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Himmel Soan knew if he started his recovery process, he would probably drain the spiritual essence of the entire Stelladom.

Moreover, it would be a very slow process.

It would take him too long.

There was another reason: He feared that he wouldnt find Gina or receive any news about her even after recovering his strength.

He didnt want to face that outcome.

He would rather search slowly than face the harsh reality.

Without any news of Gina, he would lose all hope.

Firey didnt ask any more questions.

She quietly took his hand, and the two of them headed for the south.

It had been two months since the Earthlings moved to K18.

They still hadnt heard from Himmel Soan.

They gradually settled down, and everything was moving in the right direction.

They constantly adapted to the environment on K18 and made use of the resources on the planet.

Everything was environment friendly, and nothing was overexploited.

They had learned it the hard way on Earth.

Now that they were on K18, they decided to protect the environment.

As the only president, Charles had set up regulations on environmental protection.

No one would disobey the rules.

If they did, they would be going against the president.

The Earthlings gradually forgot about Mr.

Himmel Soan.

They couldnt change what had happened, and they couldnt live in the past all the time.

At the start, the Earthlings would bring up Himmel Soans name all the time.

That seldom happens now.

The name even sounded a little unfamiliar.

Led by Drake, the Soans were waiting for Himmel Soan where the portal had disappeared.

Apart from eating, sleeping, and cultivating, they spent all their waking moment waiting for the man.

They knew there was little hope, but no one wanted to leave the place.

However, it couldnt go on like this.

Drake rose to his feet.

“All the ordinary members of the Soan family can leave now.

You should go on with your life.

Only the three divisions need to stay.

“Youve been waiting here with us for nearly two months and have shown your sincerity.

You shouldnt live the rest of your life like this.”

Drakes words struck them like a streak of lightning.

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Yes, they were only ordinary people, but they also had the right to wait here for their Patriarchs return.

No one wanted to be chased away like this.

Warren also had conflicted feelings.

If Drake represented the cultivators of the Soan family, then Warren represented the ordinary members.

The look on his face reflected how conflicted he felt.

He wanted to wait here, even if it would cost him the rest of his life.

However, his Patriarch wouldnt want that.

“We can wait! We can wait even if the Patriarch decides not to come here!”

“Last time, we waited for the Patriarch for thirty years.

We dont mind waiting for another thirty years!”

“Even if we cant last that long, our children can take our place! Theyll be members of the Soan family just like us!”

“Were going to wait until the Patriarch comes back!”

The ordinary people protested before Warren could say anything.

Himmel Soan was their God and only faith.

They would spend the rest of their lives awaiting his return.

Even if they couldnt live to see that day, their offspring could!

Many people were touched by those words, but they really couldnt go on like this.

Warren sighed.

“All the Soan members that arent cultivators—me included—will stop waiting here after today.

“I believe the Patriarch wouldnt want to see us like this.

We wouldnt know how to explain it when he comes back.

“Back then, the Patriarch gave us the mission to make Moon greater than Neige, but we failed him.

Although Neige no longer exists now, we can still work in that direction.

“If we can help Moon get better and reach the next level, the Patriarch will be very pleased.

If all we do is wait here, Im sure hell be disappointed.

“Were only ordinary people, so we need to do our best to help the Soan family and Moon with the limited time we have.

“Thats all Im going to say.

Its up to you whether or not youll listen to me.”

Warren sat down.

Just like he said, he was going to until the end of today.

He will leave this place tomorrow and start running a business in the new world.

All the Soans pondered over his words.

Warren was right.

They didnt want to disappoint their Patriarch.

But they couldnt bring themselves to live either.

Most of them agreed with Warren after some inner struggle.

It was soon the following day.

Warren rose to his feet.

“Drake, if the Patriarch comes back, please notify me and all the others.

Im leaving now.

Ill come back once a week.”

He walked away before Drake gave him a reply.

Soon, people began to leave one after another.


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