnt the time to be distracted.

The contest was waiting.

“Lets begin.”

“The contest starts now!”

“Finally! Weve been waiting forever!”

“Our lord is always punctual.

Why is he late today”

“Its not a big deal.

We only waited a bit longer.

Everybody needs some time to prepare!”

“Thats right! Are you accusing our lord of not being punctual”

“Of course not! Im just curious!”

“Curiosity will get you killed!”

The competition began amid the crowds discussions.

They didnt take the battles too seriously.

The first few rounds were only for show.

They were there to fill the numbers.

The actual contest would take place between the predetermined candidates.

Those five men were the real deal.

Some of the five young men even came from other cities.

All of them were here because the Biah familys daughter was looking for a husband.

Moreover, she was a pretty girl that had been raised well.

No one wanted to miss such an opportunity.

“Shif Woad is a handsome man.

No wonder hes one of the candidates!”

“He fights well, too!”

“I think Yov is better.

Shif is too fair and too civilized.

He wont last for long.”

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“Neither of them is handsome enough.

Hoy is much better-looking!”

“I guess hes alright, but only one of them can marry the lords daughter.

Who do you think will be the lucky man”

“I dont need to think! It must be Shif!”

“No, I think Yov has a better chance.

Shif isnt good enough!”


The discussion revolved around the five candidates.

Himmel Soan saw how people in this world fought, observing the way they put spiritual essence into use.

But he wasnt going to take up that method.

He still found his own way more effective.

He soon lost interest.

He already knew what the result of this contest would be.

If everything went on like this, Shif was going to win.

That man could easily crush the others because his cultivation level was the highest among the five.

Shif hadnt even used his full strength.

If he exerted all his power, he could probably fight all four opponents at once.

However, Shif didnt do that.

Himmel Soan didnt know why, and he didnt need to either.

He only wanted to find the city lord and had no interest in the contest.

If he had to be someones husband, that person could only be Gina.

His sole purpose was to find Gina.

“Wait… is that him”

Peklon looked in Himmel Soans direction while he was also looking at him.

He was surprised when he saw Himmel Soans face.

The other party looked like a man in his early twenties, yet he could calmly meet Peklons gaze without looking away.

That was very rare!

Moreover, Peklon knew he could sense everybody in his surroundings, and Himmel Soan shouldnt be an exception.

But when he saw Himmel Soan, it was as if he had appeared out of the blue.

Peklon could recognize all the people even if he glanced at them for the briefest moment.

But not Himmel Soan.

Although he had been standing there the whole time, Peklon had somehow ignored him.

Himmel Soan slowly walked toward Peklon, who told his servant, “Make some tea.”

The servant was dumbfounded.

The contest wouldnt finish for a while.

Wasnt it a bit too early to make tea

Despite the confusion, he still carried out the order.

He didnt need any answers and only needed to do as he was told.

Himmel Soan arrived at the building Peklon was in.

Naturally, the gate was guarded.

The guards stood in his path, blocking his way.

“Who are you”

“Im the guest of your lord.” Himmel Soan smiled and walked past them.


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