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Peklon only narrowed his eyes without saying a word.

Many people found independent cultivators unworthy of their time.

Moreover, Peklon was a Baih.

If Himmel Soan had one of the other seven royal surnames, he didnt mind addressing him in a respectful way.

But this teenager was just an independent cultivator.

It was impossible that he would have a royal name.

If he had one, he would have used that identity instead of calling himself an independent cultivator.

No matter how capable he was, at the end of the day, he was a cultivator without a sect.

Peklon said nothing when Himmel Soan left, not even asking for his name.

“Shif has a foul aura about him, but he has hidden it well.

Hell be unable to suppress that power at three oclock in the morning, and itll last for about thirty minutes.

I know you dont believe me now.

Youll see.”

Peklon suddenly raised his head, but he couldnt make out Himmel Soans figure from behind.

The young man became more and more blurry.

Gradually, he disappeared from his sight.

“What…” Peklon was a junior Nascent cultivator.

Yet he couldnt tell how capable Himmel Soan was.

The young man almost felt like an ordinary guy.

But an ordinary man couldnt have disappeared out of his sight like that.

He couldnt even remember Himmel Soans face now.

It was as if he had never seen him before.

How did that happen


Was that one of that mans strange skills

He decided not to think about it.

That independent cultivator didnt have a royal surname, so he didnt deserve Peklons attention.

However, something still bothered him.

It was Shif.

Could that independent cultivator be telling the truth

“The contest has ended!

“Shif is the winner!”

The announcement woke Peklon up from his reverie.

If everything went as planned, the marriage would be consummated at night.

However, he was still thinking about Himmel Soans warning.

If that independent cultivator was right, Peklon would never let Shif marry his daughter.

The Baih family wouldnt permit it either.

He decided to stall, at least for tonight.

“Im glad the contest has come to an end.

I didnt expect Shif to be the winner! What a wonderful event!

“Tonight, Im holding a city-wide feast.

The wedding ceremony will be tomorrow, and the young couple will be officially married!”

The crowd was perplexed.


The general practice was to hold the wedding first, and the feast would be on the second day.

Why was it the other way around today

Had Lord Baih made a mistake

Mistake or not, it wasnt their place to say anything.

Switching the events didnt seem to have any problem either.

“Dad, are you sure about this” Other people might not mind it, but the daughter had to ask the question.

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Her marriage was at stake here.

She couldnt afford any mistake.

They should follow the usual schedule.

The dates shouldnt be switched around willy-nilly!

“What do you mean”

“The marriage ceremony and the feast, shouldnt they be the other way around”

“No, theres no mistake.

The feast first, then the ceremony.

Dont just stand there.

Start the preparation, everybody!” Peklon didnt give his daughter another chance to speak before giving the order.

Everybody had heard him.

It wasnt a slip of tongue.

He had swapped the two dates.

However, now that the city lord had given the order, everybody had to carry it out.

“Dad, youre mistaken!” Lida pouted after everybody was gone.

“No, Im not! I told you already!”

“But Dad!”

“Dont worry, Lida.

Im sure Lord Baih is right.

We can get married tomorrow.

Its just one more day!”

Just as Lida was getting into an argument, Shif spoke first.

He didnt know Lord Baihs intention, but he could see the lord wasnt going to change his mind.

His stance wasnt negotiable.

Therefore, Shif tried to appease the father and daughter.

He was going to be the city lords son-in-law and needed to make himself useful.

“Alright…” Lida seemed disappointed.

She had been in love with Shif for a long time.

When she could finally marry him, she was told to wait one more day.

Of course, she would be disappointed.

Lida and Shif said goodbye to each other for the time being, and the city-wide feast began.

All the gathering spots in Baihin City were filled with cheerful people.

The citizens were talking about the contest today.

“Who was that young man sitting opposite Lord Baih today”

“Hes so strange.

I dont even know when he got up there or when he left.

I have no memory of him!”

“Thats right! Does anyone remember what he looks like”

“Not at all!”

“Hes probably a master cultivator from one of those families.

Otherwise, Lord Baih wouldnt have welcomed him in person.”

“Why did Lord Baih switch the two events around, though Could that young man be the reason”

“I dont think so.

Lord Baih probably forgot the dates, thats all.

Even if that young man is the son of some important family, he couldnt make our lord change his plans.

Didnt you hear Lord Baih say there was no mistake”

“I guess so.

Speaking of which, Shif has surprised me.

I didnt expect him to be the winner.”

“I told you so! I knew he would be the winner!”

“Bull**! You said that Hoy would win, but he was the first to be eliminated!”

“Did I say that Whos Hoy, anyway I thought I said Shif the whole time!”

Peklon stood on the city wall and looked down with an expressionless face.

No matter what the truth about Shif was, it wouldnt be a pleasant thing for Peklon.

He needed to get to the bottom of this matter, or he wouldnt be able to sleep.


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