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The vendor gave Firey a candy apple for free.

Himmel Soan wanted to turn him down, but Firey had already accepted it and taken a bite.

He couldnt give it back now because he couldnt turn the apple back to its original state.

He only smiled in resignation.

Although he didnt have any essence stones to pay for it, he did have the cores.

Back at the village, Oech told him that the cores and essence stones were both valuable objects that could be used as money here.

Cores were the more valuable one of the two.

Since he didnt have any essence stones, they should do the trick.

After some consideration, Himmel Soan took out a core that was halfway between yellow and pale-orange.

He obtained it after killing the giant bear and found it suitable to pay for the candy apple.

“Can I pay with this” Himmel Soan asked.

If Oech was right, this core had to be worth more than the candy apple.

But he didnt know if the vendor would accept it.

“Sir, the apple is a gift to the little girl.

I dont need any money.

Plus, this core is too much for a candy apple! You can buy my entire shop with it!”

The vendor saw Himmel Soan seemed to be unfamiliar with the price system here, so he offered some explanation.

He could have accepted the core without saying anything, but he didnt.

Instead, he educated Himmel Soan.

The core was so valuable that if the vendor took it, he would be settled for the rest of his life.

Conversely, since Himmel Soan could easily produce a core and wanted to exchange it for a candy apple, the vendor knew he had no idea how money worked.

Only a young heir of some big family would behave like this.

In that case, he had even more reasons not to accept the core.

He feared the young mans family would come after him once they learned what had happened.

“If it can be used as money, Ill pay for the candy apple with it.

Otherwise, Ill owe you a favor, and I dont like that.

Please take it.

“Its only a small rock to me.

The candy apple is far more valuable.”

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Himmel Soan then smiled affectionately at Firey.

It was so sweet.

He looked just like a father who doted on his daughter.


The vendor didnt know what to do and stood there, looking dazed.

He knew he couldnt accept the core because he hadnt done anything that deserved it.

The core was too valuable.

He only gave the girl a candy apple, which was hardly worth so much.

However, he couldnt bring himself to turn down the core either.

Everybody would be tempted by such a valuable object.

After much consideration, he accepted it.

He gave his wallet to Himmel Soan.

“Sir, heres the change.

Its not nearly enough for this core, but I still hope you can take it.

You and your daughter will need some change for your journey.

This money will be useful.

“Thank you, sir!”

The vendor didnt ask Himmel Soan for his name, nor did he want to know who he was.

Someone who could come up with this core couldnt be an ordinary person!

This young man didnt know how to use money, so he was obviously a member of an important family and had been sent out to observe the life of ordinary people.

The vendor felt he was too petty to ask this young man any questions.

The less he knew, the better.

After some consideration, Himmel Soan picked up the wallet and put it in his pocket.

He hesitated at first about whether or not to take it, but in the end, he accepted it.

The core was very valuable, so he had every reason to take the change.

Moreover, the vendor had a point.

He was going to show Firey around, and he would need the money.

There was no reason to turn it down.


Lets go.” He took Fireys hand and continued their journey.

They still had so many things to learn and so many sceneries to see!

He only wanted to show Firey a good time.

After they were gone, the crowd looked at the vendor with envy.

They all saw what had happened and heard the conversation.

They didnt expect the vendor to receive a core for nothing!

He only gave the girl a candy apple!

That was it, and the young man gave him a core!

Although the vendor had given back some change, that little amount was nothing compared to the profit he made.

Other people imagined doing the same thing if the father and daughter stopped at their stalls.

Would that young man give them a core, too

It was too late for that.

Himmel Soan behaved like a man with no worldly desires, and he always followed his heart.

“I should have given her the candy apple.

Even if he didnt give me a core, I wouldnt lose anything.”

“Thats right.

Ill be content enough if I see that girls smile.”

“Although, I wont turn down a core!”

“Thats right! Plus, that core is in a transforming phase.

Its more valuable than an orange one!”

“Id love to trade a core with some change! I can pay ten times more than that vendor!”


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