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Shif told Himmel Soan what he knew.

It was common knowledge, so he didnt understand why he needed to repeat it.

However, he knew if he didnt give the teenager what he wanted, he wouldnt be in this world for much longer.

He had no choice but to comply.

Shif had no idea why Himmel Soan wanted to know general knowledge like this.

If all ordinary people knew it, how could this capable man not know

He didnt understand.

However, he saw Himmel Soan listen carefully as he spoke and looked as if he was analyzing something, which made Shif feel awkward.

The guy looked like he had never heard about those things before.

“Whats your status in this sect” Himmel Soan asked.

“Im the lowest-ranking member.

They said I had to master these skills before I can become an official member!” Shif ground his teeth.

He felt ashamed to say it.

Although he was practicing their skills, he was still treated as an unofficial member.

It embarrassed him to bring it up.

“Thats to say, you dont know anything else.”

“Anything else I dont think so…” Shif didnt know what Himmel Soan was referring to.

The things he knew were the same as everybody else.

The only difference was that he practiced the skills.


“Do you know a woman named Gina Zimmer”

“Gina No, I dont.

Are you looking for her Ill do my best to help you!”

“Dont bother! I dont need a heresy cultivator to work for me!”

“Sir, heresy or not, as long as I can make achievements, itll be a useful approach!”

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“Its not the same.

A heresy will always be a heresy.

Itll never be the orthodox way!”

Himmel Soans tone turned stern.

The cold look in his eyes gave Shif the creeps.

That gaze almost didnt look human.

He felt like he was being watched by a beast.

The fear of death overwhelmed him again.

Shif panicked and dropped to his knees.

“Sir, Im sorry! I shouldnt have joined them!

“I know Ive made a terrible mistake.

Please show some mercy and spare my life! Ill never practice those skills again!”

He apologized repeatedly and begged for Himmel Soans forgiveness.

He felt like a drowning man grabbing for a straw.

Even so, the fear of death still didnt go away.

He was only more frightened.

“Your cultivation level has been gained at the cost of other peoples lives.

Do you think I can forgive such an evil method If I hadnt met you, I wouldnt have meddled with the heresy cultivators.

Since I have, Im going to take care of them.”

Shifs face darkened.

He had a bitter feeling that he couldnt describe.

“Sir, you said you would set me free if you were pleased.”

“I said you didnt have a choice.

I never said I was going to set you free.

You can die now,” Himmel Soan said indifferently before heading for the door.

Shif was amazed.

This outcome was out of his expectations.

Didnt he say he was going to kill me Why did he leave without doing anything Shif felt relieved.

Although he didnt know what Himmel Soan was doing, once the guy was out of the door, he would flee.

The door opened.

Himmel Soan left.

Shif stared at the door in disbelief and couldnt believe his good luck.

It was like a dream.

He couldnt believe everything that had happened was real.

However, it did happen, and the most important thing now was to run for his life.

The rest could wait.

Peklon had activated the City Lords Decree.

Even as a heresy cultivator, he still couldnt breach the defenses.

But he could hide.

His condition would only last for thirty minutes.

During that time, he would turn into an evil-looking creature, but after that, he would appear like any ordinary person.

It was four oclock now, and he had returned to normal.

He only needed to wait.

The shield usually lasted for twenty hours.

After that, it needed a cooldown period before it could be reactivated.

He could use the window and flee while no one was watching.

However, he had no idea that his plans would never come true.

Shif wanted to get up, but his limbs felt weak.

Gradually, sleepiness took over him.

His mind went blank, and he couldnt think of anything else.

All he wanted to do was to close his eyes.

Nothing else mattered.

“No, I cant sleep!” Shif was alarmed and felt a chill run down his spine.

He wanted to rest for a while, but instinct told him that once he closed his eyes, he might never wake up again.

He would die in his sleep!

Yet nothing could make him stay awake.

He was overwhelmed by the sleepy feeling.

His brain seemed to slow down.

Before long, he was only half-conscious as if life had been drained from him.

He seemed to be asleep.

However, he wasnt breathing and had no heartbeat.

If he was still conscious, he would be confused.

How did this happen

That man didnt do anything.

He only asked a few questions and left.

Why did I die like this

He couldnt voice those questions.

He was dead.


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